Simrex x20 Drone User Manual

Here’s the Simrex x20 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Simrex x20 Drone.

Drone Details:

Simrex x20 Drone User Manual

Transmitter Details:

Simrex x20 Drone

Propeller Installation:

Propellers are located on the drone’s propeller arms and help to generate thrust. This is how the drone is able to move forward or backward, depending on which direction you turn the propellers.

Drones use propellers to fly. When the user pushes down on the control, a motor spins and sends power to the propeller which then starts moving in the opposite direction, generating lift.

Charging Batteries:

Simrex x20

Remote Control and Aircraft Binding:

First Flight Command:

Simrex Drone

Aircraft Tail Light Status Indication:

Calibration Magnetic Sensor:

The calibration magnetic sensor in the drone is used for navigation and precision. It helps to maintain accurate positioning during autonomous flight, ensuring that your photos and videos are always of high quality.

Low Electricity Return and Electronic Fence:

Gyroscope Calibration:

Gyroscope calibration is the process of ensuring that your drone’s rotors are rotating in a consistent direction. This helps to ensure smooth flight and accurate footage, no matter what terrain you’re flying over.

  • Start your First Flight

Manual Control Mode:

  • One Button Unlock/One Key Landing
  • One-key Return
  • Fine Tuning Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Remote Control Left and Right-Hand Conversion
  • Camera/Video
  • PTZ Pitch Adjustment

PTZ pitch adjustment is a technology that allows you to adjust the camera angle of your drone in order to get a better view of your surroundings.

  • Warning for Android
  • APP operations Instructions
  • Control Interface Diagram
Simrex x20

Connect to Wi-Fi:

Common Problems and Solutions:

Flight Data Center:

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Open the start interface of the APP and click the icon in the upper right corner to enter the flight data center. In the data center, you can view the flight data.

When the aircraft is out of control lost or bombed, you send the data file of the data to us. According to the data then we can understand the cause of the aircraft failure.

Recovery of the Aircraft:

Recovery of an aircraft helps in the drone because it allows for better coordination and communication between pilots and drones.

This is especially important when dealing with delicate or dangerous missions, as errors during navigation can have serious consequences. Additionally, by recovering the aircraft quickly, you minimize damage to infrastructure and valuable equipment.

Flight Safety Precautions:

Machine Packing List:


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