JJRC Epik X5 Drone User Manual 2022

Here’s the JJRC Epik X5 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for JJRC Epik X5 Drone.

Product Profile:

  • Product Configuration
  • Product Assemble
    • How to attach and detach the propellers
JJRC Epik X5 Drone User Manual
  • Undercarriage Installation

Insert the bulge of the undercarriage into the holes locating at the bottom of the motors and fix the screws by clockwise

JJRC Epik X5 Drone
  • Battery Installation

Push the battery into the battery box at the back of the drone with the proper force, and the drone will begin to beep and flash its LED lights. To make sure the battery is securely fastened, turn the lock knob at the back of the battery counterclockwise to the “O” position.

  • How to charge the battery of the drone
JJRC Epik X5
  • How to attach and detach the camera
    • Gimbal trimmer

To improve the airborne experience, the camera angle can be changed within a 90 degree range by using the gimbal trimmer.

The camera will tilt upward in the direction of A when the gimbal trimmer is scrolled up, and downward in the direction of B when it is scrolled down.

  • Major parts of the drone
  • Major parts of the Remote Controller
JJRC drone
  • LCD Screen
JJRC Epik drones
  • How to install the battery of the remote controller
JJRC Drones
  • How to connect the signal of the drone with the remote controller
  • Throttle mode switch

Left hand throttle and right-hand throttle are available for optional the remote controller. User can choose different control stick mode as per operation. There are 2 stick modes that could be found.

Epik X5 Drone
  • How to change throttle mode
  • Remote controller control stick calibration
  • Remote controller status indicator
  • Drone status indicator
  • Drone initialization detection
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The drone starts its startup detecting phase after establishing a signal link, and its front and rear lights alternately flash red, green, and yellow. In order for the initialization detection to work, make sure the drone is placed on a level, stable surface.

  • Drone compass calibration
  • Gyroscope calibration

Set the drone on flat ground and calibrate the gyro according to the indication photo once the remote controller and drone have been fastened together. The gyro calibration is complete when the drone’s front light switches from flashing to solid on.

  • How to lock and unlock the drone
  • Operate the drone
JJRC Epik X5

Flight Mode:

  • One-key takeoff/landing
  • Gesture mode

When the button is in the “A” position, the drone is in gesture mode, where the barometer is utilised to maintain altitude rather than GPS for navigation. The drone cannot hover or fly with accurate positioning. Gestures mode calls for a skilled pilot.

  • GPS mode

Slide the button “B”, the drone is in GPS mode and can precisely position and hover by the assistance of the GPS module.

  • Headless mode


The return-to-home procedure brings the drone back to the last recorded home point. There are 3 types of RTH procedure: smart RTH, failsafe RTH, and low battery RTH.

  • Smart RTH
  • Failsafe RTH
  • Low Voltage RTH
  • Photo/video
  • Low voltage warning
  • Signal strength indicator

Prepare the flight:

  • Before you take off, check and make sure that
  • Basic flight operation steps
  • FPV software download and installation
    • Where to download “JJPRO” App
    • How to link the “JJPRO” to the camera
  • 5G Wifi Channel Selection Guide
    • How to select channel

Product Components:

  • Basic parts
  • Optional Accessories


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