V-Coptr Falcon Review 2022

Want to know everything there is to know about the V-Coptr Falcon review? Check out this full review of this amazing machine!

Drone buying is not a straightforward decision you can approach without any homework. Depending on what you need the drone for, the right drone for you will have to be picked up from the galaxy of models in the market from different brands. 

Zero Zero Robotics has accomplished a highly unique UAV in V-Coptr Falcon. A detailed review of this uniquely constructed UAV will tell you why Falcon took the drone market to storm upon its launch.

This is the company that created the self-flying Hover 2 some time back, which witnessed a thumping reception from drone lovers.

V-Coptr Falcon’s design and features have been inspired by V-22 Osprey military aircraft. Falcon is a foldable, compact, and V-shaped drone that is the first of its kind to land in the hands of drone enthusiasts.

Thanks to its lesser number of rotors and innovative aerodynamic design, Falcon consumes lesser power for its operations and hence can last for long up to 50 minutes in the air.

In this post, I have attempted a detailed review of V-Coptr Falcon to help you decide if this drone can be your good pick if you are excited by its unique style, technology and features.

V-Coptr Falcon Review

V-Coptr Falcon Review

Technical Specifications

V Coptr Falcon’s technology and features place the drone in a sharp deviation from the conventional drone models. The V-shaped propulsion system works on just two rotors.

The lesser number of rotors, nonlinear dynamic design, innovative control algorithms, and the proprietary tilt-rotor technology enable the drone with an extra-long flight time of around 50 minutes on a single charge of the battery.   

Similar UAV models from other drone makers like Parrot, Autel, and DJI have a maximum flight time of not more than 30 minutes, whereas the Falcon can stay in the air for 20 minutes longer.

Falcon’s 12MP, 4K/30p camera specifications are comparable to those of DJI’s Mavic Pro Platinum. V-Coptr sports a 12MP, 1/2.3-inch Sony sensor of 77º FOV mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. Falcon can record videos up to 4K/30p, 2.7k/60p, and 1080/120p.

The video is limited to MP4. You can capture photos both in JPEG and RAW formats. The internal storage capacity of Falcon is 8GB, while it is recommended to go up to 256 GB storage by adding an external micro SD card. 

v coptr falcon top speed

Stereo cameras facing the front can work at a speed of up to 7m/s and enable the drone with an obstacle avoidance function. When charged fully, the BlastOff controller works for 2.5 hours, giving a range of 7,000 meters (4.3 miles) to Falcon.

There is also an auto-follow mode. Post-editing templates and pre-programmed flight paths will come to your advantage.

What Is So Good About V-Coptr Falcon?

V-Coptr Falcon sports one of the most beautiful designs in the world of drones. The V-shaped design and the non-linear dynamics bestow an irresistible beauty on this UAV.

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Thanks to its dual-rotor propulsion system, the Falcon is more efficient than other quadcopters of similar specifications and payload. Falcon’s 50 minutes flight time is one of the longest you will find with today’s drones. 

When drones move closer to you, their noise can be intimidating. V-Coptr Falcon rotors rotate slowly and its patented propeller design creates much lesser noise than the conventional drone models. 

Designed by a manufacturer who is relatively newer to making drones, V Coptr Falcon still looks more efficient than many other similar UAVs in the market.

Falcon’s 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal accounts for stable videos with a yaw control range of around 80 degrees. This drone’s 4K video quality looks crystal clear.

The drone’s sophisticated visual tracking system can follow the target with high levels of accuracy. 

V-Coptr Falcon’s advanced engineering design; innovative control algorithms and nonlinear dynamic modeling together bestow the drone with great agility and a stable flight.

V-Coptr Falcon is the first bi-copter drone to be manufactured. The drone’s propellers can be controlled with just two buttons and you can fold the drone very easily. 

Sporting a unique and impressive design, the drone has an old sensor that is small in size. Falcon has 3-LED lights, one on the back and the other two on each of its arms. 

Falcon’s USB port lets you connect it to your computer to transfer files. This can also be used to update the drone’s firmware. To update the drone and its controller, you need to download an app that is in several ways similar to DJI assistant.  

v coptr falcon specs

There is a flap underneath the drone and a memory card slot above that. A button above these two is meant to link the drone to its controller.  

Along with the drone kit, you will also get a little mini case. This is a compactly designed case for your drone to keep your drone well protected.

For changing out the propellers, you get a screwdriver and also get two spare pops, one of them clockwise and the other one counterclockwise.

How Does The First Impression Feel Like? 

The first impression of the drone is highly appealing. The drone handles itself fairly well in the air. The controls and maneuverability feel excellent. Though some users find it drifting in the beginning, its performance is comparable to DJI on the whole.  

In the beginning, it appears as though the drone cannot hold its position. Soon after taking off, the drone moves backward. If this happens, you have to figure out the issue.

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Probably, the controller will have to be calibrated. If you cannot do this within the app, the control sticks need to be calibrated, which solves the issue.  

After calibration, V-Coptr Falcon performs fairly well. Since this drone is highly unconventional in many ways, you might feel a bit challenged to adjust to its performance.

Once the drone is connected to the satellites, it is surprisingly stable though seen drifting a bit initially. The drone maker offers two operating modes in Falcon namely a leisure mode and a sports mode. 

The drone sports a highly agile construction and it is highly impressive to look at it with just two propellers setting it into flight. On a closer look, the two propellers look as though they are spinning much faster than those in other drones. 

Once you get the drone, the first thing to do is to give it a quick flight. Once it reaches a comfortable altitude, turn the camera down to experience a nice feel. The FPV feed you get might not look great, but you will find it better and clearer on the screen.  

The flacon has a flight range of 7 kilometers. Once the drone reaches a comfortable height above the trees and buildings, you will find the video quality improving significantly.  

Some users notice a drawback in this drone. If you move the camera a bit down, it might go white slightly. It is said this is because of the small size of the sensor.

In order to avoid any obstacles on the way, it is necessary that the Falcon’s obstacle avoidance is turned on. While flying the drone in sports mode, obstacle avoidance is usually turned off automatically. 

Falcon flies at higher speeds than those of DJI models. Experts attribute its speed to the V-shaped design. If you take delight in spinning and flipping drones, Falcon does all of it excellently well despite its commendable speed. 

Falcon’s controllers might seem cheaper. However, there are even cheaper controllers in some other cases like what you see in the case of Hubson’s Drone controller.

When compared to DJI’s controllers, Falcon’s controllers might appear cheaper, but when compared to other economically priced drone brands, Falcon’s controllers are superior a way ahead.  

When you fly V-Coptr Falcon for more than half an hour during its first flight, you will discover many facts about its performance, features, and capabilities.

Pro drone pilots who are used to flying drones of other types will initially find that the first sight of the drone is not so pleasing. Gradually, it is most likely that anyone will fall in love with the falcon thanks to its appreciably unique design and excellent hovering abilities.  

The HD quality of Falcon’s video footage is quite encouraging and an overwhelming number of users are quite happy with the video quality.

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In the video footage, the colors are vivid and clean. Usually, when drones fly over a bunch of trees, the videos show up some yellow effect or micro jitters, but all of such drawbacks are not seen in Falcon’s videos.   

Falcon sports an excellent gimbal control that accounts for stable images. You will find the image and video outputs of Falcon are in no way inferior to those of any other popular drone model.

The only thing that worries some drone experts about Falcon is its smaller sensors. Depending on the angle of the camera, at times, the dynamic range might not look great. Therefore, there are chances that your sky is blown out.

Should You Buy V-Copter Falcon?

If you love RC products, you are sure to find flying V-Coptr Falcon a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Considering that Falcon is the first drone model attempted by Zero Zero Robotics, this great-looking UAV is not a small feat that the manufacturer has achieved. Pro users are sure to be enthralled by Falcon’s stable flight and footage quality. 

There is no doubt that a few shortcomings can be listed about this drone model. However, there is always room to improve in future versions.

Some strikingly different aspects you are sure to love in V-Coptr Falcon are its unconventional appearance, longer flight time, and amazing flight experience.

If you have already flown a few other drones, you are sure to find Falcon a great choice once you get adjusted to its different kinds of controls and flying mechanisms.

Some experts advise against choosing this drone for first-time drone buyers. This is because there are many cheaper drone options to try for beginners.

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