How To Trade Your Drone | Drone Trading Explained!

Here’s how to trade your drone. Check it out!

The best way to upgrade your drone when the new gear comes to the market is drone trading. Know everything in the drone trade business and ways to maximize the probability of a good deal in drone trading.

Drone technology is constantly evolving, and trading your old drone for a better one can offset the cost of the new one. Read more below to find out the best drone trade options and how you can benefit from them.

The compelling combination of HD quality image and video using Gimbal and the latest tech makes a drone worth buying. But the consumer market and the technology are expanding, and every day, you encounter a spectrum of updates in the latest software to make drones a convenient asset.

According to Statista, the global drone market is forecast to reach USD 96 billion by 2030, spreading its wings beyond military origin. So to stay on top of the trend, replacing the drones from time to time can cost a fortune. 

A feasible solution to this dilemma is drone trading. This article takes you through various benefits of drone trading and the proactive checks while signing up for a drone trade-in program. 

How To Trade Your Drone

Why is drone trading the best option?

Drones are an integral part of military and business enterprises alike. But many prospective buyers are hobbyists and photographers who are constantly looking for better upgrades. 

Having multiple drones for personal use is not necessary, and it is an extra financial burden that you can prevent using a simple solution.

There are also times when your drone could crash or get severely damaged by drowning in water. In such cases, selling is not a viable option as you get only low-ballers. 

So an easy way out of this misery is to trade your drone. By doing so, you will get a decent and negotiable price value so that you can make arrangements to buy a new one.

What condition does your drone need to be for being successfully traded?

Trading a drone is similar to exchanging your smartphone. If the drone appears to be in the near-to-same condition as the original, you can expect a better valuation. 

Here are a few criteria to match to get the best deal for your drone-

  • The drone with the liquid damage is less likely to secure a fair price.
  • All the technical aspects of the drone, including GPS, camera, and other software-related features, must be in functional mode.
  • There must be minimal scratches or damages in the exterior part of the drone.
  • Must include all chief accessories of the drone.

Things to keep in mind while trading your drone

Although trading your drone in exchange for store credits is an exciting prospect, there are certain aspects to keep track of before initiating the process. As drones are used for several applications like gathering information, surveying sites, and many more, retrieving all data and clearing the drone memory is vital for your safety. 

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Here are must-do factors before trading your drone-

  • Erase/ format the memory card

First and foremost, your drone has an SD card with hundreds of data and pictures. So clear the card and dump it in your memory device. This extra caution is a mandate since the memory card will be formatted once you trade your drone.

  • Include the accessories of the drone while packaging

While aiming to get a new drone with the latest version, the older accessories can be obsolete. Hence include them in the packaging since it can enhance the value of the drone.

  • Pack the drone thoroughly

Reckless packaging of your drone to find damage after the dispatch is a price you pay heavily. Since the best deal on the drone implies minimal scratches and other wear and tear, take extra caution while packing. Make sure to include safety wrappers as a means of protection.

What is the DJI Trade-in program?

World’s top drone manufacturer, DJI, launched a buyback program called the DJI trade-in program in 2018.

A DJI trade-in program lets you trade the old version of your drone and, in exchange, get the credits to make a new purchase of the drone. It is an online process that can be completed within one to three weeks, depending on the condition of the drone and the required checks.

However, the DJI trade-in program will not allow you to redeem cash in exchange for the drone. Let’s look at the benefits and eligible drones under the trade-in program.

What are the drone models that are eligible for the DJI Trade-in Program?

Only models specified on the DJI official website are eligible for the DJI trade-in program, while others can only be recycled. 

Some of the eligible drone models are-

  • DJI Spark
  • Mavic Pro 
  • Mavic Air
  • Mavic 2 series
  • Mavic Mini
  • Phantom 4 and older version of Phantom series
  • Inspire 2

What are the benefits of the DJI Trade-in Program?

The DJI trade-in program has several advantages. A few of them are given below-

  • The drone in any condition is acceptable
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By signing for the DJI trade-in program, you can trade the drone irrespective of its working condition. However, the credit value depends on the current state of the drone. But there is no rule for giving back the drone, which can be recycled to make new.

  • Entirely no shipping charges

Another notable feature of the DJI trade-in program is the zero shipping charge feature. Once the team reverts with a tentative quote for your used drone, you can ship the drone to the trade-in facility and not worry about paying for the dispatch.

  • Hassle-free transactions 

When you think of replacing your old gear with a new one, your initial thought is to sell it. But it can be a tiresome process with some annoying buyers giving you low quotations. But when you opt for a DJI trade-in program, it is a smooth process, and you can get the credits with no middlemen. 

Complete process for the DJI Trade-in Program

One of the perks of using the DJI trade-in program is the simple process. Although the procedure takes two to three weeks to complete, it goes without saying that the process is smooth. Below is the complete process broken down into fragments for easy understanding.

  • Check for eligibility

The first step is an online process. When you log in to the DJI official website and select the trade-in program, the first step is to check the eligibility. 

After entering preliminary details like the drone’s model and wear and tear, you get a tentative quotation, which is confirmed only upon thorough inspection.

  • Send your old drone for inspection

If you accept the quotation, it’s time to ship your old gear. Packing the drone is of utmost importance. So you must neatly pack the drone and include any other accessories you want to return along with the main parts. 

The DJI’s trade-up partner Re-Tech takes hold of the situation and makes arrangements for your shipping. As told earlier, the shipping is free of cost. 

  • Assessment and finalizing the value

DJI will assess the drone and examine the current state to cross-verify the quoted value. If the drone is in accordance with the expected outcome, you will get the same deal. The best part is that you can opt out of the offer and collect back your drone with no questions asked. 

  • Get the DJI credits
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Once you accept the deal, the store credits are transferred into your DJI account, which can be redeemed to purchase the new drone or other drone accessories you had placed on your wishlist.


While flying the drones, they are susceptible to crashing or encountering technical malfunctioning. Under these circumstances, you need not necessarily sell your drone for a meager amount. 

Furthermore, staying up-to-date with the latest drone technology and expecting top-of-the-line pictures and videos is a dream of every drone enthusiast. 

So putting aside the thought of selling the drone, you can consider trading your drone with the DJI trade-in program. In return, you get the store credits that add up in your DJI account to purchase the latest drone.

Not only does it secure you the much-needed store credits, but also it liberates you from dealing with some of the annoying customers. Here, you trade and upgrade!

Trading Your Drone: FAQs

Can I take cash instead of credits using the DJI trade-in program?

No, under the DJI trade-in program, you can win store credits for your next purchase of the drone but not cash. 

Can I trade a newly purchased drone with the seal still on?

Yes, you can trade a newly purchased drone using the DJI trade-in program. However, the valuation can vary from one shipping location to another. 

Can I trade non-DJI drone models under the DJI trade-in program?

Unfortunately, you cannot trade non-DJI drone models under the DJI trade-in program. Only those drones listed on the DJI official website can be traded for the credits. 

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