DJI Mini 2 Drone User Manual

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Product Profile:

  • Introduction

DJI Mini 2 boasts a foldable design and an ultralight weight of less than 249g. DJI Mini 2 comes equipped with the DJI RC-N1 remote controller, which boasts DJI’s long-range transmission OCUSYNC 2.0 technology.

DJI Mini 2 has a maximum flight speed of 36mph and a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, while the maximum runtime of the remote controller is six hours.

  • Preparing the Aircraft
  • Preparing the Remote Controller
  • Aircraft Diagram
DJI Mini 2 Drone User Manual
  • Remote Controller Diagram
  • Activating DJI Mini

DJI Mini 2 requires activation before using for this first time. After powering on the aircraft and remote controller, follow the on-screen instructions to activate DJI Mini 2 using DJI Fly. An internet connection is required for activation.


DJI Mini 2 contains a flight controller, video downlink system, vision system, propulsion system, and an intelligent Flight Battery.

  • Flight Modes
  • Flight Status Indicator

DJI Mini 2 has a front LED and aircraft status indicator.

DJI Mini 2 Drone

The front LED shows the orientation of the aircraft and pulses white when the aircraft is powered on.

  • Quick Transfer
  • Return-to-home(RTH)
  • Vision System and Infrared Sensing System

DJI Mini 2 is equipped with a Downward Vision System and Infrared Sensing System. The Downward Vision System and Infrared Sensing System helps the aircraft maintain its current position, hover in place more precisely and to fly indoors or in other environments where GPS is Unavailable.

  • Intelligent Flight Mode
  • Flight Recorder

Flight data including flight telemetry, aircraft status information and other parameters are automatically saved to the internal data recorder of the aircraft. They can be accessed using DJI Assistant 2.

  • Propellers
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There are two types of DJI Mini 2 propellers, which are designed to spin in different directions. Marks are used to indicating which propellers should be attached to which motors. The two blades attached to one motor are the same.

  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Gimbal and Camera

The 3-axis gimbal of DJI Mini 2 provides stabilization for the camera, allowing you to capture clear and stable images and video.

Use the gimbal dial on the remote controller to control the tilt of the camera.

Alternatively, enter the camera view in DJI Fly, Press the screen until a circle appears and drag the circle up and down to control the tilt of the camera.

Remote Controller:

  • Remote Controller Profile

DJI Mini 2 comes equipped with the DJIRC-N1 remote controller which boasts DJI’s long range.

The built-in battery has a capacity of 5200 mah and a maximum run time of 6 hours. The remote controller charges the mobile device with a charging ability of 500mah.

  • Using the Remote Controller
  • Optimal Transmission Zone

The signal between the aircraft and the remote controller is most reliable when the antennas are positioned in relation to the aircraft as depicted below.

DJI Mini 2 Drone User Manual
  • Linking the Remote Controller

DJI Fly App:

  • Home
  • Camera View


Once pre-flight preparation is complete, it is recommended to hone your flight skills and practice flying safely.

Make sure that all flights are carried out in an open area. Make sure to read the DJI Mini 2 Guidelines to understand the safety measures before flying.

  • Flight Environment Requirements
  • Flight Limits and GEO Zones
  • Pre-flight Checklist
  • Auto Take-off and Auto Landing
  • Starting/Stopping the Motors
  • Flight Test


  • Specifications
  • Calibrating the Compass
  • Upgrading the Firmware
  • After-Sales Information

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