Simrex x20 Drone User Manual

Here’s the Simrex x20 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Simrex x20 Drone.

Drone Details:

Transmitter Details:

Propeller Installation:

Charging Batteries:

Remote Control and Aircraft Binding:

First Flight Command:

Aircraft Tail Light Status Indication:

Calibration Magnetic Sensor:

Low Electricity Return and Electronic Fence:

Gyroscope Calibration:

  • Start your First Flight

Manual Control Mode:

  • One Button Unlock/One Key Landing
  • One-key Return
  • Fine Tuning Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Remote Control Left and Right-Hand Conversion
  • Camera/Video
  • PTZ Pitch Adjustment
  • Warning for Android
  • APP operations Instructions
  • Control Interface Diagram


Connect to Wi-Fi:

Common Problems and Solutions:

Flight Data Center:

Recovery of the Aircraft:

Flight Safety Precautions:

Machine Packing List:


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