JJRC Elfie Drone User Manual

Here’s the JJRC Elfie Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for JJRC Elfie Drone.

Pre-Flight Preparation:

  • Propellers Installations

Fan blade installation must take done at the designated location. The number of air frames should match the number of fan blades.

  • Arms Folding Order

Fold the front arms closest to the camera first, then the back arms.

  • Lithium Battery Instruction

Remove the lithium battery from the battery holder, unplug it from the outlet, attach the charger’s USB connector to the computer’s USB port, and then connect the charger’s charging socket to the lithium battery plug. The LED will turn on while charging and turn off when fully charged.

  • Attentions to Lithium Battery Usage

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Instruction Of App:

JJRC Elfie Drone User Manual
  • Wifi Connection
  • App Interface Description
  • Unlock Quadcopter
  • Operation Method

Flying Exercise:

  • Preflight Environment
  • Fundamental Flying

You can try to fly a square cross-shaped pattern after the fundamental flight training of fixed-point takeoff, landing, rotation and other basic exercise.

JJRC Elfie Drone
  • Altitude Hold

When you release the left joystick after the up/down operation, the quadcopter will still hover over the height when the joystick is released.

  • 3D Flips and Rolls

When you skillfully operate the basic moves, you can try some adventurous rotations.

Fly the quadcopter more than 3 meters high from the ground, push the rotation button and push the right joystick(rubber) to one direction, the quadcopter will rotate to the direction you push.

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JJRC Elfie

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