How To Turn On/Off DJI Mavic Mini Drone And Remote Controller

Here’s how to turn on/off DJI Mavic Mini Drone and Remote Controller. Check it out! 

Controlling your drone is an essential part if you have to invest it in your hobbies or business and reap great rewards. It all starts with simple steps, but certain drones can have advanced controls. 

The following article covers every important aspect regarding turning on and switching off the DJI Mavic Mini – one of the most fantastic drones in the market.

The DJI Mavic Mini has turned heads with its impeccable performances. If you wish to own it or already own it, this blog is curated just for you. Learn the relevant aspects of controlling your drone and remote controller right here!

If you are a drone enthusiast or have an interest in photography or videography, you have probably heard of the DJI Mavic Mini. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular drones, particularly among beginners or those with a limited budget. 

However, it has been discovered that new users of the drone are having difficulty turning it on and off, despite the fact that it is fairly simple. 

All you need is a guided article that will explain the technical facts regarding the drone and how to use it from the ground up. Let’s explore some interesting facts about this drone and how you can power it up and power it down.

How To Turn On/Off The DJI Mavic Mini And Remote Controller?

You must be able to quickly turn on and off your drone in order to use it frequently. So, here are the fundamental steps you must understand before operating the DJI Mavic Mini.

Turning On/Off the DJI Mavic Mini drone

To switch on a DJI Mavic Mini drone, press and hold down the power button. When the indicator bar and the tail light turn on, it means that the device is turned on. 

To switch off this drone system, press and hold down the power button until all lights turn off. You can also check the battery level on your DJI Mavic Mini drone by pressing the power button.

Turning On/Off the DJI Mavic Mini Remote Controller

Press the power button once on the remote controller, then again and hold to turn it on. The indicator light will turn on and start working. Now, the remote controller is activated. Long press the button until the light turns off – then you know you’ve turned it off safely.

The battery is an essential part of your device. When the battery level is low, you should charge it to get the most out of it. You can check the battery level by pressing the power button once.

Remote controller key functions for the DJI Mavic Mini

There are three important key functions of the DJI Mavic Mini remote controller that you should be aware of. Let’s have a look at what they are.

  1. Record Button
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Press the button to start and stop recording video with your drone. If you want to switch to photo mode, you can press the record button.

  1. Shutter Button

To take a photo, you need to press the button. Switching to photo mode can also be done using this button.

  1. Right and left sticks

DJI has provided access to the great feature-packed Mavic Mini drone with an intuitive app, giving pilots the ability to choose from three different pre-programmed modes. The default mode is Mode 2.

What is a DJI Mavic Mini Drone?

Making a more compact and extraordinarily full-featured product that is cheaper will most of the time lead to a number of unsatisfactory trade-offs in other areas, but the truth is that sometimes there’s a chance to make something truly impressive.

DJI did exactly that with the release of their amazing drone DJI Mavic Mini in 2019. Despite its small size, the drone captures nearly all the benefits of the company’s larger, more expensive drones.

Drones like the DJI Mavic Mini are among the latest and most advanced devices available today. It is a small palm-sized drone that can be easily transported anywhere and is definitely strong and sturdy. The DJI Mavic Mini’s mobility makes it a very attractive option among drone aficionados.

If you spend a great deal of your leisure time wandering around your city with a camera, you generally wind up carrying more stuff than you even need. It might be difficult to decide whether you actually need to carry your drones with you. However, because the DJI Mavic Mini is so portable, you no longer need to consider this problem.

This compact and strong drone also offers excellent photographic standards and ultra-clear image transmissions, high-quality videos and photographs, extended flight lengths, and a variety of smart features that make flying drones simple and enjoyable. Make sure you bring your DJI Mavic Mini with you, whether it’s for a day in the backyard or a lifetime adventure.

Major Features of DJI Mavic Mini Drone

  • This drone weighs just 249 grams, placing it in the category of the lightest and safest drones, saving you from plenty of legal issues. For instance, if you live in the United States, you can fly your DJI Mavic Mini drone without registering it with the government.
  • The maximum flying speed of the drone is 13m/s when set to S(sport) mode.
  • If you’re using the DJI Mavic Mini for the first time, keep in mind that you can’t use it right away after unpacking it. This is due to the fact that it is typically put to sleep mode to guarantee the safe transportation of the drone. Once you’ve unboxed it, you’ll need to connect the drone to the charger and power on the battery. Your drone is now ready for a thrilling flight.
  • Currently, DJI Mavic Mini is available only in the light grey colour shade. However, a DIY Creative Pack is available, which includes blank shell stickers and colourful markers for personalising and decorating the Mavic Mini. The DJI DIY Kit is available for purchase separately from the DJI Digital Store.
  • Quick shots are supported by the DJI Mavic Mini. Quickshots modes in the DJI Fly App include Rocket, Helix, Circle, and Dronie. When you lock on a subject while taking quick shots, an algorithm runs on the application, consuming a large amount of the device’s memory. As a result, the application’s performance is significantly dependent on the mobile device on which it is installed.
  • The DJI Mavic Mini has a 1/2.3-inch Cmos image sensor with approximately 12 million effective pixels. This drone’s camera only supports two photography modes: single shot and interval.
  • If your Mavic Mini is fully charged, it will provide you with a 30 minutes flight time. While flying, it can resist up to a wind speed of 8 meters per second while being stable.

Important details about the DJI Mavic Mini Remote Controller

  • A USB-A female port is not supported by the remote controller. A Micro USB OTG connector, that might be purchased from the DJI Online Store, is required.
  • Mobile phones with a thickness of 6.5 to 8.5 mm and a length of no more than 160 mm will fit nicely inside the remote controller clamps. It is seriously recommended to remove the screen protector before connecting your phone. Devices with measurements that exceed this limit are not supported.
  • Wi-Fi is not supported by the Mavic Mini drone. The remote controller is the only way to control it.

What is the reason for all the hype around DJI Mavic Mini?

There is, indeed, a lot of hype in the market surrounding the Mavic Mini. It has made an outstanding impact in the drone market in the last few years, making it one of the most popular beginner-friendly drones of all time. As previously stated, one of the most appealing aspects of the drone is its compactness and portability.

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Aside from that, those with a serious talent for photography were ecstatic to be able to capture ultra-clear images in 2.7K quality at such a low cost (don’t regret the fact that you are not getting 4.7K because the picture quality that you attain in 2.7K resolution are actually much more than expected in the given budget).

It is ultra-stable and can be flown even on windy days. It has a vertical range of 1,600 feet and a range of 2.5 miles, providing you with cinematic views. If you’re still unsure if you should buy this drone, consider your requirements and budget, and make your decision appropriately since it’s an incredible deal.

What to do if you have trouble switching the DJI Mavic Mini and Remote controller on and off?

The Mavic Mini remote controllers sometimes don’t shut off, even after the inactive reminder begins, until the battery is exhausted. You will need to check your manual for any auto-off settings and make sure it takes precedence over all other settings. 

Sometimes the firmware of the drone suffers a crash or the remote connection might get broken. Try to reconnect it to the charger again! This will reset the network settings and protocols. If it still doesn’t work try to reset the settings. You can also refer to some youtube videos to see how to resolve the issues.

If nothing works, you should contact the DJI Mavic Mini support team. They will promptly detect the problem and rectify it.


You should now be familiar with the fundamental functions of the DJI Mavic Mini and its remote controller, as well as how to turn the device on and off. If you are experiencing difficulty using the drone, simply follow the procedures outlined in the article. 

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You can buy this drone from both online and offline stores. When purchasing, make sure to read the label and the drone version. If you run into any problems when using it, don’t be hesitant to contact the DJI support staff.

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