3 Best Micro Drones To Purchase In 2022

Looking for the best micro drones? We curated the best micro drones for you to check out!

Drones have become an indispensable part of several industries in the recent past. Various modifications are underway to make drones accessible to every sector.

One recent hype is with micro drones. They are small and compact, yet they hold a substantial place in improving your everyday activities. 

Microdrones are user-friendly, and children over 14 can become expert drone navigators with a quick learning curve. Unlike mini and nano drones, micro drones fly outdoors and indoors with ease and flexibility.

They can fit in your palm and stream HD footage to get a bird’s eye view of the world you are capturing. Let’s look at some top-notch micro drones and everything you need to know about them.


1.EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Indoor Racing Drone
2.Happymodel Mobula 7 Crazybee Micro drone
3Voyage Aeronautics Micro Space Drone

How we tested the micro drone?

We took little to no time to commend the credibility of our micro drone. We are a team of photographers and tech enthusiasts who wanted to switch to micro-drones to shoot indoors and outdoors. The quadcopter was a little beast that took us by surprise with its extraordinary features.

How we tested the controller?

We flew the drone on a sunny afternoon, and it flew over a big oak tree and got stuck. But to our surprise, with the auto-hover feature, it bounced back and switched to normal within a few minutes. We tried swift drone stunts and the controls on a windy day. At first, it had a momentary lapse but fought back to its original position in no time.

How we tested the altitude hold?

One of us wanted to capture a panoramic view of the building for a project. We hovered the drone to the highest possible height, and it did not flinch from its position. We managed to capture the best footage in one go. 

How we tested the velocity of the drone?

We wanted to double-check the speed of the drone to click wide-angle pictures. So we provided the necessary thrust to lift the drone and fly at its maximum speed. It perfectly captured all the wide angles and at the stable velocity.

Our team stood at the other side of the backyard to monitor its flight, but the drone took care of itself with the stunning flips too!

Top Micro Drones

Micro-drones grab attention for two things: attractive price and easy-to-handle features. Here is a list of the top 3 micro drones that I have in my recommended list.

Overall Best: EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Indoor Racing Drone

EMAX Tinyhawk is my No.1 choice, and I have always wanted to buy the tiny beast for various reasons. It was my first drone with an FPV feature, and I was not disappointed with the FPV’s high-quality video output.

Believe it or not, it fell accidentally to a water dish, and I could get the thing to start revving in 30 minutes. The drone is durable and allows you to fly indoors with no harm.

Best Micro Drones - EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Indoor Racing Drone

The controller worked great for me, and I switched from Easy mode to Medium difficulty in no time. This drone has a sturdy build with a polypropylene frame. One thing that impressed me the most was the motor beeper. It helps in locating the drone in busy areas. 

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You can crash it several times, yet the drone revives back and starts functioning normally. There was one time it fell from 40 feet on the concrete of my house, and it was able to pick up, and soon, it was ready to fly.

Although it has a high-end camera, the image quality is not very crisp and loses the quality when you fly into the next room. The FPV feature has a high-quality deliverance, but the goggles are tiny to fit an average person.

Since it is an FPV racing drone, it is the best start to becoming a drone racing pilot. It stands out among its competitors to provide value to the price. Compared to other micro drones, it is lightweight and available in the market for USD 215. Unlike the rest, the Tinyhawk has a sturdy build and can withstand crashes without a single scratch.

The USP of this product is the Ready-to-Fly feature that requires you to do nothing about the assembly. It has all the required aids to fly in the skies, and it is best suitable for kids and adults alike.


  • Super fast, capable of flying at 35 mph.
  • Durable and stable.
  • Camera and FPV feature,


  • Less flight time.
  • Requires you to buy additional batteries.

My ratings: 4.3/ 5

Runner-up – Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor Operations:  Happymodel Mobula 7 Crazybee Micro drone

This micro quad is the best thing you will find in the market. It took me 10 minutes to set the whole thing, and I was flying this tiny whoop the entire day. Though the weather was slightly off with gusty winds, it could fly with little disturbance. I was obsessed with the adjustable camera and captured beautiful shots of my balcony. 

This drone comes with prop guards to protect the frame at the time of the crash. My friends & I took this tiny beast for an outdoor shoot and tried outdoor acrobatics, which came out very well. I found it useful for garden flying as it has a good range. 

Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor Operations:  Happymodel Mobula 7 Crazybee Micro drone

The attractive frames of this drone are eye-catching and can be changed from time to time. The controllers did the magic with its multi-flight mode. I could switch between an ordinary flight and acrobats at my convenience.

However, like every drone, Mobula 7 is not perfect. It has a fragile framework and needs replacement after a crash. The camera angle is decent, but it could be designed to hold position tightly. Apart from these mild discomforts, Happymodel is my happy place for a Sunday outdoor shoot.

It is unique for flying outdoors and indoors with 1S and 2S batteries. It has incomparable features at an attractive price of USD 100 – 110. It is devised to withstand light rain and wind and has a 75mm wheelbase.


  • 250 mAh battery.
  • Adjustable camera and remote control
  • Multi-flight mode and 4-5 min of flight time.
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  • The camera quality is poor.
  • Fragile frame.
  • Need additional battery.

My ratings: 4/5

Budget Pick: Voyage Aeronautics Micro Space Drone

If you want a toy-level drone at a very affordable price, this one is the best choice. I purchased it for my kids, and they can’t stop flying it indoors. They learned to fly the drone in just one day since it is easy to calibrate and manage using a new training mode.

The 360° performance stunts are a treat to your eyes. Ever since it landed on the house, it has crashed several times. But with innovative blade protection, the drone bounced off unharmed.

It has an air pressure sensor that locks the altitude that enables automatic take-off and landing. I had no difficulty switching from beginner mode to advanced mode with the 3-speed settings. With the size of a palm, this drone comes fully assembled. 

Voyage Aeronautics Micro Space Drone

You can enjoy the fun ride of 5 – 6 minutes on this red-hued drone and hover smoothly. How do you know that it is safe for kids? It has a 6-axis gyro that ensures high stability and maneuverability. The only downside I found about this is that it has less flight time and takes 30 minutes to charge.

However, if you purchase two extra batteries, you can have the charge rotation going without hampering the flight. 

Voyage aeronautics appeals to kids and skilled pilots alike. It can come in handy for fast maneuvers, thrilling stunts such as flips and rolls, and learning piloting without worrying about the price while crashing in the backyard.

I had done thorough research on various websites before locking in on this tiny miracle. One I found unique about this drone is the price to feature ratio. It is available at USD 21 and provides value to money. You can try other competitor toy drones, but I can guarantee that you can’t find the attributes at this price range.

What sets it apart from the rest? I vote on the ease of handling and the number of stunts and rolls it can perform with a protective build. Children above 14 years can quickly become experts with this drone and wait for the minute they start teaching you!


  • Training mode for beginners.
  • Auto start and land.
  • One button flip mode.


  • No camera feature.
  • More charge time and requires an additional battery.

My ratings: 3/5

Buyer’s guide for microdrones

Take a glance at this section, and it has everything you need to know about micro drones.

Things to keep an eye on

Let’s look at the factors you must double-check before buying the micro drones.

  • Durability

Since micro drones are typically used for flying indoors, you must pick a durable and well-built model to withstand minor crashes through the walls. Microdrones are a favorite obsession of the kids and hence choose a long-lasting drone.

  • Check for the availability of spare parts. 

There can be accidental mishaps you must be ready for while purchasing a micro drone. Hence you must keep the spare parts ready to replace when needed. You must check whether the replacement parts are available for dispatch to your region before purchasing the drone.

  • Camera 
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Several micro drones don’t have camera features. So if you are a professional photographer or a surveyor, a camera is an indispensable feature. However, activating the camera option reduces the flight time, but it will help you make a quick survey of your garden or any other site.

How to set up the micro drone?

Here are the steps that guide you in setting up your micro drone even though it’s your first time.

  • Set up the transmitter and check the battery of the drone.
  • Choose the speed depending on your expertise, whether slow, medium, or fast.
  • Set up the controller.
  • Select an empty room or area and turn on the transmitter.
  • Sync the drone with the transmitter and push the throttle stick upwards to take-off.

It is advised to read the guide thoroughly to control the drone and land safely without harm.

Best Micro Drones: FAQ’s

Are micro drones and mini drones similar?

Micro-drones are specially designed for indoors and are tiny compared to mini-drones, which are suitable for outdoor activities.

What is the average price of micro-drones?

The price of micro-drones varies between USD 20 to USD 250.

What is the size of a micro drone?

The size of a micro drone is between a nano drone and a mini drone.

What do micro drones do?

Micro drones perform similar functions to full-sized drones. They are primarily used for geomatics operations like mapping, surveying, effortlessly capturing, and visualizing field data.

Fully integrated ones can even transform those captured data into 3D models, topographic maps, and ortho-mosaics. Micro drones can also be used for stealth-mode surveillance and racing. 

Concluding Thoughts and Final Verdict

Micro drones are a miniature version of large drones. It is useful in several fields like surveillance, photography, and disaster management. It has similar features to large drones and is compact and pocket friendly.

But if you are looking for a budget-friendly drone, Voyage Aeronautics Micro Space Drone can come to your rescue.

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