How To Prevent Drone Crashes | 13 Practical Tips on How To Not Crash Your Drone

Here are useful tip on how to prevent drone crashes. Check it out!

Drone accidents are becoming more common and while that’s it’s bound to happen, here are some guidelines to minimize the risk of your drone hurting other people or property. 

Few tips on how to prevent drone crashes:

  • Thoroughly learn how to fly your drone in open space
  • Test your limits and those of your drone in the open space at a very low altitude
  • Practice a lot before an attempt to fly in urban areas
  • Wind is your enemy, as such, avoid at all costs flying on windy days
  • Always keep your drone in the best shape, schedule regular inspection, and maintenance
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged, including the controller’s batteries.
  • Before each flight, have a checklist performed, such as battery operation, rotors, rudder, ailerons etc.
  • Avoid sudden moves, adjust the controls smoothly and plan ahead.
  • Plan the route ahead and stick to it
  • Make sure your proposed route does not invade other people’s privacy
  • It is recommended to have an aide assisting you in watching the surroundings while you focus on flying
  • Read the user manual carefully and follow it
  • Learn how to fly your drone in the night

Summary on drone crash prevention

Let’s fly responsibly. The more reckless inexperienced drone users become, the more regulation will be imposed, which will translate in fewer freedoms enjoyed by the responsible drone pilots so spread the word and let’s help educate and fly safely. Hope you found this article useful and know better now how to prevent drone crashes in the future.

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