How To Fix Drone Propellers That Are Not Working 2022?

Wondering how to fix drone propellers that are not working? In this article, we will address the most common causes of drone propeller problems and how to fix them.

Drone’s propellers stopped spinning or not spinning properly can halt your plans to have some fun time with your flying companion. Your drone can’t fly if all of its four blades are not working properly. 

You may look for a quick fix of the problem with your drone propellers when they face some troubles. In this write-up, we will learn what to do when you see your drone blades experience troubles with their spinning. 

How To Fix Drone Propeller That Are Not Working

Why drone propellers may not spin properly

The most obvious reasons why drone’s propellers may not spin properly are some obstructions like debris, problems with the battery, connection issues affecting the transmissions, problems with gyro initialization, some faults in the propellers, and some problems happening with the drone’s internal wiring.   

Propellers play a vital role in the drone’s take-off and flight. Drone propellers not working can be extremely frustrating. At times, it can get tricky to identify and rectify the issue.

Here we will learn a step-by-step process to identify the most common reason for drone’s propellers not spinning, and what to do to rectify the problem.

Hopefully, this post will help you resolve the issue with your drone propellers and see your drone fly once again in the air on its happy mission.

Check if there are any obstructions

Before checking the inner working of your drone, visually examine your gadget to find out if there are any obstructions in the path of the propellers or propeller shafts.

If left unnoticed, such obstructions can impact the propeller’s spin and flight.

How To Fix Drone Propellers That Are Not Working

Sometimes, small objects might be inhibiting the propellers from spinning. It is very easy to resolve such an issue by just removing these objects before you start up your machine.  

Check the batteries

Checking the batteries is an essential step to try if the drone propellers are not spinning as they must be. Before every use, batteries must be charged to their fullest capacity.

Often, drone owners forget to charge it or charge it only slightly when the drone has returned after its flight. 

Sometimes, due to a bad charger or a bad wall outlet, the battery might not have been charged to its optimum capacity.

how to fix drone propeller that are not working properly

The voltage that the battery supplies must adequately meet the specific requirements of a drone.

An inadequate voltage supply may lead to different problems with the drone’s working like the propellers’ spinning.

This is due to the fact that the inadequate voltage is unable to supply power to all the working parts of the drone.

Flashing lights might indicate the lack of charge to power the motors and spin the propellers for the drone to take off.

Some situations might signal you that there is something wrong with the battery. If you continue to use a bad battery, the battery charge will be lost quickly or the battery may not be able to charge to its optimum level.

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A bad battery can cause several problems in the drone-like impacting the propellers’ spinning ability.  

Battery quality, battery age, storage conditions, manufacturer of the battery, and other factors can impact the longevity and functioning of the battery. 

Some situations may tell you that there is an issue with the battery. Continuing to use a bad battery can lead to the battery losing its charge quickly or not being able to charge fully.

As a result, different voltage issues can happen to impact the drone’s operations like the propellers’ not spinning or not spinning as they should be. 

Check if the transmitter or remote connects properly

It is very important to sync every drone to the remote control as per the guidelines issued by the manufacturer.

Connecting the remote control with the drone appropriately is crucial before you start using it.

snaptain drone propeller not working

The transmitter connectivity is necessary for a drone’s takeoff. When not synced properly, the motors will not spin impacting the propellers’ ability to spin. 

Sometimes, the issue could be with the transmitter’s battery, especially if you have used them multiple times before.

Remote with an inadequate power supply may affect the syncing process thereby inhibiting the spinning of the drone’s propellers. This can also happen due to an incomplete syncing.

By swapping the controller’s battery with a fresh one that is at least 1.5 V you must be able to resolve the issue. 

Check if the gyros initialize properly

Gyros can impact the propeller spin. Due to improper initialization of the gyros, some propeller blades could be spinning quite slower than the others.

Checking if the gyros are initializing rightly is a simple thing to do. Re-initializing the gyros must be attempted on a flat surface.

how to fix a drone that won't fly

Leave your drone in still mode for about 10 seconds. You can perform this process with a remote controller or controller app.

Check the user manual that came with your drone to find specific instructions on how to do this for your drone model. 

Check the condition of propellers and propeller shafts

Different issues that propellers face can cause them to spin incorrectly or completely stop spinning.

Most commonly, troubles with propeller spinning can happen if they are fitted loosely or inserted wrongly. If the propellers are too loose or too tight, jamming of the motor can happen to result in an improper spin.  

syma drone propeller not working

Over usage, propellers may also be broken leading to some issues with spinning. In addition to causing inconvenience due to their improper spin.

There are also other problems that broken propellers can cause like vibrating, plummeting from the sky during flight, and losing control.

Even bends and small cracks can pronounce adverse impacts on drone’s spinning capacity. 

how to fix drone motor

It is not quite easy to fix broken propellers. The best idea is to replace them altogether. The cost of replacing propellers can vary depending on the drone size and model, the propeller type, and the material in which it is made of. 

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When compared to the other drone components, propellers are relatively inexpensive. It is a good idea to have spare propellers with you so that you can replace cracked or broken propellers once you spot them.  

Check if the internal and external wiring is damaged

Wires in a drone are very delicate and can be damaged, ripped, or disconnected over time. Occasionally, crashes or getting struck in tress can also cause them to happen. If they occur externally, torn wires can be spotted easily. 

how to replace drone propellers

In some cases, there could be a rupture in the internal wiring. This can’t be seen from the outside.

How difficult it is to resolve this will depend on the location of the torn wire. In any case, the damaged wire must be replaced with a new one.

Wiring issues can also cause troubles in propellers’ spinning. You can resolve this issue by replacing the torn wire. In the process, ensure to tie it well in order to mitigate the damage further.  

If your drone has a service warranty, it is good to take the drone to the service center for such kinds of repairs rather than doing it yourself. Meddling with the internal wiring can lead to making the manufacturer’s warranty void. 

Check if the motors work well

Drone motors play a crucial role in ensuring the proper spinning of the propellers. Different issues with motors can lead to troubles with propellers’ spin.

If you have to work with the motors, be gentle and handle them delicately so that you do not damage them.  

If exposed to fibers, hairs, plant matter and grass blades, motors can get tangled. If you happen to find such debris, you need to remove them using a hook or a pair of tweezers.

how to fix a drone propeller that wont spin

Usually, the user manual which the manufacturer has provided will have guidelines on removing the propellers to clean the debris in a safer way. 

To resolve some cases, you may use the trim function since the output from motor controls the spinning speed of the propellers, which is crucial to give even force from the propellers and maintain a steady flight.

In some cases, disconnection with the motor can lead to the propellers not spinning at all. Disconnected motors is a common occurrence when the drone has undergone crashes or bumpy rides.

dji mavic propeller not working

Under such circumstances, the right kind of intervention will depend on the drone model and the close study of the situation. 

In some drone models, it is easy to reconnect the motor with the help of onboard computers. Before moving on with other interventions, the information can also be checked in this way.

Therefore resolving the issue is a straightforward mission. In other models, you need to disassemble and physically examine to reconnect the motors. 

Before tampering with the motor, you must always be aware of the repercussions of doing so. With regard to paperwork, this could lead to complex issues.

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This can also differ depending on how you acquired the drone and the rules pertaining to this. 

Before setting your hand on this task, check the paperwork as this can lead to the warranty becoming void. 

Check if there are any damages in the motor

When the propellers do not spin properly and you have tried all of the different steps above, the problem could still persist if one of your motors is damaged. In this case, you will need to try fixing the motor suitably.

drone propeller position

Alternatively, you may need to replace the faulty motor altogether so that the propellers will spin properly once again letting the drone resume its flight in the air. 

Some possible causes for damage in the motor can include breakage in motor mounts, damage due to water, bend in the shafts, and bad bearings. Each of these cases will have to be resolved with the appropriate technique.

A broken motor can lead to such issues like loss of power or control, issues with the spinning of propellers, and irregular vibrations in the drone. 

Take Home

Some scenarios of propellers not spinning properly will need a comprehensive approach to rectify. In some cases, the reasons could be minor.

Irrespective of the nature of the cause for the problem, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are unsure at any point, it is good to consult professionals.  

If all the tips discussed above cannot solve the propellers’ spinning problems, there could be some complex issues about the inner workings of the drone.

This can be very common especially when the drone has worked for long or if it had undergone bumpy rides.

Professionals must assess such cases and the issues must be resolved accordingly.

However, most problems we may come across with propellers’ spinning are on account of minor issues, which can be set right by spending a reasonable amount of budget, effort and time by following the appropriate methods.

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