How To Not Lose Your Drone [Tips and Best Trackers for Drone]

Imagine yourself staring in disbelief at your drone as it flies away unresponsive to your desperate attempts to gain control. You just been dumped by your drone discovering that drones can indeed fly.

Beside the luck aspect of getting a faulty drone or a software glitch, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of recovering your drone, hopefully in one piece.

How To Not Lose Your Drone

Add Stickers and Labels To Your Drone With Your Contact Information

Before you start flying your drone, consider getting a marker and write your name and contact number on it. Some of you, have stickers with these details, use them. You might want to consider offering a reward as well, either monetary or something else, get creative. Usually permanent markers like these Sharpies can do the job.

Add tracking devices to your drone to locate it easily

There are tracking devices and tags which can help in locating your lost drone. One such technology is Tile. The Tile works by a tiny Bluetooth tracker that you attach or stick to your drone. Then you keep track of its location using the Tile App. One caveat though, it works within Bluetooth range which is at best up to 100 ft. It works if you have an idea in what area your drone is but can’t really see it, so you would use this to zero in on the exact location.

Another Bluetooth solution to track your drone is Sticker Tracker. Works in a similar fashion as the Tile. The main advantage of this is the crowd GPS coverage network which can help you find your lost drone.

Keep The Drone In Your Line OF Sight

If you can see your drone at all time when flying then it’s less likely that it’ll get lost. In fact, one of the rules in FAA’s UAV operation rules is to fly your drone within your line of sight always.

I know you might say that ‘but I’m keeping an eye on drone through the live feed..’ – that’s not enough cause you can’t see what’s around your drone. A lot of times, drone flyaways occur because of drone accidents or drone crashes cause you couldn’t see your drone.

Set A Home Point For Your Drone

If this feature is available for your drone, make sure a home point has been set before you take off. With this feature, you can command your drone to return to that home point using your app. This way if you lose sight of your drone you can set it to automatically come back to home point!

Let’s Wrap Things Up

These are just a few ways to avoid losing your drone. If you have some great tips on how to not lose your drone, feel free to let everybody know in the comments.

Prevent Losing Your Drone: FAQs

How often do drones get lost?

It’s not very common for drones to get lost. In fact, 75% of drone pilots have reported that they have never lost their drones. However, it is possible to lose your drone if the drone runs out of battery or you fly it outside of your line of sight. Especially if you haven’t set a return home point.

Do drones get lost?

If it possible to lose drone when flying. If the drone loses its GPS connection then it can be difficult to find the drone. Which is why it’s a good idea to add a GPS tracker to your drone.

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