3 Best Drone Trackers 2022

Looking for the best drone trackers? We curated the best drones trackers for you to check out!

It is not far-fetched to say that drones are rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives. From performing even the most mundane household chores to aiding in critical military operations, drones are here to stay and how.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that one knows where their drones are kept. As drones often do not come with their own GPS systems, installing a personalized GPS system within their drones is imperative. Herein lies the utility of a competent drone tracker.

Drone trackers are miniature tracking devices able to be fitted onto your drones, relieving you of your worry and informing you of the position of your drones. However, it is imperative not to confuse drone trackers with dedicated tracking drones as both are incredibly different in nature, utility, and form.

Let’s have a look at some of the best drone trackers and all you need to know about them.


1.GPS Tracker Trackimo 2021 model.
2.VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer
3.Cube key finder smart Bluetooth tracker

How do we test the drone trackers?

Being part of an in-house team of independent tech testers and enthusiasts, we primarily conduct our research and testing of all things FPV on our own without being conditioned or polluted by any outside responses or reviews, so rest assured all that you read is 100% a product of our own testing and hours of fiddling with the products at hand.

For testing the drone trackers, we had at hand a control batch of drones with inbuilt GPS and another set of the same drones fitted with the latest drone trackers. This was done to highlight the increased accuracy and external drone tracker, sound, GPS, or Bluetooth, would provide. Some of the main tenets of our tests were:

How did we test the placeability of the drone tracker?

To test the placeability or positioning stability of the drone tracker, we did not shy away from performing stunts at high speed over a custom-made long-distance obstacle course. All the while, we kept a close eye on the drone tracker, checking for any signs of instability caused by its weight or any positional incongruency caused due to the rigors of the flight.

How did we test the range of drone trackers?

As part of our endeavor to bring out the best and worst of a product, we also subjected the drones bearing the drone trackers to a range of tests. 

The seminal part of these tests made up distance tests or how far away from the host device can the tracker provide accurate readings of the position of the drones, at how much elevation can the GPS trackers perform optimally, the margin of error if any, et al.

How did we check the performance of drone trackers at a high velocity?

As we were a team of FPV racing enthusiasts, an accurate reading of the swiftly changing position of our drones was of utmost importance. The accuracy in providing real-time in-flight information was prioritized by us, as was an accurate reading of the elevational position of our drones.

Top Drone Trackers

After we were done with preliminary testing, all that was left for us was to sort among the countless devices tested the very cream of the crop in three separate categories of drone trackers, i.e., buzzer trackers or sound GPS trackers and Bluetooth trackers.

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Here’s a list compiled with the very best in all 3 categories of trackers:

GPS Tracker Trackimo 2021 Model

Not only is it the number 1 in the GPS tracking aspect, but this also comes in with five separate tracking modes! Besides GPS, the other modes are A-GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, all of which would work for the last 17 feet. 

With a weight of merely 0.16 kilograms and a tiny analog panel indicating connectivity, Trackimo proved to be a trustworthy companion to leave our drones to. O

Best Drone Trackers - GPS tracker trackimo 2021 model

ut of the 20 flights made over distances ranging from 30m-300m, the Trackimo GPS tracker proved to be an accurate guide in all sorts of settings, be it indoors or outdoors. We even tested below a tunnel, not expecting the tracker to work correctly or in real-time, but we were proved wrong. 

One downside is that the battery life of Trackimo is wildly variable. One charge can last for as long as 4 days or as short as 24 hours in similar conditions. With dimensions of 1.8×1.6×07 inches, the trackimo was a snug fit on our drones, and the difference it made in tracking our drones was instantly palpable.

We ranked our list based on the degree of variance between our control study and our product drone trackers. Therefore, the biggest variation noted was between the control drone intended to be tested against the drone bearing the trackimo.

This product has the edge over its competition despite its seemingly high price of USD 185. Due to its superior build quality and patented technology equipped with the latest CPU chips, it allows for no jitter between the actual location of the drone and the displayed location in its companion app.

However, the product’s main USP lies in the USA and CA (central America) coverage and the 1-year free plan, which would be activated on the trackimo app available to download on the play store and app store.

All being said, it must be known that this device is not safe for children below the age of 5 as it is tiny and can be easily swallowed by error.


  • Excellent coverage and connectivity.
  • Very lightweight, only weighing 1.4 ounces.
  • It has a magnetic clip allowing seamless attachment.
  • Can send real-time alerts with pinpoint precision.
  • The 1-year free plan is included.


  • Irregular/ uncertain battery life.

MY RATING: 4.5/5

IFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer

With a 110 dB+ sound and super bright 1000 nits plus led warnings, the VIFLY Beacon cuts no corners when it comes to audio-visual presence. If you need to be notified of the location of your quad instantly and if it is nearby, the alarm would go off in spectacular fashion, with the led light blinking.

Based on the motion sensor, this tracker can easily detect any abnormal movement of your quad, going off automatically before the crash. We were astounded by the volume of sound produced by this unit during our tests.

We also conducted theft tests to evaluate its unique feature: anti-theft protection. If the thief wants to pick up the drone, he would be warned by the incessant and loud beeping. The light sensor automatically detects darkness and switches on the light.

Best sound-based tracker, second-best overall: VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer

The only downsides to this device are its range and build quality. Granted, you might only use a buzzer tracker over short distances, but its slightly bulky size makes its use in mini and micro drones, both of which are majorly used over short distances, a little problematic, but we’re nitpicking here.

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Therefore, this product is made for those who operate their drones over short distances and want to keep the tracking entirely phone-free. It is not made for children below 15 years. 

Priced at only USD 17.99, what gives this product an edge over its competitors is the AI-controlled motion sensor, detecting obstacles and calculating mishaps in advance. If you are an FPV racer, you know that every second counts. To that end, this head start in finding out your drone after an accident to get back into the race is invaluable.


  • Extremely loud and audible buzzer.
  • Very bright LED with several practical uses.
  • Motion sensor charts out the path in advance.
  • It can be easily fitted onto an FPV quadcopter.
  • Extremely easy to set up.


  • Slightly on the bulkier side with a 1.7-ounce weight.
  • Iffy build quality and seems fragile.
  • Average battery life for the price paid.


Cube Key Finder Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Although not primarily optimized for use in drones or fpv quads, the cube key finder can also be an apt companion for those who own mini or micro-drones to be operated over short distances. The Bluetooth range, albeit severely limited, is commendable for most indoor drone activity.

The cube also doubles as a selfie-shutter and a phone finder. It is the easiest to set up as it operates on the keychain mechanism, allowing you to pop it on anything you want to be found.

The best option for Bluetooth, third-best overall: Cube key finder smart Bluetooth tracker

Extremely lightweight with a weight of 0.38 ounces, it is perfect for small drones. It is also water-resistant and has a rating of IP67. We tested its waterproofing by repeatedly dunking it into puddles of water, but it always emerged unharmed.

Priced at USD 24.95, it is perfect for those who are not looking for outdoor drones. The USP of this smart device lies in its Crowd find feature, which allows you to locate the device even in a crowded area. The only downside is its outdated software and hardware, which often makes things unnecessarily tedious.


  • Extremely lightweight and accessible.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easily noticeable in a crowd thanks to ‘Crowd find.’


  • Backdated software and hardware.
  • Not correctly optimized for fpv drones.
  • Low value for money.


Buyer’s Guide: A Quick Overview

Now that you know all about the major players, before rushing to buy, you need to consider the following while looking for a good drone tracker:

  • Budget

You need to figure out and prioritize what you pay for and spend accordingly. It is better to buy something exceptional in your desired department rather than average in all. You also need to keep an eye out for any discounts or offers on Amazon.com or Aliexpress.com.

  • Range

The most crucial factor to look for in a tracker is the range. You need to ascertain the correct range of the tracker and see whether it meets your needs or not. Do efficient research and do not be swayed by merely what’s advertised.

  • Durability
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You need to opt for the more durable option with a greater life. In the process of searching for a more durable alternative, you might need to sacrifice some attributes, but what is the point if the unit is fragile and breaks down in a crash?

How To Set Up?

Setting up a drone tracker is very easy. All you need to do is :

  • Mount up your drone tracker and connect to the fpv drone via the USB slot given on the drone tracker
  • In the case of a GPS tracker, download the designated app and link via Bluetooth.
  • Adjust your tracker in a manner that it does not fall from the drone. The roof of the drone is often the safest spot.

These trackers are not suitable for children below the age of 15. It is also advised to extensively read the instructions before setting up if you are faced with any confusion.

Best Drones Trackers: FAQ’s

Do I need a mobile phone for tracking the GPS drone tracker?

Yes, you need a cell phone plan and a GSM card to track your drone via GPS

What is the best type of tracker?

The GPS drone trackers are most accurate and operate over longer distances. The downside is that they are considerably bulkier.

Do drones have an in-built tracker?

No, most commercial drones do not come with an in-built drone tracker.

Final Verdict:

Despite our research, the perfect drone tracker tailored to your needs is ultimately your personal choice. This article has merely attempted to present an objective opinion so that your drone never is lost to a stray crash.

To summarise :

  • The GPS trackimo comes out on top due to its free 1-year plan and excellent connectivity.
  • The VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer comes at a close second owing to its exceptional signal system and volume.
  • The cube key finder could salvage the final spot as it is a highly convenient way of tracking despite its software and hardware drawbacks.

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Best sound-based tracker, second-best overall: VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer

Looking for the best drone trackers? We curated the best drones trackers for you to check out!

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