Does Parrot Still Make Drones?

Parrot is a well-known brand in the drone industry, having launched consumer drones such as the Mambo and Swing in the past. However, many people are wondering if Parrot still makes drones today. The answer is yes, but the focus has shifted from consumer drones to professional drones.

According to a spokesperson from Parrot, the company has stopped the production and development of any drone but the Anafi and its variations. The Anafi is a professional drone that is designed for various industries such as mapping, inspection, and public safety. Parrot’s decision to shift its focus to professional drones has paid off, as the company’s profits have increased since the move.

In this article, we will explore Parrot’s current drone offerings and how they compare to other professional drones on the market. We will also discuss the reasons behind Parrot’s decision to exit the consumer drone market and the benefits of using professional drones for various industries.

History of Parrot Drones

Parrot is a French wireless products manufacturer company based in Paris, France. The company was founded in 1994 by Christine/M De Tourvel, Jean-Pierre Talvard, and Henri Seydoux. Since 2017, it has focused exclusively on drone manufacturing.

Initial Success

Parrot’s first drone, the AR.Drone, was introduced in 2010 and became an instant hit. It was one of the first drones to be controlled by a smartphone app and offered an affordable option for consumers interested in aerial photography and videography. The AR.Drone’s success was followed by the Bebop and Anafi drones, which were also well-received by consumers.

Challenges and Changes

Despite its initial success, Parrot faced challenges in the drone market. The company struggled to keep up with competitors like DJI, which dominated the market with more advanced and feature-rich drones. In 2019, Parrot announced that it would be exiting the toy drone market to focus on commercial and industrial drones.

Since then, Parrot has made significant changes to its drone offerings. The company now offers a range of professional drones for various industries, including agriculture, construction, and public safety. Its latest drone, the ANAFI USA, is designed specifically for first responders, firefighters, and search and rescue teams.

In conclusion, Parrot has a rich history in the drone market, starting with the success of the AR.Drone and expanding into the commercial and industrial drone market. Despite facing challenges, the company has adapted and continues to offer innovative drone solutions for various industries.

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Current Status of Parrot Drones

Parrot, a French drone manufacturer, has been in the drone industry since 2010 and has released several drone models over the years. However, the company has had a rocky history with its drone products, including exiting the toy drone market in 2019. In this section, we will take a closer look at the current status of Parrot drones.

Current Status of Parrot Drones

Current Models

As of June 2023, Parrot has two main drone models available for purchase: the Anafi and Anafi USA. Both drones are aimed at professionals and are designed for commercial use. The Anafi is a foldable drone that can shoot 4K HDR video and has a 21-megapixel camera. The Anafi USA has similar specs but is designed for use by government agencies and first responders.

Parrot has also announced a new drone to be released on June 30, 2023, although details about the new product are currently limited.

Market Position

Parrot has faced stiff competition in the drone market from companies such as DJI and Autel. Despite this, Parrot has managed to maintain a presence in the commercial drone market. The Anafi and Anafi USA are both popular choices among professionals, thanks to their advanced features and competitive pricing.

However, Parrot’s market position is still relatively small compared to industry giants like DJI. Parrot has struggled to gain a foothold in the consumer drone market, and its decision to exit the toy drone market in 2019 has limited its reach in that area.

Overall, Parrot’s current drone models are aimed at professionals and offer advanced features at a competitive price point. While the company’s market position is still relatively small compared to DJI, Parrot has managed to maintain a presence in the commercial drone market.

Parrot’s Future in Drone Manufacturing

Company Strategy

Parrot has been a major player in the drone industry for many years, but the market has become increasingly competitive. The company has shifted its focus away from consumer drones and has instead focused on developing professional and commercial drones. Parrot’s strategy is to provide end-to-end solutions for various industries, including agriculture, surveying, and inspection.

Parrot has also been investing in research and development to create new technologies that will improve the performance and capabilities of its drones. The company has recently launched the ANAFI USA, a drone designed for the US military, and the ANAFI Ai, an AI-powered drone for commercial use.

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Industry Trends

The drone industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The demand for drones is increasing as more industries are discovering the benefits of using drones for various applications. The agriculture industry, for example, is using drones for crop monitoring and precision agriculture. The construction industry is using drones for surveying and mapping.

The drone industry is also seeing a shift towards more advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. These technologies are enabling drones to perform more complex tasks and provide more value to customers.

Parrot is well-positioned to take advantage of these industry trends. The company’s focus on developing professional and commercial drones, as well as investing in new technologies, puts it in a good position to compete in the growing drone market.

Overall, Parrot’s future in drone manufacturing looks promising. The company’s strategy of providing end-to-end solutions for various industries and investing in new technologies puts it in a good position to compete in the growing drone market.


In conclusion, Parrot has shifted its focus away from consumer drones and towards commercial and military drones. The company stopped producing and developing toy drones like the Mambo and Swing in 2019 and finalized sales of consumer drones in 2021. However, Parrot is still very much in business and has reported 64% growth in 2022.

Parrot’s Anafi series of drones is still available for purchase and is designed for professional use, with features like high-quality cameras, long flight times, and advanced software capabilities 1. The company has also been focusing on developing drones for specific industries, such as agriculture, construction, and public safety.

Parrot’s transformation towards a commercial and military drone focus offers ample upside for investors, with the company’s share price potentially increasing as a result. Additionally, Parrot’s decision to move away from toy drones and towards professional and industry-specific drones could help solidify the company’s position as a leader in the drone market.

Overall, while Parrot may no longer produce consumer drones, the company is still very much in business and has shifted its focus towards developing high-quality drones for professional and industry-specific use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Parrot drones still in production?

Yes, Parrot still makes drones. However, the company has shifted its focus from consumer drones to commercial drones. Parrot’s current drone lineup includes the ANAFI Ai and ANAFI USA models, both of which are designed for professional use.

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What are the latest Parrot drone models?

As of June 2023, the latest Parrot drone models are the ANAFI Ai and ANAFI USA. The ANAFI Ai is a 4G-connected drone that offers precise control and strong authentication for data security. The ANAFI USA is a rugged drone designed for public safety and inspection applications.

Has Parrot released any new drones recently?

There have been no recent announcements from Parrot regarding new drone releases.

What is the price range for Parrot drones?

Parrot drones range in price from around $700 for the ANAFI USA to over $2,000 for the ANAFI Ai. Prices may vary depending on the specific model and any accessories or bundles included.

Are Parrot drones reliable for aerial photography?

Parrot drones are known for their high-quality cameras and reliable performance for aerial photography. However, it is important to note that professional photography and videography often require additional equipment and expertise beyond the drone itself.

What features do Parrot drones offer compared to other brands?

Parrot drones offer several features that set them apart from other brands, including 4G connectivity, strong data security, and rugged designs for public safety and inspection applications. Parrot also offers a range of accessories and software options to enhance the capabilities of their drones.

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