Holy Stone HS720E User Manual and Instructions

Here’s the Holystone HS720E user manual for you to check out.

Holy Stone HS720E User Manual

Here’s everything you’ll find in the Holy Stone HS720E user Manual.

  • Disclaimer&Warning:
  • Safety Guidelines:
  • Maintenance:
  • Package Contents:
  • Drone’s Details:
  • Transmitter Details:
  1. Transmitter Functions.
  2. LCD Screen Functions.
  3. Low Battery Warning.
  4. Mode Switch.
  • Installation:
  1. Drone Battery.
  2. Propellers.
  3. TF Card.
  4. Antenna.
  5. Phone Holder.
  6. Transmitter Battery.
  • Charging:
  • Operation Guide:
  1. Download APP.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Paring.
  4. Initialization Detection.
  5. Calibrating the Compass.
  6. Unlocking.
  7. One Key Takeoff/ Landing.
  • Functions Details:
  1. Camera Angle Adjustment.
  2. Return to Home.
  3. Optical Flow Positioning.
  • APP Operation Instruction:
  1. Operation Interface.
  2. Follow Me.
  3. Point of Interest.
  4. Headless Mode.
  5. TapFly.
  6. Take Photo/ Video.
  • Drone Status Indicator:
  • Specifications:
  • Trouble Shooting:
  • Contact Us:
  • General Information:


  1. When the drone is powered on, the indicator light flashes rapidly?

The drone is in the gyroscope calibration state. Please place the drone on an flat and level surface.

2. After takeoff, the drone cannot hover and tilts to one side. What is the reason?

Place the drone on a flat, level surface and repeat the gyro calibration.

3. While flying, the drone vibrated. Why?

The propeller are damaged. Please replace the new propeller.

4. Drone could not be unlocked and rear light flashed. Why?

The drone battery voltage is too low. Please fully charge the battery.

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