Ryze Tello Drone User Manual

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Product Profile:

  • Introduction

Tello is a small quadcopter that features a vision positioning system and an onboard camera.

Using its Vision Positioning System and advanced flight controller, it can hover in place and is suitable for flying indoors. Advanced features like Bounce mode 8D flips and EZ shots make using Tello fun.

Tello captures 5 Megapixel photos and streams 720p. Its maximum flight is approximately 13 minutes.

  • Aircraft Diagram
Ryze Tello Drone User Manual


The Tello has a flight controller, a flight battery, a propulsion system, a vision positioning system, and a video downlink system.

  • Fight modes

The virtual joystick in the Tello app or a suitable remote control can be used to manually operate the Tello.

Tello also features a number of intelligent flight modes that may be utilized to automate movements and fly in specific situations.

The separate intelligent flight modes section has a detailed description of the intelligent flying modes.

  • Aircraft Status Indicator

The tello’s aircraft status indicator communicates the statuses of the aircraft’s flight control system and flight battery. The Aircraft status indicator is located on the aircraft’s nose, next to the camera.

  • Vision Positioning System

The vision positioning system helps the aircraft maintain its current position with the help of the vision positioning system, the tello can hover in place more precisely and fly indoors or outdoors on windless conditions.

Ryze Tello Drone

The main components of the vision positioning system are a camera and a 3D infrared module located on the underside of the aircraft.

  • Intelligent flight mode
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The tello features bounce mode, 8D Flips, Throw and go, up and away. To use an intelligent flight mode, ensure that the aircraft’s battery level is at least 50%.

  • Propellers

The tello uses model 3044p propellers. There are two varieties of 3044p propeller, which are designed to spin in different directions.


The presence or absence of marks on the propellers indicates which type they are and therefore which motors they should be attached to.

  • Propeller Guards

The tello propeller guards can be used to reduce the risk of harm or damage to people or objects resulting from accidental collisions with tello aircraft.

  • Flight Battery
  • Camera

Tello App:

Control the camera and other aircraft features using this app. The programme is used to set up your plane, examine your pictures and videos, and copy them to specific folders on your mobile devices.

  • Connecting to Aircraft
  • Camera View
  • Controlling the Aircraft

The virtual joystick are used to control the aircraft’s orientation. The function that each virtual joystick movement performs is determined by the choice of virtual joystick mode.


Ensure that all flights are carried out indoors or in the an open with no wind. The flight altitude is limited to 32.8 and flight distance is limited to 328m. Perform a simple test flight the first time you fly the aircraft.

  • Flight Environment Requirements
  • Compliance with Regulations

To avoid serious injury and property damage, observe local laws and regulations during flight

  • Test Flight
  • Firmware Updates


After-sales Information:

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