ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual

Here’s the ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for ZLRC – SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone.

ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual

  • Precautions for using PTZ camera:
  • Frequency control between remote control and drone:

Prior to turning on the remote control, turn on the drone’s power. After the drone, the remote control’s power has been automatically synced.

  • Geomagnetic correction:

To perform geomagnetic correction, position the drone on a horizontal surface and press and hold the instruction button for 5 seconds. The aircraft light is now rapidly flashing. Rotate the drone three times clockwise after picking it up. The camera will pivot after hearing a beep.

ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  • Drone gyroscope and gimbal level calibration:

Press and hold the remote control button for 5 seconds to make the drone beep while keeping it stationary on a horizontal surface. The drone light changes from fast flashing to slow flashing as seen in the illustration.

  • Flight mode switch:
  • Drone unlocking:

At this point, the directional stick and throttle stick are simultaneously moved to the lower right and left corners of the aircraft or the lower left and lower right corners at the same time, the unlocking can be finished and the motor started to fly.

  • Drone and remote control battery replacement and charging:
ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  • Know your remote control app:
  • Disclaimer:
  • Laws and regulations:
  • Safety Precautions:
  • Product configuration:
  • Drone part name:
ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  1. Propeller installation.
  2. Aircraft lithium battery.
  3. PR camera control.
  • Names of remote control parts:
ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  • LCD display:
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ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  • Remote control battery Installation:

Open the remote control battery cover, and then correctly insert the 4AA batteries into the positive and negative poles that the remote control has specified. and then put the battery cover back on.

ZLRC-SG906 Pro-2 Beast Smart Drone User Manual
  • Pre-flight inspection:
  • Drone code:

The indicator light is flashing and the remote control is turned on. Holding down the drone battery switch causes the drone light to flash while the battery indicator moves up from left to right.

When the code is properly matched, the remote control’s indicator light switches from flashing to a steady light.

  • Remote control dual mode:
  • Geomagnetic correction function:
  • Drone gyroscope and gimbal level correction:

Place the drone on a flat surface while holding the remote control down for five seconds to activate the beeper.

  • Connect with APP (the mobile phone needs to support 5G-WiFi signal function):
  • Mode switch:
  • Drone unlocking:
  • Basic Flight:
  • Flight control method:
  • One-click take-off / landing:
  • Headless Mode:
  • One touch return:
  • Signal return:

The drone has successfully recorded its home location, and the GPS signal is strong. However, if the remote control signal and the APP signal are absent for longer than six seconds, the flight control system will take over, causing the drone to fly back to the signal and land.

  • Low battery return:

The drone’s indicator light will begin to gently flash once the voltage is low. At this moment, the drone will autonomously return within a 20-meter radius around the takeoff location.

  • Taking pictures / videos:
  • Received Signal Strength Indication:
  • Basic parts:
  • Don’t panic if you encounter a problem:
  1. Software Installation Instructions:
  2. Install the mobile client.
  3. Connect Drone NH.
  4. Recommended model configuration.
  • APP function introduction:
  • Introduction to the control interface.
  1. Function Description.
  2. Expansion description.
  3. Control interface function description.
  4. Gesture recognition.
  5. MV Interface Introduction

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