Autel EVO II Drone Manual

Here’s the Autel Evo II Drone manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Autel Evo II Drone.

About This Manual:


Before Your First Flight:

  • Documents for Getting Started
  • Autel Explorer™ App Installation


Functionality Description:

Flight LED Indicators:

Aircraft Battery:

  • Basic Functions
  • Additional Functions
  • LED Warning Descriptions

Gimbal & Camera:

  • Gimbal of EVO Ⅱ
  • Gimbal of EVO Ⅱ Pro
  • Gimbal of EVO Ⅱ Dual
  • Replacing the Gimbal
  • Camera

Built-in Smart Flight System:

  • Flight Modes

Smart Flight Features:

  • Go Home
  • Failsafe
  • Landing Features

Omnidirectional Binocular Vision Sensing System:

  • Prerequisites
  • Functionality Description

Remote Control:

Functionality Description:

Live View Panel:

  • Flight Information Panel
  • Image Transmission Mode
  • Settings

Indicator Lights:

Remote Control Buzzer Alerts:

Preflight Preparation:

Battery Preparation:

Aircraft Battery Installation:

Aircraft Battery Removal:


Remote Control Preparation:

Unfolding the Remote Control:

  • Positioning the Antennas

Powering On/Off the Remote Control:

  • Powering On
  • Powering Off

Remote Control Calibration:

Pairing the Aircraft & Remote Control:

Aircraft Preparation:

  • Unfolding the Aircraft
  • Removing & Reinstalling the Gimbal Holder
  • Unfolding the Arms & Propellers

Propeller Installation:

  • Attaching the Propellers
  • Detaching the Propellers

Compass Calibration:

  • Calibration Procedure

Flight Operations:

Preflight Checklist:

Remote Control & Flight Operations:

Motor Start & Aircraft Takeoff:

Command Stick Controls (Mode 2):

  • Left Command Stick
  • Right Command Stick

Landing & Motor Shutdown:

  • Manual Landing
  • Automatic Landing
  • Passive Landing

Maintenance & Service:

Firmware Updates:

Downloading & upgrading the firmware:

Troubleshooting Tips:

Storage & Maintenance:


Customer Service:

Technical Support:

Repair Service:


Regulatory Compliance & Flight Restricted Area:

Compliance & Advisory:

Flight Restricted Area Illustration:


  • Aircraft Specifications
  • Sensing System Specifications
  • Camera Specifications
  • Gimbal Specifications
  • Aircraft Battery Specifications
  • Remote Control Specifications
  • Charger Specifications

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