DJI Mini SE Drone User Manual

Here’s the DJI Mini SE Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for DJI Mini SE Drone.

Product Profile:

Featuring a downward vision system and infrared sensing system, DJI Mini SE can hover and fly indoors as well as outdoors and return to home automatically.

  • Introduction
  • Feature Highlights
  • Preparing the Aircraft
  • Preparing the Remote Controller
  • Aircraft Diagram
DJI Mini SE Drone User Manual
  • Remote Controller Diagram
DJI Mini SE Drone
  • Activation

DJI Mini SE requires activation before using for the first time. After powering on the aircraft and remote controller. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate DJI Mini SE using DJI Fly. An Internet connection is required for activation.


DJI Mini SE contains a flight controller, video downlink system, vision system, propulsion system, and an intelligent flight battery.

  • Flight Modes
  • Aircraft Status Indicator

The aircraft status indicator is located at the rear of the aircraft. It communicates the status of the aircraft’s flight control system

  • Return to Home
  • Vision System and Infrared Sensing System

DJI Mini SE is equipped with a downward vision system and infrared sensing system. The Downward vision system consists of one camera and infrared sensing systems.

  • Intelligent Flight Mode

DJI Mini SE supports quick shots Intelligent flight mode. The vedio taken can be edited, viewed or shared on social media from playback.

  • Flight Recorder

Flight data including flight telemetry, aircraft status information, and other parameters are automatically saved to the internal data recorder of the aircraft.

  • Propellers

There are 2 types DJI Mini SE propellers, which are designed to spin in different directions. Marks are used to indicate which propellers should be attached to which motors.

  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • ,
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The 3-axis gimbal on the DJI Mini SE stabilises the camera so you can take crisp, steady pictures and videos. To adjust the tilt of the camera, turn the gimbal dial on the remote controller.

Remote Controller:

DJI’s upgraded wi-fi technology, which supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz transmission frequencies, is integrated into the remote control. The remote control is simpler to store thanks to the identifiable control sticks.

  • Remote Controller Profile
  • Using the Remote Controller
  • Optimal Transmission Zone

The signal between the aircraft and the remote controller is most reliable when the antennas are positioned in relation to the aircraft.

  • Linking the Remote Controller

The remote controller is linked to the aircraft before delivery. Linking is required when using a new remote controller for the first time.

Dji Fly App:

  • Home
  • Camera view


Once pre-flight preparation is finished, it is advised to practise safe flying and improve your flight skills. make sure that every flight takes place in a space that is open.

  • Flight Environment Requirements
  • Flight Limits and GEO Zones

Altitute limits, distance limits, and GEO zones function concurrently to manage flight safety when GPS is available. Only Altitude can be limited when GPS is unavailable.

  • Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Starting/Stopping the Motors
  • Flight Test


  • Specifications
  • Calibrating the Compass
  • Firmware Update
  • After-sales Information

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