Is DJI Crystal Sky monitor Discontinued?

DJI Crystal Sky Review

If you’re thinking about piloting a drone, then you’ll be needing some accessories to help you make use of the drone fully and that includes a monitor. If you’re looking for some monitor to check out, you may want to consider getting this DJI Crystal Sky Monitor!

While some accessories just practically focus on aesthetics like prop guards, you also need to consider other factors that will help you become prepared for any worst case scenario. However DJI Crystal Sky monitor is discontinued.

For a couple of days we have been testing this accessory to make a full DJI crystal sky review.  Though it seems to be a little expensive compared with other brands, this product can justify itself for having such a price. What makes this product worth checking out is its dedicated display tablet for RC drones which was launched about a year ago.

Without further ado, let’s get this DJI crystal sky review started.

DJI Crystal Sky Review 

This DJI Crystal Sky is a powerful tablet that shouldn’t change anything for a drone pilot. The only important thing about piloting a drone is the drone obviously, your ability to pilot the bloody thing and the creative eye.

People would usually say why not use a smartphone or tablet instead and people often do that it’s never caused that much trouble to being with, it may sound weird but it’s a method that has its own fair shares of drawbacks but does seem to be a legitimate reason to spend around $470 for a 5.5” display and $699 for a 7.85’’.

Oh! But you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I know I sound like that kid who says iPhone is better than android but just put up with me for a moment and I’ll explain everything you need to know about the DJI crystal sky!

This is unlike any other display I’ve seen, the DJI Crystal sky has a high brightness feature used for unhindered daylight viewing. The DJI Crystal sky tablet also has 1000 cd/m² touch screen it runs on Android OS and only comes loaded with the necessary apps for operating the DJI devices.

You wouldn’t find spam apps that could possibly slow your device down and the hardware is optimized for decoding video’s transmitted by DJI devices which reduces the lag and improves the picture quality. Beside from the streamlined interface, the DJI Crystal Sky acts as a mobile device like any other but with all the necessary DJI apps pre-loaded.

It’s a pretty bright monitor to begin with but so save battery and it has a hood sold separately for both models you don’t really need it but it depends how the sun is at where you live very harsh or you want to save battery and use low brightness.

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Check out the DJI Monitor Board on Amazon here. 

What’s Inside the box of DJI Crystal Sky

 Before anything else, let me first describe the kind of packaging that DJI has to offer. The DJI Crystal Sky box is pretty simple yet sure is made from quality materials that can withstand wear and tear in the long run. 

Going forward after opening the box, you’ll be able to see the tablet itself which is quite heavy to hold. There are also two manuals included for the battery and the device itself to make use of the product fully. If you prefer having the smaller version of the DJI crystal sky, there will be one 4920 m. Amp battery, while a higher version of DJI crystal sky requires two batteries.

Aside from these, the  tablet has a built-in battery to help you save your data after you run out of battery in no time. Also, the box includes a charging dock where you can charge the battery easily. However, there isn’t any charging adapter included in the box. 

On top of these, the DJI crystal sky hallmarks its dual micro SD card slots to expand storage and let you save more videos for keeps. The videos can be recorded in H.264 and H.265 formats with abilities to play back and edit 4k videos in the crystal sky. You can quickly edit and share high quality edited footage the videos can also be played through the HDMI out port on board. 

For Unboxing details, watch the video below.

DJI Crystal Sky Compatibility 

The DJI crystal sky is compatible with a few devices like the inspire series, Osmo series (Osmo,Osmo+,Osmo Pro , Osmo RAW) and Phantom series (phantom 3 ,phantom 4). If you prefer phantom controllers, a separately available mounting bracket is recommended to use. 

Watch a full review of the DJI Crystal Sky Monitor below.

Can the crystal sky solve the problems you have from the past? 

There are a handful of issues when piloting a drone by using a smartphone or a simple tablet and I am pretty much sure that you have at least encountered one of these problems. 

One of the common issues that you might have encountered at least once is the lighting, especially if you will be shooting a video on a bright and sunny day using a drone.  There’s a possibility that you’ll be getting a lot of glares on your screen which can ruin the whole scene that you are trying to cover.

This lighting issue will never be a thing with the DJI crystal sky as it features a 1000 cd/m² bright touchscreen LCD screen and a 7.85 super bright it goes to 2000 cd/m² that’s brighter than any other smartphone to be exact 4 times brighter than the average smartphone so recording in a bright sunny day is not going to be a problem.

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What looks good on a screen with poor brightness may look horrible. Later on you might miss some important details so you can act accordingly to get the perfect shot. 

Besides, your phone’s screen is not specifically designed for viewing in those harsh conditions. It’s not an effective monitor for serious Aerial photography it’s like using webcam for as a security cam it’s going to work but not as well 

Although, the android OS is responsive as a smart phone and the touch screen works just as well. The DJI crystal sky tablet has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 wherein you can see a crisp photo just like my gaming monitor which has spectacular details. 

The battery timings was more than I expected 6 hours a single battery and it runs a screen brighter than most smartphones and at low brightness it would last for an hour or two extra which is more than a days’ worth of shooting and filming.

For further details about the DJI Crystal Sky watch the video below.

DJI Crystal Sky Cons

Where there is light there is also dark by that we mean the DJI crystal Sky isn’t perfect. Here are some of the drawbacks of using DJI crystal sky.

Like I said earlier this method has its own r issues which can put you in a bit of a pickle, like seriously in a bind, I mean sure in the near future it will be the kind of think that is a standard for every drone pilots but in the present it seem kind of off to the side. 

Like one of the main downside is the price for crying out loud at $469 you get the cheapest version which is 5.5 inches which is also the one we tested by the way it’s the same size as an average smartphone and if you feeling frisky you can purchase the $699 version which is 7.85 inch and to top it off there’s a $999 version which is also 7.85 inches but has a 2000 cd/m² screen the rest have a 1000 cd/m² screen.

Which is more expensive? You can purchase a drone, PS5 or an X box series X with that kind of money and have a few hundred dollars to spare. If someone pays that kind of money for a display monitor for a drone and if it’s not perfect and there’s an old saying nothing perfect the same goes with the DJI crystal sky.

A flaw we found is that using it for an hour or so the screen heats up like crazy. It’s hard to use when it’s hot. I know it has built-in coolers but they’re not doing a good job. The whole body is made up of metal so some heat transfers which is a discomfort.

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Also, the Mavic pro charger is not compatible with the charging dock of DJI crystal sky. To think buying something that’s this expensive and it doesn’t even have a charger they could just squeeze it in.

The DJI crystal sky only come with the DJI applications so it runs on android OS but it doesn’t have a play store and it won let you install third party apps which has the possibility of slowing the device down like that’s a problem when you buy a monitor that’s about the same price as a drone.

Getting the DJI Crystal Sky: Final Takeaway

I don’t know in the near future the DJI crystal sky will probably support third party apps to make it more convenient for enthusiasts.

Which leaves the big question: do you really need to buy the DJI crystal sky.

Well, it depends if you’re an enthusiast for professional drone filming or how and where you use a drone. If you live where the sun is harsh and you can’t barely see a thing with your smartphone or tablet then you should definitely buy it.

However for most enthusiasts carrying that expensive piece of gear is a hassle. Your average phone or tablet should do just fine. The crystal sky is there to make you see more clearly and see every detail.

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