Parrot Disco Drone User Manual

Here’s the Parrot Disco Drone User Manual for you to check out.

Here’s the full instructions manual for Parrot Disco Drone.

Presentation of the Parrot Disco:

Parrot Disco Drone User Manual
parrot disco drone battery
  • General
  • Chuck Auto Pilot Unit

Before Getting Started:

  • Download the Freeflight Pro Application
  • Charging the Parrot Disco’s Battery

The warning light is red while charging and then turns green when the battery is charged. The battery charge time is approximately 55 minutes. The flight time is approximately 45 minutes.

  • Fitting the Battery
parrot disco drone user manual pdf download
  • Attaching the Wings

Pre-Light Checks:

Verify if using Parrot Disco is permitted where you intend to fly. Examine the limitations of using Wi-Fi® frequencies in the location of your intended flight. When flying, be sure to check the rules on using FPV goggles. where you plan to fly your drone

  • Regulations
  • Flight Conditions
  • Parrot Disco

Piloting Configurations:

Connecting to the Parrot Disco:

  • Connecting the Parrot Skycontroller 2 to the Parrot Disco


Control Screen:

parrot disco specs

Piloting Modes:

  • Auto Pilot
  • Flight Pan
  • Manual Mode

Flying the Parrot Disco requires an RC remote control that is not supplied. The Parrot Disco has no assistance with steering when in manual mode. Set up your RC remote’s channels for the Parrot Disco. Consult your RC remote’s instructions to learn how to do this.

Photos and Videos:

  • Taking Photos
  • Recording Videos

Return Home:



  • Linear Landing
  • Circular Landing

Loss of Connection:

When the connection between your Parrot Disco and your Parrot Skycontroller 2 is lost, the Parrot Disco will fly in 60-meter-diameter circles for a predetermined amount of time (10 seconds by default).

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The Parrot Disco returns to its starting point and then flies in circles with a diameter of 60 meters if the connection cannot be established again. The Parrot Disco makes a circle landing if the connection is lost after five minutes.

Turning Off the Parrot Disco:

Retrieving your Photos and Videos:

  • On your Computer
  • On your Smartphone

Updating Parrot Disco:

  • Via a Smartphone
  • Via a Computer
  • Via a Micro USB Flash Drive

Warning Light Indications:

Spare Parts:

You can buy spare parts for the Parrot Disco from our online store :

Technical Specifications:

Accessories and Spare Parts:

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