Skydio 2 Drone User Manual

Here’s the Skydio 2 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Skydio 2 Drone.

What’s in the Case?

Getting Started:

Connecting to Skydio 2:

Updating Skydio 2:

Always make sure you are flying with the latest Skydio 2 software. If there is an update
available for Skydio 2, the Skydio 2 App will guide you through the required steps.

If an update is available, it’s best to download the Skydio 2 update when you have access to an internet-enabled WiFi network.

Before You Fly:

Before you begin your first flight with your Skydio 2, please read and follow all of the safety tips and guidelines on website.

Where To Fly:

Your Frist Flight:

Finding a clear, open area away from people on level ground with at least 20 feet of clearance in every direction is what we advise for your first flight (including above).

Verify that nothing is in the way of the propellers where you plan to launch. Despite the simplicity and intuitiveness of flying Skydio 2, it’s a good idea to give yourself and other people some room while taking to the skies for the first time.

Place your Skydio 2 on a flat, open area at least 10 feet away, with the front camera pointed in your direction. The top of Skydio 2’s casing can be used as a practical launch and landing pad as well.

The Flight Screen:

Skydio 2 Drone User Manual
  • Device Settings Menu

Gives users access to in-flight settings for the Skydio 2 as well as control settings for
the phone and Controller

Skydio 2 Drone
  • Drone Settings
    • Height Floor

Determines if the Skydio 2 will always attempt to stay at least 8 ft above the subject when following, even at the expense of tracking performance. See the Understanding Height Floor section for more details about this important setting.

  • Phone Settings
    • Flight Telemetry
    • App Controls
    • Dual Sticks Modes
  • Controller Settings(when controller accessory is connected)
  • Signal Strenght Indicator

when in flight, shows the user’s radio link’s current strength to the Skydio 2. Users may observe a lesser quality video feed or a delay in their controls as the signal strength declines.

Keep your phone or game controller in direct line of sight with the Skydio 2 at all times for the optimum signal quality, and steer clear of electromagnetic interference zones when you’re flying.

  • Battery Indicator
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Displays the current battery level of the Skydio 2 drone.

  • Camera Settings

Provides access to the camera settings and allows users to change between video
and photo recording mode. Skydio 2 can capture photos or video but not both at
the same time.

  1. Video Capture Settings
  2. Camera Capture Settings
  • Stop/Land Button
  • Subject Indicator
  • Flight Controls

The primary technique for piloting Skydio 2 during both autonomous and manual flight is through the on-screen flight controls.

While autonomous flying controls are specific to each ability, manual flight controls are the same across all talents and can be adjusted by the user in the “Phone” page of the device menu.

  • Skills Menu

Access to Skydio 2’s collection of cinematic skills is provided by the skills menu. Each talent has a unique cinematic approach to documenting and capturing a subject. For more information, refer to this guide’s section on cinematic skills.

  • Skill Settings

It is possible for each talent to have unique custom settings that only apply to it while it is selected. Users can alter the behaviour of each cinematic talent to fit their needs by using the skill settings button.

  • Recording Indicator
  • Return to Home

Tapping the Return to Home button gives you the ability to have Skydio 2
automatically return to either the launch location or your current location.

  • Maps

Tap the map icon to enter the map view. The location of your phone, Skydio 2, and
Skydio 2’s launch location are all indicated on the map.

Skydio Drones
  • Fly to Waypoint

Users may fly to a specific GPS location by long-pressing on the map and selecting
“Fly Here Now” from the menu.

Skydio 2 will warn the user if the selected destination is far away or outside the vehicle’s expected battery range.

Home Points:


Skydio 2 acts as your own private camera crew, knowing what to record and flying itself in an intelligent manner while you are doing it to obtain the greatest shot.

With the Skydio 2 app, you have extensive control over the kind of photo you want to take with your drone thanks to a constantly expanding library of special skills.

Simply choose a different skill in the app if you wish to be more inventive while filming. You can change the Skydio 2’s height and field of view, as well as other skill-specific controls and settings, for the majority of skills.

  • Cinematic Skills
  • One-Shots
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One-Shots are special skills that perform a specific maneuver (such as a dronie)
and then end, returning to the previously selected skill once the shot is complete.

  • Specialty Skills

Manual vs. Autonomous Flight:

Skydio 2 has predictive subject tracking and is a completely autonomous flying camera, although it can also be flown manually and still avoid obstacles.

The programme allows you to manually control Skydio 2 when you are not flying while paying attention to a subject or employing a certain talent.

Understanding the Height Floor:

The Height Floor setting can have a significant impact on Skydio 2’s tracking performance. As such, it is important for all pilots to understand how this setting works as well as how and when it is safe to disable it.

  • How it Works
  • Disabling the Height Floor Restriction

Flying Safely:

The Skydio 2 only avoids obstacles that are not in motion. Cars, boats, balls, animals, other drones, other people, or similar moving objects may not be avoided if they’re moving.

Avoid launching and landing directly on sand, pebbles, or gravel as small particles may get stuck in exposed areas and cause malfunctions.

Flying at high altitudes may significantly increase the time required to return and safely land the Skydio 2.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Link Loss and Device Failure Procedure

Lost GPS Procedure:

In the event that the Skydio 2’s GPS signal is lost, the operator will be notified of GPS loss and the ability to fly to GPS waypoints on the map will be disabled.

Low Battery Procedure:

When its battery approaches the point where the Home Point is outside of its anticipated flight range, The Skydio 2 will alert the user and offer to return to the Home Point if one was designated for the flight.

The operator may disregard this warning if they want to keep flying. The Skydio 2 won’t always go back to its starting location.

Recovery of a Lost Drone:

Choosing the car from the “Info” tab on the app’s home screen and choosing “Find vehicle name>” will allow you to view your Skydio 2’s last known location in the event that it is misplaced.


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When it’s time to come to an end, turn off any subject monitoring and manually fly your drone to a safe landing site that is level, free of obstructions, and not above any people or animals.

When you’re prepared to land, hold down the “LAND” button on your phone’s screen for a few seconds.

Case Landing:

It’s not always possible to locate a safe place to land your Skydio 2 when you’re in the wild. The Skydio case must be visible to Skydio 2’s camera while it is landing in order to start a case landing.

In the live video feed, a yellow ring will appear around the case to show that Skydio 2 has noticed it and will land on it. In the absence of the yellow ring, Skydio 2 will fall straight down rather than land on the case.

Hand Launching and Landing:

If you can’t locate a clean flat place to take off, launching and landing Skydio 2 from your hand is a quick and practical way to begin or end your flight. However, you should proceed with caution to ensure your safety.

Viewing and Saving Media:

After your flight, you may view all photos and videos captured on your drone’s microSD card in the Media tab of the Skydio 2 app.

Compliance Information:

  • FCC
  • California Prop 65 Warning
  • IC

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