Anafi Ai Drone User Manual

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Here’s the full instructions manual for Anafi Ai Drone.

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About Anafi Ai Documentation:

Anafi Ai Drone User Manual


Table of contents:


  • About Anafi Ai
  • About power lines and pylons
  • About Wi-Fi
  • About GPS
  • About 4K Video formats
  • About the Smart batteries
  • About HDMI
  • About devices
  • About Parrot Cloud accounts

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Presentation of Anafi Ai:

  • Ready to store or carry
  • Ready to fly
parrot anafi ai support
anafi ai drone user manual pdf

Presentation of Parrot Skycontroller 4:

  • Face
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Right Side
  • LED Status Indicator color codes
  • Pairing Anafi Ai to a Parrot Skycontroller 4
  • HDMI video sharing
parrot drone
parrot anafi ai support

4G Connectivity:

4G connectivity opens professional users a wide new world of BVLOS flights. Provided 4G coverage is available, ANAFI Ai has no range limit, other than that of its battery.
In interference-ridden environments such as urban areas, 4G connectivity also offers an
incomparable robustness of the communications between drone and controller.

  • About 4G Connectivity
  • Inserting the SIM Card

To install the SIM card, lift the cover open and insert the SIM card straight into the
slot, shortest side first and connectors turned to the back of the drone

  • Activating the SIM Card
  • 4G Flying

Obstacle Avoidance:

The drone’s obstacle avoidance (OA) system relies on stereo cameras, located on
each side of the main camera.

Make sure the lenses of the stereo camera are always perfectly clean: you can use a drop of specialized photo lens cleaning liquid to ensure the cleanliness of the optics.

  • Obstacle avoidance and manual piloting
  • Obstacle avoidance and automated flights
  • Obstacle avoidance: Screenshots


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This section outlines the calibration methods needed by the ecosystem, including one for the magnetometer on the Skycontroller 4 and four for ANAFI Ai’s systems.

  • Skycontroller 4
  • Gimbal
  • Correct Horizon
  • Magnetometer
  • Obstacle Detection

Pre-flight Checklist:

  • Equipment
  • Regulations
  • Flight conditions

Getting Started:

Taking Off:

  • Ground take-off
  • Hand Launch


anafi ai drone user manual pdf download

Returning Home:

By default, ANAFI Ai flies back over its takeoff position after rising to a height of 30 meters above it, or to the altitude you have specified in FreeFlight 7 between 20 and 100 meters.

  • Precise Home Setting

Smart RTH:

  • Pilot RTH


Hand Landing:

Smart Lipo Battery:

  • Battery Removal
  • Battery Installation
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Care and Safety

Media Retrival:

  • Installing and Retrieving the Micro SD Card
  • Retrieving photos and videos
  • Compatible Micro SD Cards
  • Direct media retrieval
  • FreeFlight 7 Gallery
  • Micro SD card formatting

Introducing FreeFlight 7:

  • Presentation of the HUD
  • HUD Slider Management


  • Quick
  • Controls

Advanced Settings:

  • Behaviour
  • Interface
  • Geocage
  • RTH
  • Recording
  • Connection

Video, Photos and Panoramas:

  • Making videos
  • Taking photos
  • Creating Panoramas

Gimbal Tilt and Zoom Controls:

The left trigger of the Parrot Skycontroller 4 is used to turn on the ANAFI Ai’s gimbal tilt control. It is accessible in all manual flying modes, all video modes, and all photo modes.

  • Gimbal tilt control
  • Zoom control

Advanced Imaging:

  • Exposure value (EV)
  • Shutter Speed (s)
  • ISO value (ISO)
  • White balance (WB)
  • Lock AE
  • Lock AE Touch
  • HDR
  • P-Log

Piloting Modes:

  • Manual flight
  • Cameraman
  • Touch and Fly: Waypoint
  • Touch and Fly: POI


  • Flight Plan
  • Vehicle

Photogrammetry Missions:

  • About Photogrammetry
  • Simple
  • Double
  • Circular
  • Automatic

Anafi Ai Drone User Manual: FAQs

Where are ANAFI Ai drones made?

The new Parrot Anafi USA is a small, technologically sophisticated unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with a three-camera payload system (high-zoom RGB, wide-angle RGB, and thermal) intended for applications in public safety and industrial inspection produced in Massachusetts, United States.

How far does the parrot Anafi Ai go?

Dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) antennae on the ANAFI are used to connect the drone to the Skycontroller 3 remote control.

The transmission system boasts an operating range of up to 2.48 miles and makes use of Wi-Fi standards created by Parrot.

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