What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI?

Are you puzzled by the ESC error on your DJI drone?

If so, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of DJI ESC errors, starting with an explanation of what they are. We’ll also explore error code 30085 and how to reset your DJI drone if you encounter it.

Discover the common causes of DJI check product disconnect and how long a DJI drone typically lasts.

Lastly, we’ll delve into the question on everyone’s mind: why are DJI drones so expensive?

So let’s dive in and demystify the ESC error on DJI.

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

What is an ESC error?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

An ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) error on a DJI drone indicates a problem with the motor control system. ESC is a crucial component that regulates the speed and direction of the motors in a drone.

When an ESC error occurs, it can disrupt the normal functioning of the drone, impacting its performance and flight stability.

An ESC error on a DJI aircraft is often accompanied by various warning messages or beeping sounds.

These alerts signal that there is an issue with one or more ESCs, such as overheating, damaged wiring, or a faulty ESC unit. It is essential to address these errors promptly to prevent further damage or potential crashes.

If you encounter an ESC error on your DJI drone, here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • Restart the drone and the remote controller to see if it resolves the error.
  • Check the ESC connections for any loose or damaged wires and reconnect them properly.
  • Inspect the ESC unit and motors for physical damage or signs of overheating. Replace any faulty components as necessary.
  • Ensure that the firmware of the drone and related components are up to date by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the ESC error persists after attempting these troubleshooting steps, it is advisable to seek assistance from DJI’s customer support or an authorized service center.

They can further diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to get your DJI drone back in the air.

What is error code 30085 on DJI ESC connection?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

When encountering the error code 30085 on your DJI esc connection, it is important to understand its meaning and possible solutions.

This error typically indicates a communication problem between the ESC and the flight controller.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check the connections: Ensure that all cables and connectors between the ESC and flight controller are securely connected. Sometimes, loose connections can cause this error.
  2. Inspect the cables: Make sure there are no cuts or breaks in the cables. Damaged cables can interfere with proper communication and trigger error codes.
  3. Update firmware: Ensure that both the ESC and flight controller have the latest firmware versions installed. Outdated firmware can lead to compatibility issues and generate error 30085.
  4. Calibrate the ESC: Perform an ESC calibration by following the manufacturer’s instructions. This process helps synchronize the ESC with the flight controller and can resolve communication issues.
  5. Replace the ESC: If none of the above steps resolve the problem, it may be necessary to replace the ESC. Faulty or damaged ESCs can sometimes trigger error codes like 30085.

By following these steps, you can effectively address the error code 30085 on your DJI esc connection and ensure a stable and reliable drone operation.

How do I reset my DJI drone?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

If you encounter an ESC error on your DJI drone, performing a reset can potentially resolve the issue. Follow these steps to reset your DJI drone:

  1. Power off the drone: Ensure that the drone is powered off completely before starting the reset process.
  2. Remove the propellers: Carefully remove the propellers from each motor. This step is crucial to avoid any accidents during the reset.
  3. Press and hold the power button: Locate the power button on your DJI drone and press it down and hold it for about ten seconds.
  4. Release the power button: After holding the power button for ten seconds, release it. The drone’s LED lights may blink during this process.
  5. Power on the drone: Press the power button again to turn on your DJI drone.
  6. Reattach the propellers: Once the drone is powered on, carefully reattach the propellers to their respective motors.
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This reset procedure aims to reboot the drone’s system and eliminate any temporary glitches that may have caused the ESC error. However, if the error persists, it is recommended to contact DJI customer support for further assistance.

What is error code 202 DJI?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

If you encounter the ESC error with code 202 on your DJI drone, it signifies a communication problem between the flight controller and one or more ESCs. ESCs are responsible for regulating motor speed and ensuring a stable flight.

The error code 202 usually indicates a connection issue or a damaged ESC. To resolve this problem, you can follow these steps:

  • Power off your drone and disconnect the battery.
  • Inspect the cables and connections between the flight controller and the ESCs. Ensure there are no loose or damaged wires.
  • Reconnect the cables firmly, making sure they are properly seated.
  • Power on your drone and observe if the error persists. If it does, the ESC may be faulty and require replacement.
  • In some cases, updating the firmware on your drone and the ESCs might resolve the connectivity issue. You can refer to the DJI website or user manual for instructions on how to update the firmware.

If the ESC error with code 202 continues to occur even after taking these steps, it is recommended to contact DJI customer support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting advice based on your drone model and help you resolve the issue.

What is the IMU error on DJI?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

An IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) error on DJI drones refers to a malfunction or calibration issue with the drone’s IMU sensor, which is responsible for measuring the aircraft’s acceleration, orientation, and angular velocity.

This error can occur due to various reasons, including a physical shock to the drone, a firmware glitch, or improper handling during transportation.

When an IMU error occurs, it is essential to address it promptly to ensure the safe and stable operation of your DJI drone. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the IMU error:

  • Restart your drone and remote controller to refresh the system.
  • Ensure that the drone is placed on a level surface to facilitate accurate IMU calibration.
  • Calibrate the IMU through the DJI Go app or the drone’s settings menu.
  • If the error persists, try connecting the drone to a computer and updating the firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 software.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it is advisable to contact DJI Support or a certified repair center for further assistance.

Remember, addressing an IMU error promptly is crucial as it can affect flight stability and overall performance. Regular maintenance and firmware updates can also help prevent such errors from occurring in the future.

How do I refresh my DJI firmware?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

If you encounter the ESC error on your DJI device, it might be necessary to refresh the firmware to resolve the issue. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that your DJI drone or device is powered off and properly connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. Open the official DJI app on your mobile device or computer.
  3. Access the “Settings” section within the app and locate the “Firmware Update” option.
  4. Select “Check for Updates” to allow the DJI app to search for the latest firmware version available for your device.
  5. If a new firmware version is found, carefully read through the release notes to understand any changes or improvements.
  6. To proceed with the update, tap on the “Update” button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. During the firmware update process, ensure that your DJI device remains connected to a stable internet connection and do not power it off.
  8. Once the firmware update is complete, power on your DJI device and perform a test flight or check if the ESC error message has been resolved.
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Refreshing the firmware is a crucial step in troubleshooting and keeping your DJI device up to date. By following these steps carefully, you can ensure a smooth firmware update process and potentially resolve the ESC error message on your DJI drone or device.

How do I remove DJI restrictions?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

If you’re experiencing the ESC error on your DJI drone, it’s important to understand how to remove any restrictions that may be causing the issue. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Update firmware: Make sure your DJI drone has the latest firmware installed. Manufacturers often release updates to fix bugs and improve performance.
  2. Calibrate the ESC: Use the DJI Assistant 2 software to calibrate the ESC. This will ensure accurate control of the motor and eliminate any errors.
  3. Check sensor connections: Inspect the wiring connections between the ESC, flight controller, and other sensors. Loose connections can cause errors and erratic behavior.
  4. Reset to factory settings: If all else fails, try resetting your DJI drone to its factory default settings. This will eliminate any customized configurations that might be causing the ESC error.
  5. Seek professional help: If none of the above steps work, it may be time to consult the DJI support team or a professional technician who can further diagnose and fix the issue.

By following these steps, you should be able to overcome the ESC error on your DJI drone and get back to flying without any restrictions. Remember to always prioritize safety and consult the official DJI documentation for specific instructions related to your drone model.

What causes DJI check product disconnect?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

If you are wondering, what does ESC error mean on DJI?, one common issue that may pop up is the “check product disconnect” error.

This error message is frustrating for drone pilots and can hinder their flying experience. To help you understand the causes behind this error, here are a few possibilities:

  1. Loose Connections: Ensure that all the connections, including the battery, controller, and cables, are properly connected and secure. Loose connections can lead to the error message.
  2. Low Battery: If the drone’s battery is running low, it may trigger the disconnect error. Monitor the battery level before takeoff to avoid this issue.
  3. Interference: External factors such as electromagnetic interference or signals from nearby devices can disrupt the connection between the drone and the controller. Fly in open areas with minimal radio frequency interference.
  4. Firmware Issues: Outdated or corrupted firmware can also cause the disconnect error. Make sure to keep your DJI firmware up to date and regularly check for any available updates.

By keeping these potential causes in mind, you can troubleshoot and resolve the “check product disconnect” error on your DJI drone. Remember, a stable and secure connection is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable flight experience.

How long does a DJI last?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

One common concern among drone enthusiasts is the lifespan of a DJI drone. It is essential to understand the longevity of your investment and how long you can expect the drone to serve you.

Various factors can influence the durability and lifespan of a DJI drone:

  1. Build Quality: DJI drones are built with high-quality materials, ensuring their sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Maintenance: Regular maintenance and proper care can significantly extend a DJI’s lifespan. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and repairs is crucial.
  3. Flight Time: Continuous flying can put strain on the drone’s components. However, adhering to recommended flight limits and avoiding harsh conditions can prolong the drone’s life.
  4. Battery Life: DJI batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. Replacing batteries when they reach their end of life can help maintain optimal performance.
  5. Upgrades and Firmware Updates: DJI frequently releases new firmware updates, enhancing performance and addressing any issues. Keeping your drone up to date with these updates is vital.
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While there is no fixed lifespan for a DJI drone, with proper care and maintenance, they can typically last several years. Regularly inspecting the drone for any signs of damage, addressing any issues promptly, and taking necessary precautions during flights can contribute to a longer lifespan.

Why is DJI so expensive?

What Does ESC Error Mean In DJI

DJI is known for its high-quality drones, but their price tags can often leave people wondering why they are so expensive. Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Research and Development: DJI invests heavily in research and development, continuously improving their products and introducing innovative features.
  2. Advanced Technology: DJI drones are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including high-resolution cameras, obstacle avoidance systems, and intelligent flight modes.
  3. Flight Performance: DJI drones offer exceptional flight performance, with stability, maneuverability, and precise control, ensuring reliable and smooth flying experiences.
  4. Build Quality: DJI drones are manufactured using premium materials and undergo rigorous quality control, resulting in durable and reliable products.
  5. Safety Features: DJI prioritizes safety by incorporating features like Return-to-Home, Geofencing, and obstacle detection, giving users peace of mind while flying.
  6. Camera Capabilities: DJI drones are renowned for their exceptional camera capabilities, capturing stunning aerial footage and high-resolution photos.
  7. Range and Battery Life: DJI drones offer impressive range and extended battery life, allowing users to explore vast areas and enjoy longer flight times.
  8. Intelligent Features: DJI drones come with intelligent features like ActiveTrack, which automatically follows subjects, and TapFly, enabling easy navigation.
  9. Software and Updates: DJI provides regular software updates, adding new features, improving performance, and ensuring compatibility with the latest devices.
  10. Brand Reputation: DJI has established itself as a leader in the drone industry, with a strong brand reputation built on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer support.

Considering all these factors, the price of DJI drones reflects the superior technology, performance, and overall value they offer to drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.


In this article, we’ve covered various aspects related to ESC errors on DJI drones.

We explored the meaning behind error codes, such as 30085 and 202, and provided insights on common issues like IMU errors and product disconnect.

Additionally, we discussed methods to reset your DJI drone, refresh firmware, and remove restrictions.

While DJI products may come with a higher price tag, their longevity is evident with proper care and maintenance.

By understanding and troubleshooting ESC errors, you can ensure the optimal performance and lifespan of your DJI drone.

Remember, the key takeaways are knowledge and timely intervention for a seamless flight experience.

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