Eachine E58 User Manual

Here’s the Eachine E58 user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Eachine E58 drone.

Eachine E58 User Manual

  • Remote control and aircraft battery installation and charging instructions:
  • Aircraft installation:
  • Remote control function name:
  • Remote control:
  • A key return:
  • Directional definition and mode selection of headless mode:
  • Speed selection:
  • The remote control controls the recording:
  • Product main accessories name:
  • Download APP connection:
  • Aircraft settings reset:
  • Problem guide:


The indicator light on the dish continues to flicker, the operation fails, Why?

Remote control and UFO is not successful. You can re-perform the remote control and the flying saucer.

What does the orbiter have to do with the flying saucer battery?

Check if the remote control and the flying saucer are powered and check whether the remote control and the or the UFO battery are in a low power state and also check if the battery positive and negative.
Turn on the remote control and insert the UFO battery.
Use full charge Full battery
Reinsert the battery and confirm that the battery and battery are positive or negative Pole piece of contact is normal.

The main rotor of the flying saucer continues to spin but cannot take off, Why?

The main rotor deformation or the UFO battery power shortage. You can replace the main roto or charge or replace the battery with another battery.

Why is the flying saucer vibrating violently?

This may be happening because of main rotor deformation. You need to replace the main rotor to work efficiently.

The flying saucer stayed behind and lost flat inflight, How did it happen?

The gyroscope is not at all right. The remote control can be automatically corrected mode, or restart the re-frequency.

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