Partners that Fly Together Stay Together: A hobbyist’s guide to getting your significant other to fly drones with you

“A happy wife leads to a happy life.” – anonymous

Part of the joys of having a spouse or partner is sharing hobbies with them. These activities become avenues to create beautiful memories together. They also form regular conversations throughout the relationship and eventually become milestones that couples go back to reminisce happier times. However, the challenge is always finding that one hobby that will capture the interest of both. 

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What if one is the outdoor-type while the other is the typical homebody? What if one prefers doing art while the other likes doing more physical activity? Is your significant more into the tech stuff, or more of a laid-back person and will enjoy an afternoon of enjoying nature while reading a book? It’s not as simple as it seems!

However, the key here is finding the right balance between what you like in a hobby and what the other person likes. This is the same as the different aspects of a relationship, as well. Striking the sweet middle ground between what you and your partner prefer has become a science and an art all in itself.

For this article, let me help couples find the joy in drone flying and how it can be the hobby you may be looking for to share.

My Tips on How to Pull it Off

For context purposes, I will be taking the person’s perspective in the relationship that encourages the other to take up drone flying as a hobby. I may (or may not) be speaking from experience here.

I believe in planting seeds when it comes to succeeding in this challenge. What does this mean? Make the other person see the positives of drone flying, albeit in a slightly subtle manner. You do not want to be pushing aggressively right away since this will backfire on you, and they will never go drone flying with you for a long time, if not forever – a sad proposition.

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Here are some tips I can share:

Use your shopping time together  

If you are at your neighborhood shopping center, plan your route to the grocery or department store in a way where you can pass by those hobby shops or electronics shops selling drones. Admire for a few seconds the drones there and ask your partner what he or she thinks of them. If they say that they like to fly one themselves, then you have succeeded! However, if they seem indifferent to it, ask them why to get clues on how you can convince them.

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Moreover, show them the images or videos captured by drones, which are most of these stores have. Those with significant others inclined to the creatives and the arts or appreciate aesthetics will surely be more interested in these. You can then shift the conversation to the fact that you need to buy drones to capture these same stills and videos.

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Go on an outdoor trip

Nothing beats a weekend rendezvous outdoors after a tiring and stressful workweek. Therefore, plan a trip to the beach or a hike in the woods the weekend after your partner presented for the department budget, did a stock inventory, or launched a new product line. They will surely appreciate this gesture and will merrily come with you. Make sure you bring along your drone or drones on this trip. This will be your opportunity to teach her how to fly the aircraft – the technical stuff mainly (i.e., flight modes, camera specs, remote control functionalities). You will finally get them to actually fly the thing (and not just watch you do it).

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Why would this be a good idea? Because they will indeed be looking for something to take their mind off the sleepless nights altogether and countless meetings they just endured. Good thing you brought the perfect remedy to their stress and woes. Such a thoughtful partner you are!

Ask them to Read Drone Guides and to Watch Reviews

Besides sending your partner an endless number of funny memes and trending GIFs via different messaging apps, why not send her links to videos, articles, and sites that talk about drones? A lot is to be considered here, but the rewards could be significant. Is your partner a patient reader or not? Do they prefer watching short clips, or can they endure a 20-minute video talking about a new drone model’s features?

I suggest sending your partner first a couple of short clips showing drone shots of beaches or people in action. Pick about two to three of the best ones you can find and send them the links to these. Ask for their reactions to these videos. If you have your own camera drone, explain briefly the similarities and differences on the images you can capture with yours vis-a-vis the ones on the videos. Put in comments on how the clips were made (i.e., flight modes used, camera settings needed). Then, gauge how they absorb your conversation. You will know if they are genuinely interested in drone flying, and you can move to send reviews of the best drones on the market. Again, try to explain why they are considered the best by experts. However, if they look disinterested, look into the other tips in these articles. 

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Do not be afraid to fail here. Just move your conversation to another topic and try again next time.

Bring them to a Drone show and/or to a Drone Photo Exhibit

Having a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant after watching the third and last film of your famous movie trilogy would seem like the perfect night out. However, the two of you will eventually get tired of this and look for diversity in how you spend your quality time together. And besides, good movies nowadays are hard to come by. So consider changing the destination of your next date to a local drone show or drone photo exhibit. I know you have always wanted to come to one of these events, so why not share the experience with your partner. Of course, some can be tough to convince, yet, if you have been reading my tips above, this task will become easier.

Drone shows and exhibits can be an opportunity to present drone flying in a new light to your partner. Ask them to go around the booths with you and allow them to talk to the professionals. These other enthusiasts and experts may give a new perspective on why you have been spending time and resources on this hobby, why you have been so passionate about it, and why they might want to try it as well. After this date, your partner may now understand the importance of drone flying to you and may very well join your next excursion with your drone buddies. 

Drones are Investments and not just Toys

This mantra is most especially true for the high-end camera drones you plan to buy at the end of the month. But exceptionally, the budget could also be a consideration in convincing your partner to get into drone flying. You can get them one for their birthdays or Christmas, of course, yet they would nevertheless fret at the cost of some of the drones now.

Consider buying a cheaper drone for their first quadcopter. There are a few sub-$100 camera drones in the market now that are great for beginners. There are also non-camera drones that cost around $40 or less to help teach newbies the basics of flying. If you are not giving the drone a surprise, ask them to join you when buying their drone to discern the features and choose for themselves.

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$99 dollar camera drone: Snaptain S5C

Nevertheless, it would be best then to assure your partner that you are buying a drone as an investment – an investment for your memories together, an investment for images and videos you will cherish for a long time, and an investment to the times you will spend together flying. Mention this, and you will never need to worry about what your partner will say about that $2,000 drone you bought last month.

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Do it for your partner and not for you

Drone flying will always be an enjoyable and worthwhile activity for us hobbyists. It is an escape from stress and a means for us to achieve our childhood dream of flying. We have learned to love drone flying, and we always wanted to share it with people we love. And therefore, when you invite your partner to this hobby, it should be for them to appreciate drone flying as well. Always make sure that the fun you experience flying drones and taking photos and videos with them should be the same, or more, for your partner.

Pick your Battles – a Conclusion

It would always be nice to get into a hobby with your significant other. You get to spend your spare time together and share an activity you are both passionate towards to. If this is your case, consider yourself lucky! 

However, the reality is that this not always the situation. Remember that aside from being a couple, partners are also individuals with a different array of likes and dislikes, with distinct quirks and perspectives. You may think of drone flying as the most fantastic hobby in the world, yet your partner may think otherwise. The important thing here is to appreciate your similarities and respect your differences. The dynamics of any relationship are like fingerprints in that no two are the same.

Nevertheless, never give up enticing your partner to join you in your drone flying journey. We already know how amazing the feeling of a smooth flight on a bright, sunny afternoon along the beach, drone capturing the blue ocean and the white beach. Now imagine spending that time with your significant other.

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