Here’s My Honest DJI Master Wheels Review After Using It For 2 Weeks – Pricing included

Here’s the detailed DJI Master Wheels Review

DJI launched their new product called DJI Master Wheels on April 10th, 2018 for the professional cinematographers that gives artist the finest accuracy and precision in every gimbal movement.

DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control

In this review you will see how this device can be a miracle to cinematographers in their professional life giving them a grip on their each shot.

This wheel controller uses high precision sensors and advanced control algorithm which delivers the smoothest camera movement to the professionals in industry making the texture of every single shot clear and even.

Intro video of master wheels:

DJI Master Wheels Price

DJI Price

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DJI Master Wheels Review – Cinematic Control

DJI Master Wheels Key Features:

  • Wireless long-range gimbal controller for professional productions
  • Three wheel control modules, one for each gimbal axis
  • Compatible with the Ronin 2, Ronin-S, and select third-party gimbals (SBUS connection)
  • 1.8 mile wireless transmission distance
  • 98′ wired transmission distance over optional cable
  • 10 ms latency
  • High-precision sensors and advanced control algorithms achieve accurate and smooth camera movement
  • Savable, repeatable moves
  • Three-stop toggle switches control gimbal direction; dials control speed, smoothness, and damping
  • 2.4 and 5.8 GHz dual frequency
  • Self-heating batteries feature up to 18-hour battery life and allow operation in as low as -4°F
  • Adjustable center wheel control module (positions closer to left or right module)
  • Wheel modules can be used attached or detached and connected via cables
  • Detachable control wheels
  • Standard Mitchell mount
  • 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads
  • Built-in display screen

A quick overview about design and specs is given below

DJI Master Wheels Design and Specs:

The material used for the wheels is stainless steel which makes the durability of product much better, providing a professional feel and reliable operation. You can adjust the center wheel module according to your need in a left or right position closer to one of the other module, you can attach or detach master wheels base with the wheel module.

A three-stop toggle switch is provided at each wheel module which is responsible for the gimbal direction and dials that control speed, smooth texture and damping. The base of the DJI Master wheels contain various buttons, menus and display monitor to display equipment status and setting adjustments.

With the help of cable connection users are free to control wheel wherever and however they want, a 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz wireless transmission system provides a range of up to 3 kilometers with the help of DJI wireless receiver also the radio transmission module is fully detachable.

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Voltage22.8 V
Battery4280 mAh/97.58Wh
Operating Temperature-20° to 50℃(-4° to 122℉)
Charging Temperature5° to 45℃(41° to 113℉)
Battery Life18 hours
Charging Time1.5 hours
DC IN12 V – 27 V
DC OUT14.4 V / 8A Max

DJI Master Wheels Precise Control Review

Subtle movements are detected by ultra-high resolution optical encoders and can easily transfer them to the connected gimbal system.

This allows amazingly accurate iterations. Its perfect balance of weight and design is due to the stainless steel structure, allowing classic control with cutting-edge equipment.

The professional cinematographers is provided steady and absolute operations due to the fact that every component of DJI Master Wheels is precision CNC machined.

DJI Master Wheels and Compatibility

The DJI Master wheels is compatible with Ronin 2 and Ronin S and also third party gimbals through an S-BUS connection, the DJI Company is working to provide support and compatibility of master wheels with more device and will be released soon.

The main control console contains multiple 1/4 – 20 and 3/8 – 16 taps for mounting monitors, transmission system, and much more. The CAN-BUS port allows cinematographers to charge monitors or wireless transmitters.

Master Wheels also come with a Mitchell mount for the connection of tripods, cars giving the best experience of shooting any scene.

DJI Master Wheels Setting Up DJI Master Wheels

To set up just simply mount DJI Master Wheels on a tripod with the help of the Mitchel Mount Adapter which is included with the package, make sure that the antennas are attached to the radio module at the back of the unit.

The module is detachable and can easily be connected to Master Wheels by cables for increased range, then you have to put on the three wheels for the control modules, the angle of the control module 2 is adjustable by loosening the top knob for fitting according to your need, each control module is detachable and can be connected to the main panel by cable for operation and tight spaces then you can insert the battery which is called the TB50 battery.

The detachment of the three Master Wheels control module is a plus point because if you want to travel with the DJI Master Wheels and there is shortage of space in your vehicle then you can simply detach the three control module to accommodate space according to your need. Users just need cables to connect a removed module to the base.

DJI Master Wheels Battery

Master Wheel is compatible with TB50 batteries, which are also compatible with DJI Ronin 2 and Inspire 2.

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These batteries give users a functioning time of total 18 hours and are designed with the self-heating function which ensures that equipment works without any breakdown even at a temperature of -20. The 18 hour of functioning time is only possible when the battery is fully charged and is connected to Master Wheels only.

DJI Master Wheels: What’s inside the box?

The DJI Master wheels is a complete package which includes:

  • x1 Master Wheels (3-Axis)
  • x1 Monitor Power Cable
  • x1 USB-C Cable
  • x1 Mitchell Mount Adapter
  • x2 Intelligent Battery
  • x1 Battery Charging Hub
  • x2 Allen Wrench
  • x4 Antenna
  • x1 Video Link Power Cable
  • x1 RF Power Cable (5m)
  • x3 Communication Cable (2m)
  • x1 Power Adapter
  • x1 Power Cable
  • x1 User Manual
  • x1 DJI Wireless Receiver
  • x1 DJI Wireless Receiver Antenna
  • x1 DJI Wireless Receiver to D-Bus Cable

DJI Master Wheels: FAQs

How do I adjust damping on DJI Master Wheels?

The speed, smoothness and damping can be adjusted through set of dials presented on each wheel control module, the damping of each wheel module can be adjusted by simply by turning the damping knob.

What should I do if signal is not strong enough when using Master Wheels?

If any interference is making the signal weak then a wired connection should be your priority or maybe if the signal is weak due to any physical obstruction then the ideal situation is to put the radio module on the opposite side of the obstacle.

How do I control gimbal direction on Master Wheels?

To control the gimbal direction, a three stop-toggle switch is provided on each wheel control module, Flip the switch to either end to set forward and backward direction, and to the middle for no movement at all.

What is the maximum wired controllable range of Master Wheels?

The maximum range of wired controllable range of DJI Master Wheels is 30 meters.

What is the battery life of Master Wheels?

The Battery provides 18 hour of functioning time when it is fully charged and is only connected to Master Wheels only.

How do I detach the three control modules from Master Wheels?

To detach the three control module, first you have to detach the control wheel and then with the help of Allen wrench you can lose the four screws of the desired control module to detach it.

How do I view the current speed of each axis?

The main interface display of DJI Master Wheel shows the current speed and movement of each axis.

What should I do when a gimbal fails to respond to Master Wheels’ subtle movements?

In the case of unresponsive behavior of gimbal you can simply decrease the Dead band and smoothness.

What to do if Master Wheels is too big to be mounted inside of a vehicle?

The three Master Wheel control modules are detachable so in a situation of travelling with Master Wheels you can simply detach them to accommodate space according to you, Users just need cables to connect a removed module to the base.

Does the Master Wheels support third-party power supply?

The Master Wheels can support third party power supply through the DC IN port.


If I summarize things up in this review of DJI Master Wheels then we can simply jump to the fact that this device is an amazing product designed by DJI to provide an excellent gimbal system to the professional cinematographer giving them an easy to use environment so they can get the grip on their each shot with smooth texture and butter-smooth camera movement control.

This product is compatible with several devices like DJI Ronin 2 and Ronin S also in the meantime DJI is working on bringing support for more devices and will be released soon.

So if you want command over your cinematography, buying DJI Master Wheels should be your next step.

DJI Master Wheels

Here's an honest review of DJI Master Wheels

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