Syma X20P Drone User Manual

Here’s the Syma X20P Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Syma X20P Drone.

Repair and Maintenance:

Box Contents:

Drone, USB Charging Cable, User Manual, Blades X4, Transmitter are all included in the box.

Re-installing the Blades:

Charging the Drone Battery:

Connect the charging cord to the drone, Connect the charging wire to the USB port on the computer.

The indicator light next to the drone charger connector will shine when the battery is charging. When the indicator stops flashing, unplug the charger. Charging takes roughly 60 minutes.

Understanding the Transmitter:

  • Transmitter Functions
Syma X20P Drone User Manual
  • Installing Transmitter Batteries
Syma X20P Drone

Preparing For Flight:

  • Flight Preparation
  • Arming Motors
  • Disarming Motors

Fly the Drone:

  • Operations
Syma X20P
  • Trimming

Product Features:

  • Low-Voltage Protection

The drone light will begin blinking if the battery is running low. Once you’ve received this warning, bring your drone back to where you want to land it.

The drone will begin dropping altitude and will eventually come to a stop if the low voltage battery protection is engaged.

  • Overflow Protection

The drone overflow protection will start working when the propellers of the drone are in the air and they collide with something or are jammed.

  • Balance Calibration

After setting the drone down on a level, flat surface, push both sticks to the corners of the lowest right and hold them there for two to three seconds.

The drone’s indicator lights will begin rapidly flashing. As soon as the drone’s indicator lights stop flickering and go solid once more, the balancing calibration was complete, wait.

  • High/Low-Speed Mode
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The default speed is low. To switch between speed modes Once the transmitter has emitted two beeps, indicating high-speed mode, gently press the right stick.

Once again gently depressing the right stick, the transmitter will beep to indicate low-speed mode.

  • 3D Stunts

You can begin executing 3D tricks once you have acquired the fundamental operational skills.

At least 2 meters above the ground is the recommended safety height.

  • Height Hold

Use the left stick to achieve the desired height and after allow the left stick to fall back to its default middle position.

  • Headless Mode


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