SJRC F11 4K Pro Folding Drone User Manual

Here’s the SJRC F11 4K Pro Folding Drone user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for SJRC – f11 – 4k Pro Folding Drone.

SJRC F11 4K Pro Folding Drone User Manual

  • Preface:
  • Warning:
  • Fly Safety:
  • Transmitter Functions:
SJRC F11 4K Pro Folding Drone User Manual
  • Aircraft Diagram:
SJRC F11 4K Pro Folding Drone
  1. Assemble the propeller
  2. Intelligent flight battery
  3. Charge the battery
  4. Lithium battery charging instructions
  • Remote Control Operating Method:
  • Flight:
  • Way Point Flight:

Make sure your mobile device is linked to the internet, then access the APP, download the map data for the area you plan to fly over, connect it to your aircraft, and you may view the map from the APP.

  • Point Of Interest:
  • Product Function Profile:
  • Emergency stop.

To activate Emergency Stop mode, simply click once and hold down the button for three seconds. If an aircraft’s flight height is within 13 metres, it is triggered; otherwise, it is not.

  • Gps follow-me.

When the Follow Me feature is turned on, the aircraft will follow you wherever you go by using the GPS in your smartphone.

  • Image recognition follow me/gesture control.

Click, pick, tap, and then tap again to confirm your choice of the person or thing you wish to track.

  • Hand gesture.

To snap pictures or record a video, select the APP and count down from 3 to 0 with your hand.

  • Return-to-home(RTH).

The flight is returned to the takeoff point using the Return to Home (RTH) function. Only the GPS mode is capable of achieving this function.

  • Trim under no gps mode.

If the aircraft is flying in NO GPS Mode, you can trim the aircraft to achieve a more stable flight. You can enter the trim mode by pressing the beep repeatedly.

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To the right the flight, push the direction joystick in the opposite direction from where it is drifting. Push the direction joystick to the right to balance the aircraft, for instance, if it drifts to the left. Exit Trim Mode by releasing the.

  • Download The SJ GPS PRO App:
  • App Functions:
  1. App introduction.
  2. App one key share function.
  3. How to search the lost drone.
  4. Flight.
  • Camera Functions:

On the TF card, the original photos and movies are kept. To read the data from an SD card, lightly press the card to remove it, then place it in a card reader and plug it into a computer’s USB port.

  • Specifications:
  • Parts list (included):
  • Common Problems and Solutions:


  1. When operating, the drone’s lights flash and it doesn’t respond.

. Remote is not synced to the drone. Insufficient battery power. This can be resolved by referring to the quick start guide and re-sync the drone recharge the battery.

2. While the drone spins, it cannot take off. Why?

Insufficient battery power or the blades are distorted. Solution is recharge the batter and replace the blades.

3. Quadcopters shake’s heavily. What can I do?

The blades distorted. Replace the blades.

4. An unbalanced drone cannot fly. How?

The blades are distorted or the motor doesn’t work properly. You can replace the blades or replace the


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