Holly Stone HS700D User Manual

Here’s the Holly Stone HS700D user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Hollystone-hs700D drone.

Holly Stone HS700D User Manual

  • Disclaimer&Warning:
  • Safety Guidelines:
  • Maintenance:
  • Package Contents:
  • Installation:
    • Phone Holder.
    • Camera.
    • Landing Gear.
    • Propeller Guard & Dust Cover.
    • Propellers.

Make sure the Propeller Guard is clamped in the groove on the motor base by first fastening one side of it into the groove, then fastening the other. To stop dust from entering the drone’s interior if the Propeller Guard is not required, please insert the Dust Cover in the four grooves on the motor base.

  • Drone’s Details:
Holly Stone HS700D User Manual
  • Transmitter Details:
    • Transmitter Functions.
    • LCD Screen Functions.
    • Mode Switch.
Holly Stone HS700D User Manual
  • Charging:
Holly Stone HS700D User Manual
  • Operation Guide:
    • Download APP.
Holly Stone HS700D User Manual

You can this code and download the app

  • Transmitter’s Battery.
    • Drone’s Battery.
    • Paring.
    • Initialization Detection.

The drone will enter “Initialization Detection” when placed on a flat surface. For around 7 seconds, the drone’s red, green, and yellow LED lights will alternately flicker. This completes the initial detection. When finished, the yellow lights in the front and back will flicker. (The indicator light will turn yellow and flicker if the transmitter is not turned on once the drone is turned on.)

  • Calibrate the Gyro.
    • Compass Calibration.
    • Using the Application.
    • Unlock.
    • 10 One Key Takeoff / Landing.
    • 11 Flight Control.
  • Functions Details:
    • Transmitter Calibration.
    • Headless Mode.

1. Slide the Headless Mode switch until the ” ” icon, indicating that the drone has entered Headless Mode, shows on the LCD screen.
2. When the ” ” icon on the LCD screen is gone, the drone has come out of headless mode. Slide the Headless Mode switch once again. (When the transmitter is turned off and back on, headless mode is by default disabled.)

  • Return to Home.
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The drone returns to its last saved Home Point when using the Return to Home feature. The Home Point is the spot where the drone first takes off or the spot where the GPS first picks up a signal from seven or more satellites while in flight. The Home Point will be the drone’s most recent location.

  • Camera Angle Adjustment.
Holly Stone HS700D User Manual
  • Drone Status Indicator:
  • APP Operation Instruction:
    • Operation Interface.
    • Setting Parameter.

Click the settings icon to enter the setting interface (as seen in the figure above). You can therefore provide a constrained flight range

Holly Stone HS700D User Manual
  • Follow Me.
    • TapFly.
    • Point of Interest.
    • Take Photo/ Video.
  • Specifications:
  • Trouble Shooting:
  • Contact Us:
  • General Information:


  1. When the drone is powered on, the indicator light flashes rapidly?

The drone is in the gyroscope calibration state. Please place the drone on an flat and level surface.

2. After takeoff, the drone cannot hover and tilts to one side. What is the reason?

Place the drone on a flat, level surface and repeat the gyro calibration.

3. While flying, the drone vibrated. Why?

The propeller are damaged. Please replace the new propeller.

4. Drone could not be unlocked and rear light flashed. Why?

The drone battery voltage is too low. Please fully charge the battery.

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