Eachine TYRO 79 Quick Start Guide User Manual

Here’s the Tyro 79 quick start guide user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for TYRO 79 quick start guide

Eachine TYRO 79 Quick Start Guide User Manual

  • Frame kit:
  • Motor:
  • – KV: 2800KV
  • – 2-4S Lipo cell
    – Size: 17.8 g (includes wires)
    – Size of the output shaft: 14mm
    – Maximum pull: 630g signal (4S 3030 4-blade propeller)
    – 350W maximum power
    – Confidential: 9N/12P.
    – Distance between mounting holes: 12 mm
    – M2 mounting holes
    – NSK N52 Strong NdFeB Bearing Magnet
    – 3 inch propeller is advised.
Eachine TYRO 79 Quick Start Guide User Manual
  • Esc:
    • 20A continuous current
    • 25A in peak current (10S)
    • No BEC output; 2-4 S input voltage
    • 48 MHz main control chip EFM8BB2
    • Supports Dshot600/BLHeli S/Oneshot125 firmware upgrading.
    • 3*3 MOS; vs3610ae 30v64a MOS type
Eachine TYRO 79
  • Flight controller:
  • Switchable VTX:

There are two ways to regulate the launches’ frequency and power. POR FREQ: can enter into any frequency between 5300 and 5900 while in POR mode.

  • Camera:
  • Screws:
Eachine TYRO
  • Adjusting parameter:
  • Motor Unlock/Lock:

Unlock: Set the rudder rocker to the right and hold it there for at least two seconds while lowering the throttle rocker. The motor is unlocked when the blue state indication is on.

Eachine TYRO 79 Quick Start Guide

Lock: Put the rudder rocker to the farthest left, and the throttle rocker to the lowest position, and make sure the red motor lock indicator is always on. Pushing the throttle rocker motor upward at this moment will not cause it to revolve.

Eachine TYRO 79
  • Traversing flight:
  1. Skilled pilots are better suitable for flying.
  2. Please stay within the video receiving range while in flight (the precise range depends on the flight environment and weather conditions).
  3. When flying, kindly stay clear of people, animals, high-voltage wires, and other obstructions.

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