Holy Stone HS100 Navigator Drone User Manual 2022

Here’s the Holy Stone HS100 Navigator Drone User Manual for you to check out.

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Holy Stone HS100 Navigator Drone User Manual
  • HD Camera
  • Landing Gear
  • Propeller ”A”
  • Propeller ”B”
  • Propeller Guard

Battery of Drone:

Parts Details:

Holy Stone HS100 Navigator Drone
  • Battery
  • Body Frame
  • Camera
  • Landing Gear
  • Cap
  • Fixed Ring
  • Spacer Ring
  • Propeller
  • Dust Cover
  • Propeller Guard

Assemble the Propeller:

Holy Stone HS100

Assemble the Propeller Guard:

To prevent accidents or injuries, we suggest the pilot to install the propeller guards.

Holy Stone HS100 Navigator l

Fly Safe:

Avoid flying over or near obstacles, crowds, high-voltage power lines, trees, airports, or bodies of water.

Transmitter Functions:

Transmitters are one of the key components in a drone, and they allow it to connect with its base station. This allows the controller to control the drone, as well as receive real-time information about its status.

  • Throttle Joystick
  • Direction Joystick
  • Return To Home(RTH)
  • Power Button
  • One Button Take-off, One Button Landing
  • Micro USB Charging port


  • Download the APP

Connect to the App Store™ or Google Play™ and download the “HS GPS PRO” application for free.

  • Check the Battery Level
  • Charging the Battery and Transmitter
  • Prepare for Take-off
  • Flight

APP Functions:

Holy Stone drones

Take-off/Landing/Emergency Stop:

Rotating propellers can be dangerous. Do not start the motors when there are people nearby. Press, the propellers will spin and the drone will take off at an altitude of about 5 feet

Follow Me:

When the Follow Me function is active, the drone will follow to the GPS in your smartphone to follow you wherever you go.

Return-to-Home (RTH):

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The Return to Home (RTH) function brings the drone back to the last recorded Home Point. There are three types of RTH:

  • Smart RTH
  • Low-Battery RTH
  • Failsafe RTH.

Headless Mode:

When the drone and transmitter are connected in headless mode, the pilot faces ahead in that direction. The drone will fly forward if the driver moves the direction joystick in that direction.

The drone will fly in the direction of the pilot if the direction joystick is pushed backward. The drone will move left or right in relation to you if the operator moves the right stick in either direction.

It is crucial that the pilot avoids shifting positions or staring in a different direction because doing so will confuse the drone.

Assemble the Camera:

By assembling the camera in drones, you can increase your footage quality and curb the expenses associated with hiring a professional cinematographer.

Camera Functions:

Replace the Landing Gear:

Holy Stone HS100 drone


Common Problems and Solutions:

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