DEERC D10 Drone User Manual

Here’s the DEERC D10 Drone user manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for DEERC D10.

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Safety guidelines:


Package Contents:

Transmitter Functions:

DEERC D10 Drone User Manual


  • Transmitter battery
DEERC D10 Drone
  • Protection guards
  • Propellers

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Using the Application:

Operation Guide:

If the drone drifts forward, press the speed switch button and push the right joystick down at the same time to re-balance the drone.

If the drone drifts backward, press the speed switch button and push the right joystick up at the same time to re-balance the drone.

  • Direction Control
  • Trimming Operation
  • Pairing

Battery Installation and Charging:

Connect the USB charging cable to the battery charging interface and plug the USB charging cable into a USB charging port on the compute or USB adapter.

The red indicator light on the USB charging cable will turn off when the battery is charging and will turn on when the battery is fully charged.

Function Details:

  • Low Voltage Protection

When the four indicator lights at the bottom of the drone start flashing, it means that the drone’s battery power is low. At this time, please control the drone return.

  • Overcurrent Protection

When the drone encounters direct impact from a foreign object or is obstructed, or the blades are not rotating, the drone will go into the over-current protection mode.

  • Calibrate the Gyro

Push the left and right joystick simultaneously to the lower left corner to calibrate the gyro. The LED lights on the drone will blink quickly and turn solid. When you hear one beep from the transmitter that indicates the calibration is completed.

  • 360* Flip
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When you get familiar with all the functions of the drone. you can try this amazing flip mode. When you fly the drone at least 10 feet, press the 360-degree flip button on the upper right of the transmitter, then push the right joystick forward/backward or left/right and the drone will do a flip towards the corresponding direction.

  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode



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