Axis Vidius Review 2023 | World’s Smallest FPV Drone

In this Axis Vidius review, we will be discussing the features and benefits of Axis Vidius. This video surveillance software is a must-have for businesses of all sizes.

The sky is the limit to innovations in technology. One of the popular trends in technology sees the subsequent models shrink in size to serve some utility and fashionable expectations. 

For quite a long, drone enthusiasts are dreaming of miniature UAVs. Such expectations have given rise to the class of micro-drones. As against the more expensive consumer drone models, micro-drones cost very less and are an ideal option for beginners and hobbyists.   

Dubbed as the world’s smallest FPV drone, Axis Vidius is the product of Axis Drones, the New York based drone-maker.  Vidius can comfortably fit into your palm and costs less than $100. Axis describes Vidius as the smallest drone in the world carrying a video camera. 

Axis Vidius of the dimensions 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm (1.7 x 1.7 x 1 in) weighs not more than 0.55 pounds. To own and operate Axis Vidius, you will not need to register with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).   

A drone enthusiast myself, I wished to try this model out of sheer curiosity and found it an incredibly interesting product in the world of drones.

In this review, I have exhaustively covered the design, features and specifications of Axis Vidius in order to guide your buying decision if you have ever eyed on this micro-drone with the intention of owning it.

Axis Vidius Review

Unboxing Axis Vidius

When I unboxed Axis Vidius from the manufacturer’s package, I was quite surprised to notice how small a drone can be. Vidius (black) is only slightly bigger than the miniature Aerius (orange).

Though this is what is to expect from a micro-drone, its actual size outperformed the anticipations I had fancied before I saw it. The sleek design has given a cute outfit to Vidius that anyone will easily fall in love with. 

Vidius has a tiny frame; nonetheless, the drone-maker seems to have spared commendable efforts to give it a modern and stylish look.

The all-black coat is definitely an incredible choice. The in-built LEDs help keep track of the micro-drones flight from far and during dark hours. 

The Vidius is accompanied by a compactly designed 2.4 GHz controller whose good performance defies its smaller size.

Axis Vidius Review

The controller is highly responsive and once you have practiced it for a few times, you will be able to steer your drone much easier. Axis also provides the Axis app meant for mobile and tablet, which you can download and use to control your Vidius.

The on-screen buttons and the cockpit camera view in the background makes controlling the micro-drone a breeze.   

I was able to download the app without any difficulty. However, controlling the Vidius through my mobile phone’s screen felt a bit more challenging than operating it through the controller.

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Some of my friends said flying Vidius through a larger tablet felt easier. For a better option, you can also connect Vidius with a mobile device.

If you choose to do this, make sure you are recording and monitoring the drone’s flight through the screen while you continue to operate the drone with its controller.

Performance And Some Cool Features You Will Love

Vidius is powered by a 3.7V, 150 mAh battery. A single 20-minute USB charge gives Axis Vidius around five to seven minutes of flight.

You can also choose to live-stream the photo and video feed of your Vidius through WiFi. The ability to control the Vidius through a smartphone as well as the accompanying 2.4 GHz controller makes it highly convenient to operate the micro-drone. 

The drone is fitted with 6-axis gyro stabilization. The miniature goblin can indulge in 360-degree rolls and flips while streaming videos during its flight. Thanks to its LED lighting, nighttime flight to looks great and colorful.  

Vidius has 3-speed fly modes and 6-axis gyro stabilization which helps in ensuring a steady flight for your drone.

This means that Vidius can produce rock-steady images. A few other interesting features you will love in Vidius include the VR mode, which lets you experience the pleasure of virtual reality through its camera.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Axis Vidius

The Vidius drone app also offers a draw to fly feature using which you can draw the route you want the drone to take and the drone will adhere to this pre-defined flight path.

You will find almost all the highly interesting features of large drones in Vidius. However, the very less 7 minutes flight time on a single charge looks very less.

However, when you consider its functionality and size, you are sure to say that 7 minutes of flight time is a real boon.

Similar to some other micro-drone models like the original Hubsan X4 or Parrot’s Rolling Spider, Vidius too has a low-grade camera.

However, Vidius stands out from such micro-drones in terms of its capability to relay its vision to the user over Wi-Fi and you get to enjoy the first-person perspective of all its actions and scenes in front of its camera.  

During its flight, the Axis Vidius flies to a maximum distance of around 100 feet from the pilot. Therefore, the chances are lesser than the micro-drone will wander off leaving the pilot once for all.

For those who love to enjoy Vidius at flight during dark hours, the bright LED lights will help keep track of the drone in the dark.

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If Vidius has to go away from the pilot and suffer a crash for some reasons, Axis has included a set of extra blades so that you can get the quadcopter back in the air very soon.

Flying Axis Vidius For The First Time

Now let me share my funny experience of flying Vidius for the first time. Once I had Vidius on my palm, I could not wait any longer to watch it flying like a bee. In course of this description, I will also cover Vidius’s responsiveness.

My first flight did not last for longer than three seconds. Yes! Vidius took off and swiftly rose into the air, only to veer wildly onto its left and crash to the ground.

All that I gained was a funny video of the drone’s first flight showing it score poorly. However, let me tell you. I was not disappointed as I was always skeptical of my piloting skills.

I had to get the hang of it in course of time and then things highly improved. When I saw Vidius at its brisk flight, I could not hold myself back from appreciating the tiny piece of engineering marvel packed in the miniature drone.

Once you practice well, you too are sure to find that Vidius is verily flyable and can perform much better than you might expect.   

small drones

Vidius tends to pitch slightly to its one side. However, through the controller’s trim tabs, you can adjust this unpredictability. If you are familiar with flying bigger drones, you will find the controls much more similar.

You can also choose between the 3 speeds based on the flight sensitivity you want in your drone at flight. The 6-axis gyro stabilization helps in Vidius’s stable flight.  

The software meant for Vidius is not smart as you will find with large sized more expensive drones. In Vidius, you will not find the features like autonomous flight, follow me or obstacle avoidance.

However, to impress your skeptical friends, you can show off your drone’s skills in terms of its ability to perform backflips and side rolls.

These are some pre-programmed tricks you will be able to achieve with a few simple clicks on your controller. 

Talking of the camera, I was never really expecting decent pictures and video footage from Vidius. Its small size, chic design, and its ability to fly wherever you want it to was enough for me to conclude that it is an engineering marvel.

Though the image quality is not impressive, I found it good enough to share on social media and I never wanted anything more than that. If you are a serious photographer, Vidius’s image and video quality will not help you much.

Pros and Cons of Vidius


  • 420p recording capability
  • 2.4 GHz controller/smartphone
  • 3-speed modes
  • 6 axis gyro stabilization
  • VR mode
  • Bright LED lights
  • Lightweight, small and very compact size
  • Tricks Mode
  • Return to home feature
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  • Low battery life between 5 and 7 minutes
  • Functions like autonomous flight, follow me and obstacle avoidance missing

My verdict

In an average, Vidius has around 6 minutes of flight time per 20 minutes charge. At 420p resolution, you are sure to get some decent quality pictures and videos captured with your micro-drone.

I am sure that for the price you pay for Vidius, you are not going to expect anything to the level of the drone’s more expensive rivals in the consumer drone segment. 

More micro-drone models are bombarding the drone market. Whether Vidius is a sign of what is going to change in the drone industry is not for sure.

Nevertheless, Vidius assures a lot of fun and while making a debut as a drone pilot, you will find the small investment highly affordable. 

At best, you will need the assurance that small crashes will not smash your Vidius into little pieces that are good only to dump inside the trash bin. Luckily, Vidius sports a rugged construction that can take and endure the punishment.

Hence, kids, beginners and hobbyists will find Vidius a great drone to start with and perfect their drone flying skills.

After all you will love the facts that owning Vidius calls for a small investment, the micro drone can fit inside your pocket and you will not have to go for FAA registration.

As an introduction to the world of drones, Vidius is certainly a lovable and economical choice. 

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