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About Drones-Pro

Our Mission

drones-pro about us our mission

 Our mission is providing value to drone community. We are blessed to have an opportunity to get our hands on the newest drone developments. This has given us a chance to write in-depth reviews with flight tests.

 As quads evolve, laws and legislation become more difficult to understand. We are putting together guides in such language everybody understands.

 The most important thing is safety. And that’s exactly why there are so many tips and guides articles on our web page. We want every single drone pilot to get maximum fun and the best footage from their flying machines

Meet Our Team

 Our team is actually really small, Jon Ng, Josh Hayden and Andrew Tall. Josh is our drone specialist and Andrew runs the website. 

 Josh has a drone pilot licence and good technical knowledge. With over 7 years of experience in this field, drones have become a large part of his life. Name a drone and you can bet it has been in his hands at some point. 

 Josh is a graduate of the University of Southern Iowa where he studied Electronic Media and Communications. He bought his first drone in 2011 and his passion for flying has only grown from there

 Andrew is our web developer, who studied Computer Science in University of Michigan. He makes sure our website runs perfectly and looks good to your eyes.

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