SYMA X5C User Manuals and Instructions

Here’s the Syma X5C User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Syma X5C Drone

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Get To Know Your Transmitter:

  • Introduction of transmitter
  • Remote Control Installing the Battery

Remote Control Keypad and LCD Manual:

Ready To Fly Your Quadcopter:

Change Battery Of Quadcopter:

Install Landing Skids and Blade Protecting Frame:

Controller Modes and Instructions:

  • Operating Direction
  • Fine-tuning Operation

Introduction To Quadcopter Functions:

  • Low-voltage protection

The quadcopter’s rotors will stop receiving electricity when the battery runs out. Because the quadcopter’s control mechanism automatically protects the battery.

  • Over-current protection

When a quadcopter’s rotating blades collide or become jammed, the control system immediately stops powering the rotors. To resume flight, match the signal again.

  • Restart function

Reset to factory defaults if there is a flying issue or sideward flight

  • 3D Eversion and Throwing Flight Instructions

You can perform some amazing and thrilling stunts after you understand the fundamentals. To do a 360-degree turn, first fly the aircraft to a height of more than 3 metres, then hit the 3D Eversion switch on the transmitter’s rear right side.

Install Camera:

Trouble Shooting:

Spare Parts:

Breakdown and Diagram:


Main Parameter:


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