How To Connect Holy Stone Drone To Phone?

Want to know how to connect Holy Stone Drone to phone? This article will provide you with all the information you need. We’ll show you how to download the app, how to connect the drone to your phone, and how to start flying. Read more here.

A drone’s remote controller makes it easy to control the drone’s flight and operations. Nevertheless, drone owners will find controlling a drone with their smartphone a breeze, loaded with a host of advantages and flexibilities.

Very few people are aware that there are apps to control their drones. These apps are a real boon to drone enthusiasts, which have to be downloaded on smartphones to get moving.

Before trying to use these apps to control your drone, you must know how to connect your drone to your phone. 

How To Connect Holy Stone Drone To Phone?

Drone apps make operating your drone a breeze

A Holy Stone drone can be connected to your phone with WiFi. To get started, download and install the Holy Stone app on your smartphone.

Once you have the app on your phone, navigate to the phone settings panel, activate the WiFi, and select the Holy Stone drone and this will get your drone and phone connected.   

How To Connect Holy Stone Drone To Phone

With the Holy Stone app installed on your phone, you can control your drone’s flight and operations on your smartphone. But, before you can do this, there are a few steps you must follow like configuring the app.

Once you are successful with the preliminaries, you can fly and control your drone without having to use a separate controller for this purpose. Here I have compiled a detailed step-by-step instructions on connecting a drone to a phone app and fly your drone around purely with the app.

Steps to connecting the Holy Stone Drone to your phone

Step 1: Remember, you can successfully move forward with this entire mission only if your phone is WiFi-enabled.

how to connect your phone to a holy stone drone

Step 2: Visit the App Store of Google Play Store to download the Holy Stone app. Once the app is installed on your phone, go to device settings and select Holy Stone drone.

holy stone drone not connecting to phone

On the setting app, check whether the WiFi network appears. If you see it, select the drone to connect and it does.  Sometimes, the process may not be straightforward like this. In some cases, you may have to scan a code found on the manual to be able to complete the download.

Once you can find this code, you will be able to download the app and install the drone quickly. Once this is done, open WiFi settings and connect the drone with the app. 

Step 3: Turn on the drone and controller at once. Go to the phone’s WiFi connection settings and select the Holy Stone connection.

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On your phone, open the Holy Stone app you have installed. Click on your phone’s WiFi settings and get it connected to the drone’s WiFi.  

Step 4: Open the Holy Stone mobile app and follow the steps to configure and calibrate the app. Once it is done, check if you can fly your drone by controlling it with your phone.

Once you are right through all these steps, you will be able to control your flying machine using either your phone or the drone controller – whichever is convenient to you. 

How does connecting your drone to your phone help?

Connecting your drone with your phone brings you a host of benefits you are sure to appreciate. 

Whatever images the drone collects during its flight, you will be able to see them on your phone screen. In fact, you can control the drone via the controller and view the camera feed on your phone.  

By connecting the drone to the phone, you can gain access to the GPS control to be able to track the flight path and also pre-define it. This might not come in handy with the controller.

holy stone drone not connecting

This gets much easier when you choose to control your drone via your smartphone with a touch screen, which you can do just by touching the screen. 

When you connect the Holy Stone drone to your phone, you can gain full control over the drone’s flight and operations without the need to carry the controller around with you.

When the drone is connected to the phone, it gets easier to configure the drone and also view the diagnostic data. 

If you want to relay the images received via camera feed in real-time, you must connect the drone camera to the phone. Power on your drone and navigate to the phone’s WiFi settings.

You must connect the drone to your phone’s WiFi network. Once this is done, navigate to the drone app and configure it to complete the setup. After this, you can gain access to live video when you control the drone via the drone app on the phone.    

How to connect Holy Stone drone to an android phone?

Controlling your drone’s flight via Holy Stone app has one another big advantage of ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations.

The app guides you to fly the drone only in designated areas and also correct the height of its flight. The app minimizes the chances to get off the track. The app can also help frame your camera shots and make sure that the drone flies safely. 

how to connect to holy stone drone

You can download the Holy Stone drone app either on the App Store or the Google Play Store and a WiFi camera module can help control the drone.

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When the drone is connected to the phone, the app enables a real-time display of the camera feed. The features you find include VGA support, 720 P and 1080 P resolution. It can support 3D function and also take photos when the video is recorded.  

You can download the app on Android devices and when you follow the procedures mentioned, it can connect correctly and work well.

While using the app to fly your drone, you can adjust the flying angle up to 90 degrees and so you have a larger area to explore at your disposal. You can also enjoy the follow me and return to home features. 

How to connect Holy Stone drone to iPhone?

To connect your drone to your iPhone, visit the Apple Store to download the app. Power on the drone and then navigate to WiFi settings. Select the drone’s WiFi network and check the manual for the password to connect. 

To complete the setup, go to the mobile app, and configure and calibrate the app. 

The Holy Stone drone software will let you control the drone in real-time. This can be done by clicking the drone’s WiFi to the phone’s WiFi.

how to connect holy stone drone to iphone

Once this is done, the videos and pictures are transmitted to the smartphone. If the microphone is turned on, even the audio sound can be transmitted.

Holy Stone drone app can support a plethora of iO|s versions like iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, and iOS10.   

The Holy Stone drone app is compatible with iPhone and thanks to its 90-degree adjustable feature, you can explore a wider area. The images captured can also be stored on an SDD card. 

Beginners might find some problems in using the app. If you see the SD card not saving the images, it is necessary to format and rename it.

After this, you must put the drone into flight mode. Once you do this, you can take pictures and save them on the SD card. 

How to connect Holy Stone drone to the remote controller?

Here I have explained how to connect your Holy Stone drone with the controller. If you do this, you can continue to operate the drone using the controller.

In this process, there are chances that you will encounter a few problems, especially on your first try. Also, there might be some other issues making it difficult to connect your drone with the controller.

One of the main reasons why you might not be able to connect your drone to the controller is the low battery. Therefore, before you start, it is necessary to check if the drone has enough charge left.   

how to pair holy stone drone to remote

Follow the instructions carefully so that you can connect the drone to the controller without any problems. The basic information you will need is this – turn on the drone and the controller and then move the left joystick front and back for pairing them. 

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Here are the steps to connect your drone and controller

  • With your phone, scan the QR code found on the manual. 
  • Switch on the drone and then navigate to your phone’s settings. 
  • Open the WiFi and select the Holy Stone app to connect it.
  • Open the app after connecting the WiFi successfully. 
  • Click on start so that you can get a prompt to enter the control interface. 
  • Now you can see the images from the camera. 

You must remember that the first step to connecting the drone and controller is to download the app on your phone and then plug in the phone to the controller.

Though it is possible to fly your drone seamlessly using your phone alone, connecting the controller also enables precise control of your drone. 

how to connect my holy stone drone to my phone

At times when you want to fly the drone without WiFi, you can do it only if you have a working controller. While the drone gets connected to the smartphone via WiFi, it connects to the controller via radio waves. 

In some cases when you will want to connect the drone to a remote controller, you may have to check the specifications of the drone as you will have to press a few buttons to pair the drone and the remote controller. 

Take Away 

You can control and fly your drone both through Holy Stone app and the controller. However, the advantages of connecting your drone to your phone can never be undermined as you will gain access to more functionalities like viewing the camera feed in real time.

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