4DRC 4D-V4 Richie User Manual

Here’s the 4DRC 4D-V4 Richie user manual for you to check out.

Here are the accessories included along with 4DRC 4D-V4 Richie drone

  • Aircraft x1
  • USB charging cable x1
  • Fan blade x4
  • Lithium battery x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Operating Instructions x1

Here’s the full instructions manual for 4DRC 4D-V4 Richie drone.

4DRC 4D-V4 Richie User Manual

Parts of 4DRC 4D-V4 Richie aircraft:

How to Unfold the Aircraft 4DRC 4D-V4 Richie

Follow the steps below to unfold the aircraft:

Installation figure of aircraft protection ring:

Align the protection ring with the arm hole to make the connection, make sure that the installation is in place before flying to avoid falling during the flight.

Wind blade installation diagram

  • Remove the fan blade by unscrewing the screw
  • Open the fan blades and connecting parts by loosening the screw. Remove the fan blades when needed to replace them.

Lithium battery charging instructions:

(i) Diagram 1 shows how to secure the battery lock of the aircraft

(ii) Diagram 2 remove the battery

(iii) Charging: You will notice that a red light on the USB port of the aircraft battery when it is full. But this red light will go out when it is charging.

For more details on how to charge the aircraft check out this manual.

Parts of the remote control:

Remote control battery installation

  1. Remove the battery cover at the back of the remote
  2. Insert 3X ‘AAA’ battery

For more tips on charging the aircraft check out this manual.

Pre-flight preparation instructions (using remote control):

  • Turn on the power of your aircraft
  • Place it on a horizontal plane
  • Wait for the white and red light at the front of the aircraft body to flash
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  • Turn the power switch on on the remote controller
  • Push the throttle lever upward and then down

Check out the full manual for instructions on how to calibrate, start/stop, one key takeoff/landing key

Remote control method

Check out the manual for instructions on how to move the aircraft, how to achieve a 360 degree flight, and the different remote control functions and operation.

APP download and installation instructions:

Download and install the software by scanning the code below:

APP control interface function introduction:

Pre-flight preparation instructions (using APP operation)

  • Turn on the aircraft
  • Place it on a horizontal plane
  • The aircraft will move into code-matching state
  • The front red and white light at the front of the aircraft body will flash
  • Check the instructions manual to connect the WiFi function

Here are instructions on gesture recognition


  1. Why is the the aircraft indicator flashes without any response?

The aircraft indicator flashes without any response is probably because the battery is low. So charge the battery

  • 2. Why blades of the aircraft rotate but cannot fly?

There are three reasons why blades of the aircraft are rotating but isn’t taking off: (i) low battery; (ii) blade deformation; (iii) Installation error of AB propeller. The solutions are following respectively, (i) Charge the battery; (ii) Replace the blade; (iii) The fan blades are printed with Letters A and B_ For fan blade A or B, replace the one that is broken.

3. Why is the aircraft vibrating badly?

The reason why aircraft is vibrating badly is because of blade deformation and replace the blade.

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4. Why is the aircraft unstable even after fine tuning?

There are two reasons for this: (i) Blade deformation; (ii) Defective motor. Here are the solutions: (i) Replace the blade; (ii) Replace the motor

4. Why is aircraft is flying uncontrollably after impact?

The reason why the aircraft is flying uncontrollably after impact is that the three-axis acceleration
sensor loses its balance due to impact. To fix it, leave the aircraft stationary for 5-10 seconds, or correct it by correcting the level.For the steps, please refer to the manual 10.3 horizontal calibration operation.

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