DJI Agras T16 Drone User Manual 2022

Here’s the DJI Agras T16 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for DJI Agras T16 Drone.


Using this Manual:

  • Legend
  • Before Flight
  • Downloading DJI Assistant 2 for MG

Safety at a Glance:

Product Profile:

  • Introduction
  • Featured Highlights
  • Preparing the Aircraft
  • Preparing the Remote Controller
  • Aircraft Overview
  • Remote Controller Overview


  • Aircraft Profile
  • Flight Modes
  • Operation Modes
  • Operation Resumption
  • System Data Protection
  • DBF Imaging Radar
  • Empty Tank
  • Return to Home(RTH)
  • Low Battery and Low Voltage Warnings
  • RTK Functions

Remote Controller:

  • Profile
  • Using the Remote Controller
  • Remote Controller LED’s
  • Linking the Remote Controller
  • Multi-Aircraft Control Function

DJI MG2 App:

  • Home Screen
  • Operation View


  • Operation Environment
  • Flight Limits and GEO Zones
  • Pre-flight Checklist
  • Calibrating the Spraying System
  • Calibrating the Compass
  • Starting and Stopping the Motors
  • Flight Test

DJI Assistant 2 for MG:

  • Installation and Launching
  • Using DJI Assistant 2 for MG


  • Specifications
  • Aircraft Status Indicators Description
  • Updating the Firmware

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