Holy Stone F181 User Manuals and Instructions

Here’s the Holy Stone F181 Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Holy Stone F181 Drone

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Parts of the Drone:

Holy Stone F181

Drone Assembling:

Transmitter Functions:

Setting up the Transmitter:

Holy Stone F181 drone

Charging the Battery:

Connect the USB charging cable (5V/0.5-1A), which is included in the box, to the USB port. The red warning light will come on. Next, attach the USB charging cable to the battery or the “CHA”-designated charging port located at the bottom of the drone.

When the drone is charging, the charger indicator will turn off. Once the battery is fully charged, the indicator will turn on once more. The battery needs about 100 minutes to charge completely.

Assemble the Camera:

  • Mode 2
  • Mode 1

Flying the Drone:

  • Preparing

Fly the drone in a roomy indoor space or an open area outside where there are no barriers, rain, snow, animals, or humans. Please find a windless area when flying outside.

  • Pair the Drone

a. Turn on the transmitter and the drone, then set it down on a flat surface.
b. Up and down-arrow the throttle joystick. If everything is linked properly, the transmitter will beep and the LED indications will become solid, signifying that the transmitter is connected to the drone.

  • Calibrate the Gyro

a. After the transmitter and receiver have been paired, hold down the flip button on the transmitter’s top right shoulder.
b. Move the left and right sticks to the bottom left of the screen until the drone’s LED lights begin to flash before going solid.

  • Start to Fly
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The drone is prepared for takeoff after you press the Engine Start/Stop button and the propellers start spinning.

Flip Mode:

Once you are comfortable with all the fundamental movements, you can attempt this incredible flip mode.

When the drone is at least three metres in the air, click the flip button on the transmitter’s upper right corner to make it beep.

Holy Stone F181 manual

Then, move the right control lever to the left, right, forward, or backward. and in that case, the drone will turn in that direction.

Headless Mode / One Key Return:

  • Before the pilot pairs the drone, place it in front of him or her. Make sure the drone’s tail is pointed in the pilot’s direction and that the head is facing that person.
  • To connect the transmitter to the drone, push the left joystick upward and downward.
  • To activate Headless Mode, press the transmitter’s Headless Mode button. Drone lights will begin flashing and beeping noises will become persistent. The drone will then return immediately to the pilot. One Key Return is being used here.

APP Instructions:

Turn the drone on. Go to settings, Wi-Fi, and then connect to “HolyStone FPV” on your phone, which is the camera’s Wi-Fi connection.

When the connection is successful, close the settings and launch the “Deerc FPV” app. Press the “PLAY” icon to access the control interface and view the drone’s real-time images.

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