3 Best Headless Mode Drones 2022

Looking for the Best Headless Mode Drones? We curated the best headless mode drones for you to check out!

Headless drones are equipped with a unique feature called UAV technology and have transmitters to control in-built devices and functions. However, some manufacturers use different colored LED lights on the front-facing side of their drones.

Unless you have eagle-eyesight, it won’t be easy to fly long distances and spot the different colors. This is where headless mode comes into play to help you fly your drone without worrying about which way it’s facing.

All you have to do is set headless mode on and hit forward on your controller’s directional stick, and the drone will move in that direction.

Keep reading ahead as we provide real experiences through our expert testers and help you make an informed buying decision.

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How we Tested the Drones

  • Testing DJI Mavic Mini

Testing the velocity of DJI Mavic Mini gives the precision and intuitiveness required to navigate correctly. We tried flying it in the stormy weather, and the sharpness of images was still there.

Thanks to its Gimbal, we didn’t find any difference between 2.7K and 4K on a 4K TV. Although it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, the GPS and its ability to hold altitude and Return to Home (RTH) are comparatively more intelligent.

We also didn’t lose sight of the drone throughout the camera due to its 4km range. We could fly without interruptions for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. When it comes to the RTH feature, we found it stays at the current altitude if it’s already above your height. It automatically gains the needed altitude to return home safely if it is below your height.

  • Testing Parrot Anafi

We tested the drone with an updated Skycontroller 3 app and kept it in video mode. The drone moved slowly, and we could capture everything around us. The open park was ideal for conducting flight checks by calibrating the drone, and it took about 30 seconds to stabilize the compass.

We also noticed that it took more time to charge the battery than it shows. The residential areas made the drone lose its connectivity because of Wi-Fi signals. But after going off till around 2 miles, it also came back, even though we didn’t lose sight.

The Free Flight 6 app is better than DJI Go 4 as the latter can crash after controlling 3-4 flights. Flight time is also well under range with 25 minutes, but it didn’t perform well within 500 to 1000 feet in urban areas.

  • Testing Autel Evo

The EVO drone gave us enough safety measures to avoid random crashing. We tried to crash it into a tree, and just when it was close, we let go of the controls. It automatically switched to the hover mode and flew quite well even in 6-10 mph winds.

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Updating the firmware after 3-4 days of flying is very important. We could not get the motors running, as they would start and stop after beeping 6 to 7 times. The takeoff button is a blessing for beginners. We tried holding the button and saw the drone hovering around 5 feet in the air. As we released it, the drone descended slowly and landed.

We also deliberately tried on a low battery with 3 minutes remaining. The drone switched to landing mode from about 100 feet, and we could also control it.

Top Headless Mode Drones

Mavic Mini Drone

DJI reduced the size of the propeller and increased the flight time up to 30 minutes! Plus, its brushless motors and Lithium batteries offer great control even in heavy winds. The controlling range is up to 4 km and gives the top speed 45kph even if you lose the connection and want it to return home.

Best Headless Mode Drones - Mavic Mini Drone

While it has only one camera lens, the images at 12MP at 48FPS are commendable. The whole drone only weighs around 250g, small enough to fit in your backpack. You can switch to Sport mode for more speed, but a maximum of 45mph is enough for most people.

  • The good and bad

The USP – can work without a remote controller. Instead, it has a dedicated app DJI Go 4, that connects it with Wi-Fi, and you can see camera footage. However, the battery life isn’t up to the mark. But you can always get two batteries as it takes just 60 minutes to charge.

  • Effects and Competitive Features

Compared to Parrot Anafi, the second-best headless mode drone, we found Mavic gives almost twice the flight range. Also, it’s not recommended for beginners, but they can fly it since it has a headless mode.


  • Small and foldable
  • Camera operation through the app
  • High flight time


  • No obstacle sensors
  • Less battery life

Our Rating: 5/5

Our favorite feature is its camera, like a small action camera Go Pro. The Sport mode accelerates speed for more adventure, and it is small.

Parrot PF728000 Anafi

Though the drone is for a higher price range, it is worth the money due to 4K video and up to 25 minutes flight time in a single charge. Parrot outdid itself this time with its camera’s CMOS sensor video recording at 24FPS. It also has its app to live stream 720p videos.

Parrot PF728000 Anafi
  • The good and bad

The USP is the latest version’s foldable rotors increasing its convenience. The orbit mode and follow-me mode make taking selfies more effortless than ever. Also, It weighs 320 grams which can’t be a negative point as it gives stability against winds.

  • Effects and competitive features

The camera even offers zooming capabilities, perfect for creating vertigo effects. The Gimbal has an upward tilt of 180 degrees and offers stable images even in the sports mode. Anafi can very easily take the first spot in the list, but its controlling design needs a learning curve, and that’s why the second spot.


  • Incredible 4km range
  • Massive 55kph speed
  • Built-in app for controlling
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  • The app requires a 15-day trial before purchasing features
  • Only one joystick on one side and four buttons on other

Our rating: 4.5/5

Our favorite features are its quietness, autonomy, and easy recharging. It lacks in SD card capacity and separate purchase of follow-me mode feature.

Autel Robotics EVO

The construction and built quality are noticeable. It has a remote control with a crisp OLED display that looks great and perfectly shows the camera angle. The Gimbal is just so suitable on the EVO. Its construction and built quality are better, too. It is solid and feels very sturdy.

utel Robotics EVO

Added to that is the 40mph speed that can exceed 44mph. Similarly, the battery power shows 30 minutes, but it comes down to around 27 minutes.

  • The good and bad

The camera takes the cake by being the sole USP with 4K quality at 60FPS. Another reason is the third-party addons you get, like ND filters and carrying cases. However, the DJI app is more mature as compared to EVO. Even when flying in the strong wind, you can get stable video quality of 8X zooming.

  • Effects and competitive features

Autel Evo is a treat for beginners with a bird’s eye view of everything that comes across it. With the app, you can access advanced settings, like Dynamic track, viewpoint, and waypoint planning. It also clarifies displaying information with a live 720 HD video feed. Plus, it has a recording speed of 100mbps with H.264 and H.265 codecs. With a range up to 4.3 miles, it’s pretty competitive with DJI’s drones.


  • 5.8GHz wireless control with a reliable connection
  • Able to take pressure with a great flight range
  • 30 minutes flight time is ideal for long travels


  • Issues in the RTH feature
  • Sometimes LED blinks but doesn’t turn on

Our rating: 4/5

Our favorite features are its construction, battery life of 4300mAh, and camera zoom of up to 8 times.

Buyer’s Guide to Headless Mode Drones

With the introduction of headless mode, choosing a suitable drone is easier than ever. It can seem overwhelming to buy the perfect drone with several factors to consider. So, keep the following things in mind:

  • Features to look

You should be able to fly at least 100 meters away with no problems. The batteries are designed to be interchangeable, which is extremely useful. So, look for batteries with anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes on a single round of charging.

Some low-range models don’t have labeled buttons on the controller, so ensure you check them manually. Besides this, a speed of 60mph is impressive for trying aerobatics in the air. Smaller drone models have propeller guards and light frames. They offer more safety and ease of control when flying indoors but might only last for 5 minutes before the next recharge.

  • The proper way to use

Usually, if you move the joystick to the Right, the drone turns to the Left. With headless mode, it’s all relative to your point of view. So, no matter where the drone is in the air, it would move to the Right if you change the direction.

  • Benefits to avail
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Headless mode drones offer clarity in orientation navigation, and you can try out new maneuvers. As a beginner, it’s very intuitive. Further, this mode helps reduce the wind effect and provides better grip. It offers more control and safety over changing weather and while landing. So, it also helps decrease crashes.

  • Other things to consider

While the mode is highly effective, it might not be a good idea to fly it around Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) like power lines and telecom towers. Also, if you are a fan of First-Person View (FPV), you might not want to invest in a headless mode drone.

Final Verdict

Which is the best headless mode drone?

After careful testing and reviewing, we declare Parrot PF728000 Anafi winner. You can check out its ratings yourself.

We found that the drone’s latest version tops the convenience with its foldable rotors. Even if it weighs 320 grams, it’s a great travel partner and shoots excellent footage even among the strongest winds. Plus, the sports mode and battery make up where it lacks.

We know it’s tedious to decide the best headless mode drone, especially if you are new to the field. Hence, we hope that our tested reviews made the job easier.

Best Headless Mode Drones: FAQ’s

What is the headless mode in a drone?

It is an advanced option to move the drone forward in a direction relative to yours, irrespective of the drone’s compass.

Can a beginner fly in headless mode?

Yes, it’s especially recommended for beginners before moving to First-person View to learn how to control and orient the drone.

Why should I look for a headless mode drone?

Headless mode allows beginner flyers to experience precise flight operations through the FPV camera and live videos.

Is headless mode easy?

Headless mode eases the control as you don’t have to remember the side in which you want to fly your drone.

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Looking for the Best Headless Mode Drones? We curated the best headless mode drones for you to check out!

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