Is DJI Trade Up Program Suspended?

Wondering is DJI Trade Up Program suspended? Trade Up may be the perfect solution for you! But sad news is that this trade up program is now suspended.

Drone technology is seen quickly updated in all the newer drone models accomplished by every drone maker. Therefore, every next upgraded version of a drone comes with some exciting additions, tools and functions you just can’t resist.

When you keenly want to update your drone technology, you may feel your investment is struck with the older outdated model in hand.

If this describes your situation, no worries, DJI Trade-Up Program may help you upgrade your drone to a newer model without breaking the bank.

In this post, I have explained the DJI Trade-up Program in detail. In the few paragraphs below, you will find an overview of the DJI trade-up program, how it works, and its pros and cons.

The whole idea behind creating this post is to help you make a wise decision when you want to check if this program can work to your advantage. 

Is DJI Trade Up Program Worth It?

What is DJI Trade-up Program?

‘DJI Trade-Up’ program lets you trade in your old tech gear and get credits that you can spend on other DJI products.

The pleasant surprise about this program is that it covers cellphones and tablets as well, which is incredible news for those that want to unlock the dead investment they have made in the tech gears that are lying waste and collecting dust. 

If you look forward to exchanging a DJI drone for one another DJI drone, DJI Trade-up program can provide you a straightforward, painless and easy way to achieve your mission with lesser possible spending.

Is DJI Trade Up Program Worth It

This service is offered by DJI on its official website. The program lets you send them your used electronic goods (including non-DJI gear like Google Pixels and Apple iPhones) and earn a DJI store credit. Now you can get a proportionate discount on your new DJI drone purchase.

How Does Trade Up Work?

Visit the DJI Trade Up page and click on ‘GET STARTED’.

Choose the product you wish to trade in.  DJI Trade-up program accepts, drones, cameras, cellphones and tablets. Through this program, you can trade-in anything from iPhones, DJI drones and cameras, Blackberries, and GoPro action cameras to many others.

Select the make and model of the gear you want to trade in. You will be asked to input details on which accessories and components you wish to trade in.

When you are ready to accept the offer DJI will extend you, you need to click on accept the deal and then you will be redirected to the website of Re-Tech, who is DJI’s Trade-Up partner.

On this page, Re-Tech will gather all the information you will enter and will let you know the shipping arrangements the company will provide. Amazingly, shipping your tech gear as part of the trade-in program can be done free of cost.  

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Once the shipment reaches them, Re-Tech will value your trade-in and will say if they want to confirm the deal or adjust the trade-in value.

If you find the offer you get is lower than what you expect, you can reject the offer and your gear will be shipped back to you without any charges.

If you do not have all those things that were originally in the box when you bought the new product, do not worry. You can send in whatever you have with you and Re-tech will give you an evaluation. 

dji trade up worth it

Upon the completion of the trade-up process, you will receive DJI Credit on your DJI account. After this step, you are locked in and you cannot cancel the trade-up deal you initiated.

User reviews say that the DJI trade-in program has got much better now after it was launched sometime back. 

So, if you want to lighten the pressure on your wallet while investing in an upgraded DJI drone model, gimbal or camera, you will find DJI trade-up a good avenue to pursue.

How DJI Defines The Condition Of Your Drone

DJI’s website defines “Used/Like New condition” as follows:

  • There is no damage by liquid
  • All drone functions and cameras are operating normally
  • No scratches or damages are found on the drone
  • Includes all of the basic accessories listed

While “Used condition” roughly carries the same description, under this category, DJI is willing to forgive any types of damages on the drone or some minor scratches. 

Your drone will be categorized as “very used,” if it has “significant scratches” but still functions in good condition.

DJI will categorize your tech gear under “poor condition” if any of the following defines its condition:

dji trade up worth it
  • There is damage by liquid
  • Drone parts are malfunctioning or broken or crashed
  • Even if your drone is categorized under this description, you will still be able to earn credits proportionately on your trade-in deal.

Convenience Comes At A Price

As with any other trade-in program, the convenience DJI is providing you through the DJI trade-up program comes at a price.

Through this program, DJI favors you by taking away your old gear and gives you credits to spend on its store. Now, the question you will need to answer is if the price DJI offers makes it a fair deal for you.  

I am giving the prices DJI was ready to offer me during a few trial runs I did on the DJI trade-up program. 

Used Mavic Pro in new condition: $296

Used Phantom 4: $93

Used DJI Spark in new condition: $296

DJI Spark in new condition: $168

The most important thing you must learn from the above examples is that even in their used condition, the negligible wear and tear were only cosmetic in nature.

Given this, does it justify trading in a fully working Mavic Pro with a few cosmetic scratches only for $296? What to say about trading in Phantom 4 in good working condition with some cosmetic scratches on the surface for just $93?

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If we can compare the figures to what you might get for your drone on eBay for instance, we will learn some insights to help make the right decision while trying to use the DJI trade-in program. 

My search showed me that for the used Mavic Pro, buyers are bidding with offers over $500 depending on the accessories accompanying the drone. 

The results are similar in case of the used Phantom 4. Given the same caveats, some active bidders were ready to offer more than $400. 

DJI Spark in new condition could go for around $300. 

There are a few things you must consider now. When you wish to sell on a site like eBay, you have chance to chuck in all those accessories you have accumulated after you purchased the drone-like car chargers, ND filters, landing pads and cases. 

One downside to selling on eBay is that the site will take a standardized commission from the sale, which is usually 10% of what it sells for.

You may have to deal with annoying buyers who are never willing to pay up or would want to return your items despite the fact that you have listed them accurately.  

So, we find the risks are lesser with DJI trade-up program. One consideration you may want to check is that DJI’s valuation of your product can differ from your own. When you want to class your product as ‘like new’, DJI might prefer classing in as ‘used’.

If you are not happy with DJI’s valuation and would prefer getting back your goods, you must now decide if you are willing to wait for your goods to reach you or will command your mind to accept a price that is lesser than what you expected. 

My advice while pursuing DJI trade-in program is this. Check the other trade-in options in front of you. Especially when you want to sell recent drones and electronics, the chances are there that you will find considerably better value elsewhere.

One another online place to check is Craigslist. There are also a few other drone-specific market places to try to trade in your used drone like DroneTrader.

This site allows you to list your used drone for free and you have a chance to avoid the fee that other eBay sites might charge you.   

If you want to do away with some items that are not of much worth to anyone like a used Phantom 2 or a broken Phantom 3, it is a smart idea to trade them in through DJI trade-up program and get some credits.

At the same time, you can’t expect this to make a big dent in the price of a new Mavic Pro 2 you may want to buy.

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drone trade in program

Donating Your Used Drone Can Benefit You More Than You Think

When you might be scratching your head to decide if you must use DJI’s trade-up program or any other avenue to trade in your used tech gear, there is one more suggestion I wish to give you.

Donating your used drone to an interested organization is more beneficial than what you might imagine. 

Across Girl Scout groups and STEM programs, drones are becoming more popular. Check with some after-school programs or local schools to know if they are interested in your drone.

If you are willing to donate your used drone, it is not only a good deed, it is also a way to tax write-off.

IRS lets you make a deduction claim for the entire value of the property or cash you are donating to qualified organizations.

Therefore, check what your drone will fetch you on eBay or DJI trade-up program and then consult a tax expert to decide if it is a beneficial idea to donate your drone.

Take away

DJI trade-up program is no doubt a good opportunity to those looking forward to cash in their used drone or tech gear before investing in a new drone.

Trading in your used drone on DJI website carries fewer risks than selling it elsewhere.

Often, how DJI defines the condition of your drone and the valuation it gives might fall short of your expectations.

It is good to check with other avenues before deciding to use DJI’s trade-in program. 

If your drone is in good condition, it is never a good idea to trade-in your gadget through this program as it is very unlikely that you will get the expected price. 

If the tech gear you want to trade-in is of no use to you or to anyone else, DJI trade-up program can help earn a few credits to use on your new purchase and get a discount.

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