Ehang Falcon-B410 Drone User Manual 2022

Here’s the Ehang Falcon-B410 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Ehang Falcon-B410 Drone.

Know Before You Fly:


Aircraft Introduction:

Falcon-B410 is a high-performance drone that was specially created for industrial purposes. It may be used for various tasks, including inspections, mapping, combating forest fires, transportation, and expert aerial photography.

The drone’s structure, which has 4 axes and 8 propellers, is constructed of carbon fiber materials with an extraordinarily high specific strength, ensuring strength and rigidity while minimizing weight to the greatest extent possible.

The flight control system offers a redundant setup with two sensors to guarantee the stability and safety of the aircraft. A large-capacity battery is also included with the drone for longer flight times.

  • Aircraft Diagram
Ehang Falcon-B410 Drone User Manual
  • Product List

Propeller Installation and Removal:

Each drone in the Falcon-B410 series comes with eight dual-blade 19-inch carbon fibre propellers.

  • Signs
  • Installation
  • Removal

Battery Charging and Use:

The 12S lithium polymer battery powering the smart flight battery has a 15000 mAh capacity and a 44.4 V voltage. Charging of the aircraft battery requires use the unique EHANG power adapter.

  • Battery Diagram
Ehang Falcon-B410 Drone
  • Battery Charging

Connect the battery to the power source using the power adaptor. Normal charging mode and stored charging mode are the two types of charging modes offered by the power adaptor.

Please choose the standard charging mode if the battery will be used regularly. Please choose the storage charging option if the battery will be kept unused for an extended period of time.

Ehang Falcon-B410
  • How to Use

Landing Gear Unfolding and Folding:

  • Unfolding
  • Folding

Gimbal Installation and Removal:

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The drone’s bottom is where the gimbal and the communication module are placed. To fly the drone, unfold the antennas as indicated below.

  • Diagram
  • Installation
  • Removal

Communication Box Use and Charging:

EHANG Falcon B-410 signals are transmitted by Communication Box, which also serves as a wireless link between EHANG Pro and the Falcon. To maintain optimal signals, it is advised to keep it no more than 3 metres away from the tablet.

  • Diagram
Ehang Falcon
  • How to Use
  • Charging


  • Propeller Maintenance
  • Battery Storage and Maintenance

Please choose the storage charging option if the battery will be sitting idle for an extended period of time to prevent over-discharge.

A battery that has been fully charged in this mode has a battery level of 80% (48V) and is prepared for two months of storage.

  • Landing Gear Maintenance

The landing gear’s foldable components are connected by axes, and maintenance is necessary. Adding lubricants is\sthe main maintenance strategy.

  1. Be careful to manually rotate the axes slowly enough to prevent harming the actuator gears.
  2. Whether the rotation is stuck, look to see if there is anything foreign impeding it. Before lubricants are added, the foreign object should be cleaned.
  3. Please contact customer care for a replacement actuator if noises are made when turning the actuator, as this is an indication that it has been damaged.
Falcon-B410 drone


  • Model and Specs
  • EHANG Pro Installation
  • SIM Card Installation

EHANG Pro Configuration and Application:

  • Acquiring Registration Code

The registration codes are provided by EHANG, also applicable for registration in computers. Each registration code can only be used for limited times, please keep your code well.

  • Connecting Devices
  • WiFi Mode
  • SIM Card 4G Mode

Flight Control Interfaces:

  • Interfaces Introduction
  • Flight Settings
  • Acquiring Image Transmission
  • Unlocking to Takeoff
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Before unlocking, make sure the surrounding environment is safe and spacious without interferences, and more than 14 satellites can be detected.

  • Touch-to-Go Flight

Select (one tap) after adjusting the flight altitude using the altitude adjustment bar in the bottom right corner.

The drone will fly there if you hit the “Go” button that displays on your chosen location on the map (the flight destination on the map).

  • Flight Plan
  • Favorite Waypoints

You can save the frequently-used waypoints or import thensaved waypoints to your flight plan

  • Photos and Videos
  • Renaming Aircraft
  • Calibrating Compass


  • Basic Settings

Pre-flight Check and Flight Tips:

  • Pre-flight Check
  • Flight Tips


  • Aircraft
  • Communication Box
  • 4K Spherical Camera & Gimbal
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 10x Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Tablets
  • Tablet Power Adapter
  • Tablet Battery

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