Beta 85X Drone User Manual 2022

Here’s the Beta 85X Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Beta 85X Drone.



Beta85X pushes the new era of brushless whoop drones to a higher level. With the high-performance STM32F051 processor, FC boards, and tuned Betaflight OMNIBUSF4SD(OBSD), faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rate are reachable, giving you much more power.

A durable and light enough frame is customized for the Beta85X. To increase its stability, especially add an extra stiffener brace of carbon fiber. Whole drone no soldering or tinkering necessary.

450mAh 4S high rate battery is recommended by default. But pilot could also use their own batteries with battery strap. Optional and affordable


  • FC Specifications
  • Specifications of ESC
Beta 85X Drone User Manual
  • Material: PP plastic

The stiffener brace of carbon fiber can reinforce the Beta85X frame, and avoid unstability caused by too strong power when Beta85x is flying.

  • Camera Specifications
  • 1105 5000KV Motor
betafpv support

Flight Guide:

Always use caution when flying and operate in an open and controllable area. Please learn the flight controls first before powering on the aircraft to fly.

  • Fly
    • Beginner Tipas
    • Flight Preparation
  • Radio Stick Controls

The left stick controls throttle and yaw direction of BETAFPV. The right stick controls pitch an droll of the aircraft

  • Flying Modes

There are three flight modes in the true sense: Angle Mode, Horizon Mode,and Acro Mode.Othersaretheassisted flight modes

  • Angle mode

This mode can limit the flight angle and automatically change the level, but it cannot roll. When the rocker comes back, the BETAFPV moves by itself back to the centre position.

  • Horizon mode
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Control When the rocker exceeds the proportion, the transmitter enters “Acro mode,” otherwise it is in “auto-stable mode.” The self-stabilizing mode is one that is used softly, and the Acro mode is one that is operated violently.

  • Acro mode
  1. When the aircraft is in this mode, it does not return to the neutral position by itself. Instead, it needs to be moved back by a person.
  2. This mode happens when someone hits the Roller rocker to the left and the aircraft continues moving in that direction even after being returned to the middle.


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