UDI 818A User Manuals & Instructions

You can find our review on the UDI 818A drone here.

Here’s the UDI 818A Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for UDI 818A Drone.

Name for parts:

  • Quadcopter
UDI 818A User Manual
  • Transmitter
UDI 818A

Transmitter battery installation:

Open the transmitter’s battery compartment cover and insert the battery into the box as directed by the electrode.

Charger notice:

  1. Attach one or two batteries to the balance charger, then attach a USB cable to the computer.
  2. While charging, the red indication light remains on. The red indicator light turns off and the green indicator light remains on when the battery is fully charged.

Calibration instructions:

Please adjust the quadcopter in accordance with the following when it takes off hovering can’t be modified by trim and makes operation tough.

Flying operation:

  1. When the transmitter is powered on, the LED indication starts blinking. When the throttle stick is raised to the top end and then lowered to the bottom end, the indicator turns on solidly. It indicates that the transmitter is prepared for code pairing with the receiver.
  2. Plug the drone in and put the batteries in the battery box.
  3. Place the quadcopter on the ground, and when the blue light stops flashing and is stable, it is ready to fly.

Important notice:

You must ensure the surface is level because the quadcopter’s receiver gyro will need to calibrate level when it is powered on. The quadcopter will then be ready for control at that point.

Additional instruction before flying:

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User Manual

Flying control:

High/low-speed mode:

Press the high and low-speed buttons on the transmitter to activate the high and low-speed modes on this quadcopter. The LCD display screen will then display switches for MODE1 and MODE2.
MODE 1 (Low-speed mode, suitable for a novice) (Low-speed mode, suitable for beginner)
MODE 2 (High-speed mode, suitable for RC enthusiasts) (High-speed mode, suitable for RC enthusiast )


Headless mode:

When you press the Headless Mode button, the drone’s LED light turns off. This shows that Headless Mode is on.
The drone’s LED light goes on when you press the Headless Mode button once more. This shows that Headless Mode is not active.

Return Home Function:

When the drone is flying far away, you can press the Return Home button to have it automatically fly back to its starting point. The drone will cease returning if you move the right side control stick in either the forward or backward or left or right directions.

Additional instructions for receipt board:

If the quadcopter’s install direction and wire-plus location are not identical to those shown in the following image, it will not function properly.


How to take video & photo:

Spare Parts:

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