Parrot Anafi USA Drone User Manual

Here’s the Parrot Anafi USA Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Parrot Anafi USA Drone


  • About Anafi USA
  • About GPS
  • About 4K Video Formats
  • About the Smart Battery
  • About auto-RTH(return home)
  • About the screenshots in this Guide


  • Technical Specifications
  • Package Contents
  • Presentation of Anafi USA
    • Ready to Store or Carry
    • Ready to Fly

Presentation Of Parrot Skycontroller USA:

  • Top Panel
  • Led Status Indicator Codes
  • Skycontroller USA Maintenance Mode
  • Wi-Fi pairing ANAfI USA to a Parrot Skycontroller USA

Pre-Flight Checklist:

  • Equipment
  • Regulations
  • Flight Conditions

Getting Started:

Taking Off:

  • Ground take off
  • Hand Launch

Deployment From A Moving Vehicle:

  • Points of attention for the deployment of the drone from a moving vehicle
  • Hand Launch Take-off from a Moving Vehicle
  • Standard Take-off from a Moving Vehicle


Optimal Speeds:

  • Optimal Autonomy(Flight time)
  • Optimal Elongation (Distance)

Wi-fi Link Optimization:

Returning Home:

  • Precise Home setting

Smart RTH:

Coordinates and Advanced RTH Settings:

  • Managing Coordinates
  • About Advanced RTH Settings
  • Pilot RTH
  • Custom RTH


  • Hand Landing
  • Recovery from a Moving Vehicle

Replacing Propellers Blades:

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Drones that fly high altitudes

Smart LiPo Battery:

  • Battery Removal
  • Battery Installation
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Software Update
  • Battery Care and Safety

Micro SD Card and Media Management:

  • Installing Micro SD Card
  • Retrieving photos and Videos
  • Compatible Micro SD Cards
  • Direct Media Retrieval (drone to computer)
  • Freeflight 6 Gallery
  • Micro SD card Formatting
  • Micro SD Card Encryption

RTSP Video Stream Sharing:

Introducing FreeFlight 6:

  • Presentation of the IOS HUD(video mode view)
  • Presentation of the Android HUD(Photo mode view)


  • Controls
  • Presets
  • Thermal
  • Special
  • Interface
  • Safety
  • Camera
  • Network

Installing and Activating External Antennas:

  • Installing External Antennas
  • Activating the External Antennas
  • Reverting to the Inbuilt Antenna

Switching to Microhard

  • Activating the Microhard Connection
  • About Microhard Frequencies Deconfliction
  • Reverting to Wi-fi
  • Restoring ANAFI USA’s Connections – Hard Reset Procedure

Videos and Photos:

  • Making Videos
  • Taking Photos
  • Creating Panoramas

Gimbal Tilt and Zoom Controls:

  • Gimbal Tilt Control
  • Zoom Control
  • Camera Calibration: Correct Horizon(exceptional procedure)
  • Camera Calibration: Gimbal Calibration
  • Camera Calibration: Cameras Alignment(exceptional procedure)

Pro-Imaging Settings:

  • Exposure Value(EV)
  • Shutter Speed(S)
  • ISO Value(ISO)
  • White Balance(WB)
  • HDR
  • Natural Style
  • P-LOG Style
  • Intense Style
  • Pastel Style
  • Adjustment
  • Lock AE
  • Lock AE Touch

Thermal Imaging:

  • About Thermal Imaging
  • Presentation of the Thermal HUD (Post-Processing)
  • Relative Thermal Mode
  • Spot Thermal Mode

Thermal Analyzer Mode:


  • 360*
  • Reveal
  • Spiral
  • Epic

Piloting Modes:

  • Manual Flight
  • Cameraman
  • Follow me
  • Smartdronies

MAP-Based Flying Modes:

  • Flight Pan
  • Touch and Fly: Waypoint
  • Touch and Fly: POI

Appendix 1: GeoTIFF Conversion and Import

Appendix 1: Troubleshooting Guide:

Appendix 2: Operational Checklist:

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