Blue Heron FPV Drone User Manual

Here’s the Blue Heron FPV Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Blue Heron FPV Drone.

General Safety Precautions:

LI-PO Battery Care:

Your batteries will sometimes be warm/hot to the touch after use. This is normal, but beware that battery components will fail if not allowed to cool down between uses.

Do not allow batteries to be exposed to direct sunlight. Store batteries at room temperature

Drone Battery Charging:

Contents and Drone Overview:

Blue Heron FPV Drone User Manual

Transmitter Overview:

Blue Heron FPV Drone

Transmitter Battery Installation:

Phone Clip:

Drone Assembly:

  • Propellers Removal/Installation

Removal – Use the screwdriver to remove set screw, then lift propeller up

Installation – Replace with a new propeller with the same rotation direction.

  • Motor Replacement
  • Battery Installation
  • Landing Gear Installation

Install the left and right landing gear to the bottom housing position, then use the screwdriver to tighten the screws in the clockwise direction.

Blue Heron FPV
  • Camera Installation
  • Camera Wire Connection Diagram

Preflight Operations:

  • Frequency Paring
  • Checklist Before Flight
  • Calibration Instruction

The Drone becomes imbalanced after crashing and the trim buttons are not balancing the drone adequately.

Basic Flight Controls:

  • Hover Up and Down

To fly the drone up, push the THROTTLE/RUDDER STICK up, and to fly it down, draw the THROTTLE/RUDDER STICK down.

  • Fly Forward and Backward

To fly the drone ahead, push the DIRECTION CONTROL STICK up, and to fly it backward, drag the DIRECTION CONTROL STICK down.

  • Fly Left and Right

To fly the drone to the left, move the DIRECTION CONTROL STICK to the left, and to the right, move the DIRECTION CONTROL STICK.

  • Rotate Left and Right
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Turn the drone to the left by moving the THROTTLE/RUDDER STICK to the left, and to the right by moving the THROTTLE/RUDDER STICK to the right.

Trim Adjustments:

  • Forward/Backward Trim
  • Left/Right Trim
  • Left or Right Rotation Trim


  • Take-Off/One Button Take Off/Landing Modes
  • Landing Methods
  • Altitude Hold Mode

When the drone is in altitude hold mode, it keeps its altitude constant while still providing regular roll, pitch, and yaw controls.

It makes the drone more stable for aerial photography and simpler for beginners to manage.

  • High/Speed/Medium Speed Mode Switch
  • Heading Hold Mode

The front and back of drones are typically marked by LED lights or colourful propellers.

Users are advised to position the drone’s head away from them before takeoff. Determining which side is the front or back gets challenging when flown in daylight or from a great distance.

Push the Right Stick forward, backward, left, or right to control the drone’s flight while it is in Headless Mode.

  • Low Battery Alarm

When the drone battery is low, the transmitter will constantly beep to remind the user to land the drone as soon as possible. The flip function will turn off automatically when the drone battery is low.

  • Out of Range Alarm

The transmitter will continuously double beep to alert the operator to fly the drone back as soon as it flies beyond the maximum remote control distance. Otherwise, the drone can veer off course and lose control.

  • Motors Stuck Protection

Getting to Know Your App:


Spare Parts:

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