Autel Evo Lite+ Drone Manual

Here’s the Autel Evo Lite+ Drone manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Autel Evo Lite+ Drone.


Autel Evo Lite+ Drone Manual
Autel Evo Lite+ drone

Flight LED indicator:

Each aircraft arm’s end is equipped with an LED indication a front To help you determine the direction of the LEDs, they will all illuminate in solid blue nose of an airplane.

The present flight state of the aircraft will be shown by the rear LEDs of the plane. Each status indication is described in the chart below.

Remote control:


Charge the aircraft battery & remote control:

  1. Aircraft battery:

Press and hold the release button on both sides of the battery and plug the charging cable into the charging slot of the battery.

2. Charging the remote control:

Insert the Type-C charging cable into the Type-C port of the remote control.

Install the Autel SkyTM app:

Prepare the aircraft:

  • Install the propellers

The aeroplane is equipped with a propeller by default. Please refer to the steps below if you need to reinstall it.

Keep in mind that the propeller needs to be in good condition and securely fastened to the aeroplane, and that it needs to be paired with the motor if it has the white circle mark.

  • Disassemble the propeller

Prepare the remote control:

  • Pull the phone holder out slowly.
  • The remote control and the airplane can get the best signal when the antenna plane is facing the aircraft.
  1. Power on
  2. Take off
  3. Joystick controls (Mode 2)

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