Parrot Disco Price and Review | Parrot’s Fixed Wing Drone Perfect For Beginners and Professionals

Are you looking for Parrot Disco Review? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this top-of-the-line quadricopter!

The entry of Parrot, the technology giant based in Paris has made a huge difference in the world of drones and quadcopters.

Parrot’s drones have ably satisfied some long pending expectations among drone lovers at affordable prices and are hence enthusiastically received.  

Parrot’s Disco drone is a remarkable product with some robust and wonderful features and tools you are sure to love as a drone pilot.

The fixed-wing drone model sports some unconventional specifications that help distinguish the metallic bird from the rest in the industry.  

The innovative technology, mechanics and controls make this quadcopter a tough toy to get adjusted to even for seasoned users.

Drone technology is growing in big leaps and still, there is so much to explore and breathe inside these UFOs. Here I have reviewed parrot’s Disco Drone to aid you take an informed decision while investing in this drone model. 

Parrot Disco Review

Unwrapping The Package

Parrot DISCO FPV drone comes with Skycontroller, Ritz Gear Reader / Writer, Lexar 32GB, Polaroid Memory Card Wallet, Polaroid Cleaning Kit, and Accessory Bundle.

The fixed-wing feature bestows on the drone a natural state of flight. Parrot has proved in this model that so much is possible when you get creative.

While unbundling the brand-new pack, it is exciting to see the feature-rich drone getting out of the box.

Parrot Disco Review

What Is So Good About Parrot Disco? 

While the majority of drone models look like miniature helicopters, Parrot’s Disco drone wears the looks of an airplane. Unlike the conventional drone models, this fixed-wing drone does not lift off simply.

After powering it on, you can throw it up like how you fly a toy paper airplane. Looking at the Parrot Disco taking a flight is an exhilarating experience. 

Parrot’s Disco presents a stiff competition to DJI models. Disco is a feature-rich drone model that is equally suitable for beginners as well as seasoned users.

It is possible to connect your own RC transmitter to this drone and assume control of the drone in RC. 

Parrot has incorporated two flight modes into Disco. You can switch between these flight modes anytime during the drone’s flight.

parrot disco alternative
  • Assisted Mode

Beginners and hobbyists will find the assisted mode of Disco very useful. Especially, you will find this feature highly convenient when you want to get used to piloting a fixed-wing drone like this. 

A majority of the new generation drones are quadcopters. In the assisted mode, drone enthusiasts can take advantage of the autopilot and computing capabilities of Parrot C.H.U.C.K. (Control Hub & Universal Computer for Kit) which secures each phase of the drone’s flight, from take-off to landing.

Parrot C.H.U.C.K. analyses the data gathered through different sensors like the GNSS module, Pitot Tube, and inertial navigation system.

Based on the analysis, the parameters of the flight are adapted to prevent stalling when the pilot attempts a critical manoeuver.

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The pilot can use the FreeFlight Pro app meant for iOS or Android-based devices, smartphones and tablets in order to gain access to the calibration tool for the radio controller. In this way, all the different buttons and joystick can also be customized.

Pilots of Parrot Disco can also adjust all the different settings of Parrot Disco and define aspects like distance, maximum and minimum altitude, thereby activating a geofence. 

Optimum safety is ensured with the help of ‘Return Home’ feature, which automatically guides Parrot Disco to the return to the take-off position. 

  • Manual Mode

Experts in model aircrafts will find manual mode interesting and useful. Once you select the Manual Mode, the autopilot function of the Parrot C.H.U.C.K. is automatically deactivated.

The pilot can gain full control of the drone’s stability, altitude of flight and speed optimization and control all these aspects with the help of the drone’s radio controller which passes on the commands to the servomotors of Parrot Disco. 

While operating the drone in this mode, the pilot will not get any flight assistance. Therefore, they are fully independent to use all their drone operating skills to perform aerial acrobatics and stunts. Whenever they want, the pilots can at once switch on to the assisted pilot mode. 

Some Interesting Parrot Disco Features Drone Enthusiasts Love

You can record each of Parrot Disco’s flights with the help of the frontal full HD 14MPx camera. All of the images the drone captures are automatically stored on the fixed-wing 32 GB Flash memory, which you can download, watch or share anytime you want. 

Those owning a Parrot Bebop 2 FPV can also connect the Parrot Skycontroller 2 with Parrot Disco to enjoy the sensational experience of operating a fixed-wing drone. The markets that Parrot is targeting seem to receive this very well. In Disco, Parrot offers a clear alternative to DJI Mavic.  

Parrot Disco can very easily go up to 50 meters and attain a top speed of 50mph. On first charge, the drone has a battery capacity of 45 minutes at flight. This model is compatible with all smartphones.

While controlling the drone, you feel like piloting an RC plane. Beginners will only have to go through an easy learning curve, which most drone reviews have duly appreciated about this model.

Seasoned pilots who are highly used to piloting quadcopters will need some time to get adjusted with the new controls. Since Parrot Disco does not have a sense-and-avoid system, you have to pay close attention to the drone’s flight ambiance to avoid any crashing.    

An important thing to know about parrot Disco is its landing mechanism. Since this is a fixed-wing drone, it does not land like a conventional quadcopter.

Like airplanes do, Parrot Disco needs some space to descend and land. When landing is prompted, Disco will start hovering in circles and gradually land on the surface in a gliding fashion.

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parrot disco battery

Technical Specifications

Parrot Disco’s dimensions are 1150 mm x 580 mm x 120 mm. The drone has a wing span of 1150 mm or 45”, and the product weighs around 750gs. 

Disco comes with GPS + GLONASS and the drone’s its internal navigation system sports a magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and accelerometer.

It is worth writing a few words about the drone’s auxiliary parts. The specifications of Parrot Disco’s camera are quite encouraging.

The drone sports a 1080p FULL HD camera, which can stream videos of 360p and 720p. However, this is not the top-end camera available with a drone. Some of the best drone cameras available today have 4k video capabilities.   

Nevertheless, Parrot Disco’s camera can do a great job when combined with Parrot’s Cockpit glasses, which support the drone with VR support. Hence you can gain a bird’s eye view. 

Skycontroller 2, the controller in Parrot Disco is smaller in size than in the previous iteration. However, it has retained the same range of 1.9km (1.2 miles). Quite a few Parrot Disco reviews treat the range as a sore point due to its limitations, since the drone can reach up to 50mph.

The controller sports a highly user-friendly design and concept. Therefore, both beginners and experienced pilots can pick it up quickly and easily. 

Why I like Parrot Disco FPV?

The top-speed remote-controlled Parrot Disco FPV assures a long battery life and flight time. The camera of any best drone you will name must be able to ensure solid image quality in addition to first-person views through Wi-Fi.

Only a good fixed-wing drone like Parrot Disco can hit lightning speeds when flown in an open space.  

Parrot Disco FPV can reach a top speed of 50 mph. The drone assures a comfortably long flight time, extended battery life, and a stunning range of around 1.2 miles away.

The sharp advantages to mention about Disco are its super-fast speed, very unique first-person perspective, and headset. One limitation we can mention about its technology is that autopilot can feel a bit lacking in performance. 

About Parrot Disco’s Performance

Speed and Power

Similar to a DJI Phantom device, Parrot Disco can hit an amazing top speed of 50 mph. The high-capacity battery assures a solid 45 minutes of flight time, certainly an important aspect to look for in fixed-wing drones.


While controlling the drone with the Free Flight Pro app, you can get an impressive range of around 1.2 miles away. However, Parrot ANAFI can give you an operational range of 2.5 miles.

The return of Parrot Disco looks similar to that of Hubsan H301S Spy Hawk. When you want Parrot Disco to touch down, you just have to just tap on the one-touch landing button from the FPV Headset.


Parrot Disco sports a highly durable and fast-moving construction and hence you can glide, fly and spine this drone as you do with the JJRC H37.

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The attributes of this drone model are similar to those in the KKMOON F949. In addition, these drone models are made to climb altitude quickly and dive up and down.

Therefore, you will know that it is made to last for a long. But, if you are expecting cool looks like the Propel Star Wars Drone, you may be a bit disappointed.

Camera Features

Parrot Disco’s HD camera provides a unique first-person point of view. As the drone whooshes through the sky, the headset will let you experience the drone’s flight in real-time. The footages and images recorded by the full HD 1080p camera are quite impressive.


Looking from different angles, Parrot Disco is certainly an incredible drone that provides you a great perspective through its HD camera.

The price is justified as you are getting some special features for what you pay. Nevertheless, reviews tell us that the price is in line with the other drone models in this range. You will find the free shipping and free return policies a definite plus.  

Is The Parrot Disco Drone Worth Its Price?

The Price tag of the Parrot Disco Drone is $1,299.99. If you look forward to an immersive flight experience, you will have to invest an additional $349.99 on the FPV pack. 

It is a fact beyond doubt that Parrot Disco’s entry into the world of quadcopters is quite interesting. The easy-to-pick-up fixed-wing aircraft needs the pilots to acquire some additional controls if they are already accustomed to flying another type of quadcopter. 

Some limitations of this drone model you need to consider here include its average quality camera, absence of sense and avoid system, and a demand for large space.

While these aspects weigh it down a bit, the definite plus regarding this drone model is an immersive flight experience duly supported by its VR capabilities.

So, if you have a large space to fly the drone and if you are passionate about a different kind of flying experience, you will find Parrot Disco a great choice.

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