Eachine E58 User Manual

Here’s the Eachine E58 user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Eachine E58 drone.

Eachine E58 User Manual

  • Remote control and aircraft battery installation and charging instructions:

To charge, connect the USB cable to the computer. The USB charging end is linked to the plug on the flight, and the other end can be connected to a USB port on a computer to charge the battery. Charging lights indicate that the battery is full when the lights go off.

Place the charged battery in the aircraft’s battery holder, and then connect the battery plug to the vehicle’s power supply to connect the aircraft power supply. Plugged into the power socket, the aircraft power is opened, and the lights turn on.

  • Aircraft installation:

Please expand the opposite after folding the front of the arm after showing the arms. Please place the propeller, propeller on the sign, in the proper direction installed with the phase to the lower right corner of the arm and the top left corner of the aircraft.

With the propeller on the sign B placed to the lower left and upper right corners of the flight. When the cone assembly is aligned, the fan folder is attached at the corner of the arm. Square accessories are then installed in place after the locking screw.

  • Remote control function name:
Eachine E58 User Manual
  • Remote control:
  • A key return:

When the right lever is under control and this function is stopped, the aircraft will automatically give up its own front, rear, left, and right direction, which is determined by the headless mode of the backward direction of flight.

  • Directional definition and mode selection of headless mode:
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The aircraft will forfeit its front and rear azimuths upon switching to headless mode, and it will realign the front and rear using the remote control as a guide.

For instance, the flight will fly away from the remote control when the right lever is pushed forward, and toward the remote control when the right lever is pushed back. (With front-facing camera)

  • Speed selection:

Speed file is to advance, back and left and right side of the flight is divided into third gear speed, the remote control is turned on by default when the slow power, hit the remote control button issued a “flute” “Flute “push three times for the fast file,” flute “soon return to slow file. (Recommended for those learning to operate slowly)

  • The remote control controls the recording:

When using the remote control to operate the aircraft through the video, like the camera can also start WIFI film video or camera, and mobile phone APP on the video, snap pictures of a key

  • Product main accessories name:
  • Download APP connection:

Download “JY UFO,” a programme for real-time aerial photography, to enable FPV real-time transmission while flying the aircraft.

  • Aircraft settings reset:

The reset setting is a horizontal reset of the six-axis gyroscope on the aircraft, and the micro adjustment of the remote control.

  • Problem guide:


The indicator light on the dish continues to flicker, the operation fails, Why?

Remote control and UFO is not successful. You can re-perform the remote control and the flying saucer.

What does the orbiter have to do with the flying saucer battery?

The main rotor of the flying saucer continues to spin but cannot take off, Why?

The main rotor deformation or the UFO battery power shortage. You can replace the main roto or charge or replace the battery with another battery.

Why is the flying saucer vibrating violently?

This may be happening because of main rotor deformation. You need to replace the main rotor to work efficiently.

The flying saucer stayed behind and lost flat inflight, How did it happen?

The gyroscope is not at all right. The remote control can be automatically corrected mode, or restart the re-frequency.

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