How To Get A Drone Out Of A Tree? | 6 HACKS To Get Your Drone Out Of The Tree

Everything you need to know about how to get a drone out of a tree without causing any damage to the drone. Well here’s a complete guide on how to get a drone out of a tree. Check it out!

As the title itself makes it very clear, it must have occurred to even the best fliers out of you. You may be flying and enjoying the drone you’ve just purchased, maybe while in a public place like a park, or in the yard of your locality. Maybe the hard flowing wind is rising or, perhaps you pressed onto the incorrect button. But now, your drone has ended up stuck on a tree.

How To Get A Drone Out Of A Tree

Now, the question arises that what can be done when such a thing happens? We’ll talk about how to remove a drone from a tree by using normal and everyday objects. We will also look at the most cost-effective solutions, and what you CAN do to remove the drone from the tree in any of such situations.

It is indeed very annoying how easily a drone gets obstructed in the branches of a tree. Many drones are large enough to fit into the branches and are small enough to stay there still. They neither fall nor fly. However, the drone’s guard’s design is VERY easy to get entangled in the branches, and you have a way of causing a disaster.

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If you are not certain about where the drone is actually stuck inside the tree, the best you can do is you may consider turning on the broadcast of FPV on your phone. Then, look at what the camera looks like to give you a good view. Once you have found the drone, you may begin to take steps to remove it from the branches by using some of the below-mentioned solutions:

How to Get a Drone out of a Tree

If you are thinking about how to get your drone out of the tree, here are four basic solutions that most people should be capable of making with things that are lying vaguely around their house.

Climb the Tree Using A Ladder

Firstly, you may attempt climbing a tree to untangle the branches of the tree and get back your drone. Obviously, this is not going to be implementable in all cases – the tree should be strong enough to hold your weight easily and that it must have branches that are enough to get you a better grip for climbing up.

You can also consider climbing a tree only if you’re having a clear idea of the location where the drone is actually stuck and about the location and the route you’re going to choose to climb up there. Always remember, you must always set your own safety in front of the security of your stuck drone.

Using a ladder to get the drone out of a tree

In case climbing is not a choice, you can try using the ladder. And if you do not have it, you can rent it from any local machinery shop nearby your location. However, climbing up on a ladder is going to be safer than mounting up on a tree as you are already certain about the fact that it can support your weight.

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However, this option will not be very facilitating either if you don’t see exactly where your drone has been stuck. It is recommended that you always have some person with you who would control the ladder from falling while you’re on it to decrease any possible risks of painful slipping or falling down.

Use a Protracted Pole

In most cases, using a ladder seems much more useful and serves as a better option. However, what would be done in case the tree on which the drone is stuck has dense branches and leaves and the drone is attached somewhere in the depth of the foliages? The solution to this is that you could try using a protracted pole to put off your drone from its grip very carefully.

It is certainly not suggested that you attempt to get an aircraft out of a tree for the reasons we are able to cover within the subsequent section, however, most drones have impeller guards to which you could attach a pole if you recognize what you are doing.

A fiberglass pole is perfect for this kind of task, but we also know some drones enthusiasts who have been fortunate enough to have sweeping sticks, pool guides, or various different sorts of long and flat objects. 

Try to Fly The Drone Outwards if There’s Battery

Lastly, in case the drone does not go out of power while it is stuck on the tree, try to detach it by using the remote and flying it outwards.

You need to be VERY DILIGENT while you try this method because if you do not have a smooth shotgun in a tree, you may end up having your drone much more confused and entangled than before.

And if your drone is sitting on something and FPV video viewing proves to be reasonably clear, this flight mode can help you save a great deal of time and money.

Use a Fishing Line

A fishing line can also be used to throw down the body of the drone. It is considered to be one of the best and easy ways to remove a drone from a tree. Although this task often requires the purchase of additional equipment and additional setup rather than a ladder.

If you are thinking about getting your drone outside a tree using a fishing line, you will need a strong fishing rod attached to a kevlar and heavyweights (although it should be sufficiently light to throw at the right distance.) Baseball works well, like a fist-sized stone.

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Try fastening the fishing line about the weight. Ensure that it is comfortable and that it will not slide off by inspecting it and tossing it farther away from the dense tall tree where your drone is stuck. Then disassemble the line and place it in a straight line as far as possible leading towards the tree. 

After performing all of this, you must now toss the weight (having a line still along with it) onto that part where your aircraft is attached. Ensure dropping the line towards the left or the right drone.

The last thing you want to do is crash your UAV after getting into all of this hassle so you can try to put it back on the ground safely.

Usually, the weight must be low and make sure that the fishing line does not make a “U” pointing down over the branch or numerous of them. Now, move the fishing line very carefully to try and allow the plane to crash.

You can get it for yourself or – better yet – have a friend to hold it. Try using other parts of the fishing line while moving so as to avoid breaking the wire. Also, in case you feel you haven’t got a good angle and if the drone doesn’t seem to move, you can easily cut down the fishing line and toss it right away once again.

Use a Bucket Truck

The fishing system works for a lot of people who’re asking themselves about how to get a heavy-duty aircraft out of the tree, but it is not a secure solution.

If your drone is really attached to the tree or its branches are too high or the branch is too hard to move through the fishing line, you will need to search for a difficult solution.

Another thing worth trying is an air conditioning platform, which is also known as a bucket truck. This can be adjoined to a larger car or it can also be the size of any huge staircase, which looks strange.

Using Bucket truck

However, this heavy equipment can easily lift you up in the air and let you reach higher at your own pace. Buying a used bucket truck will also perhaps cost you thousands of bucks. But most places let you rent them. 

The hydraulic lift performs in the same way as that of the air work platform. It can be installed or attached to the back of the truck. The advantage of such types of promotions is that they are very cheap to hire.

Too bad they usually do not fly the drone high up in the sky and are available in unusual sizes that can be difficult to keep up with the tree. Therefore, in case you are thinking about how to remove a drone from a high tree, you are better off with the preceding option itself.

Call the Fire Department

Just as the last resort, you can call up the fire department straight away. Firefighters do not like to waste their resources in rescuing inanimate materials when they are needed to tackle more serious emergencies. Therefore, in many places, the fire departments might not pick up your call at all.

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And in case they did pick the call, it will probably take them sufficient time because saving the drones from tree branches stays as the last option in their priority list.

Just ensure whenever you call the fire department, you need to be VERY CERTAIN about your current scenario and what sort of help are you expecting. Telling them that you’re in an emergency situation while you certainly are not can be huge trouble.

Never ever try to pull out a heavy-duty drone out of the tree with force. Best of all, your drone will be damaged if it falls down. Worse still, you could hit and break the drone while it was still tangled in the tree, making the situation even worse.

Moreover, NEVER try to save your drone with the help of another drone. You may simply just try sending another drone that would try and persuade the first drone down from a tall tree. This is not just another case of trying to force a drone out, it probably ALWAYS ends up rescuing two drones in place of just one.

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