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The X708W is a great looking quadcopter. It is covered in an elegant black color and has pretty sinister red eyes above the nose, an ultra stylish look that refers to American planes of the Second World War. The X708W has many advantages which makes it an ideal drone for beginners. In this Drocon Cyclone X708W review, I will explain why.

  • Integrated HD camera
  • Easy to control
  • Quick and fast
  • Good control distance
  • Stable in flight
  • A button to bring the drone back to you
  • Solid and robust
  • Affordable price
  • The flight time is short
  • Charging the battery takes 60 minutes
  • No Micro SD card slot

Drocon Cyclone X708W Review

Drocon Cyclone X708W: What’s in the box

DROCON CYCLONE X708W in the box

Drocon Cyclone X708W: Features and characteristics

It is often thought that cheap beginner drones don’t offer much more than a blurry camera and mediocre flight capabilities. The X708W goes a step further by adding three notable features.

The first feature is the headless mode, which disengages the face-to-face orientation of the drone. This means that any part of the drone can act as the front.

A headless mode is a good tool for beginners that helps new pilots get used to flying without having to worry about keeping the direction of the drone.

When you take off with the drone pointing in the front, algorithms running in the drone’s micro-controller ensure that any directional change is compensated.

In other words, even when you turn your drone 90 degrees to the left (so that it’s now ‘facing’ your left), it will still go forward when you push the joystick forward (on a non-headless mode drone, this would make the drone go left).

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The second feature is an automatic return button located on the controller (joystick). As its name suggests, the button returns the drone to you, regardless of the range. With this feature, you can stay well away from the drone. However, if you press the button, the drone will not come back to you if the battery is exhausted.

drocon cyclone x708w return home button
drocon cyclone x708w return home button

A third feature that is perfect for any skill level is the 360 flip. The X708W will turn around along the axis of its propellers. It is sure to give you some interesting pictures if you watch the flip happen on your smartphone.

drocon cyclone x708w 360 flip
drocon cyclone x708w 360 flip

Drocon Cyclone X708W Camera Review

The camera on the X708W is a standard 720p camera integrated into the nose of the drone. This design is pretty cool because you won’t have to worry about the drone falling on a camera that is attached to its lower part. This reduces the risk of damaging the camera if it is integrated inside.

This camera broadcasts in real time from its own Wi-Fi connection to your phone. Basically, you see through the eyes of the drone. It is not uncommon to see many drones using their cameras under the FPV. But the X708 really gives the pilot an FPV experience through the nose camera.

Drocon Cyclone X708W FPV mode

drocon cyclone x708w fpv mode
drocon cyclone x708w fpv mode

FPV stands for First Person View and means you see everything from the pilot’s point of view. The Drocon X708W has its own WiFi and it’s no problem to fly in rural areas. For even better experience, you can use FPV goggles along with your smartphone.

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FPV mode requires downloading the DROCON app on your smartphone. For activation, sure the app is opened in your smartphone. Once the connection between the drone and phone has been established, the 720p camera starts streaming the video directly to your smartphone.

Drocon Cyclone X708W Flight performance Review

The Drocon X708W shows a good response to the control and has a control distance of up to 80 meters. The drone does not offer many functions. In addition to a headless mode and the return button, a stable flight is given by the unique drone structure. This reduces air resistance and stabilizes the flight.

With the 3D flip function you can impress the spectators with a stunt. The flips are very soft and agile.

The One Key Return function is another excellent feature for beginners. When the button is pressed, the Drocon X708W flies to you based on the controller location. Both are important characteristics and make this drone a popular selection for beginners.

Drocon Cyclone X708W Battery and flight time

The Drocon X708 W has a 550 mAh LiPo battery and enables a flight time of about 8.5 minutes. An upgrade to 720 mAh LiPo batteries (like these on Amazon) is possible and you get an additional 4 to 5 minutes flight time. The charging time of the battery is 60-80 minutes. The maximum flight range is about 80 meters.

Is Drocon Cyclone X708W Worth Buying?

At this price, the DROCON Cyclone X708W is really worth it. The WiFi version with a 720p HD camera is an affordable introduction to the FPV experience.

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It’s easy to understand, easy to master and fun to fly, making it a popular starting drone for beginners. Whether you want to discover what the FPV is or want to have a reliable beginner drone, the DROCON Cyclone is a quadcopter that is worth its name and price.

With responsive controls and two-speed modes that allow you to train and learn the basics before switching to advanced mode, the X708W is one of the best choices, if not the best in this price range.

If you got any questions or feedback about my Drocon Cyclone X708W review, feel free to use the comments section down below.

DROCON CYCLONE X708W in the box
DROCON CYCLONE X708W in the box

Drocon Cyclone X708W Camera footage from Cyclone

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